#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukrainians try to hit Russian military airports. Moscow destroys Himars depot


“Attacks on military airports in the Kursk, Ryazan and Saratov regions were conducted by Ukraine,” an unnamed senior Ukrainian official told the Washington Post. One airport in the Kursk region was bombed yesterday, 6 December, while the other two were bombed on 5 December. ‘These were Ukrainian drones, very effective and successful,’ the Ukrainian official said. He did not provide any details. Officially, Kiev has not admitted its involvement.

On five December, the same news had been leaked by the New York Times, which in turn had quoted a ‘Ukrainian official’ as saying that the drones ‘were launched from Ukrainian territory’.

On 6 December, there was an air-raid alert in Engels: locals publish the sound of the siren near the airfield. Residents of Engels publish a video of an air-raid siren sounding near the airfield, which was the target of a drone attack. Presumably, the air raid warning was launched to test the systems. Because according to Russian analysts, what happened with the Ukrainian drone attacks was not the effectiveness of the drones but the hole in the Russian display.

In the photo, one can see, the remains of the drones that allegedly attacked Russian airfields, where, let us remember, tactical nuclear weapons are also stored. As it turns out, these drones have been patrolling the Russian/Ukrainian borders since at least 20 November. They were launched from Zaporizhzhya towards the positions of Russian Armed Forces units in Melitopol, practising the use of the new kamikaze UAVs in the ‘border areas’.

These UAVs were specifically used by the Ukrainians to try to hit facilities in the Crimea and now in Russia.

On the front line, PMC WAGNER men took the village of Yakovlevka, north of Soledar, after house-to-house fighting with the Ukrainian military. At the moment, fighting continues in the Yakovlevka area. After consolidating in Yakovlevka, the Russian troops will be able to increase the pressure on the Soledar grouping of the Ukrainian forces.

Fighting continues in the direction of Bachmut for the village of Opytne, the so-called key to the city of Bachmut, and on the eastern outskirts of the city.

The western Wagner grouping is now heading towards the village of Kleshcheyevka. The Ukrainian army is reinforcing in the area, expecting a strong attack by the Wagner after taking positions in the vacated village last week.

The passage from the south-west of Bachmut is important because the soldiers do not advance in front, but bypass the main defensive positions on the southern outskirts of the city.

According to the social sphere, Wagner’s fighting method dubbed ‘Bakhmut mincer’ triggered between 500 and 800 enemy personnel casualties including dead and wounded. However, the Ukrainian command is sparing no resources and redeploying new forces in Bachmut in order not to surrender an important city.

In the evening of 6 December, seven explosions hit vehicle and weapons production and repair facilities in Dnipropetrovsk. It should be remembered that earlier in Kryvyi Rih the Russian army hit an infrastructure plant on the territory of an industrial zone.

Washington in the wake of the attacks on Ukraine by Russia reported that it ‘does not intend to prevent Kiev from developing weapons for long-range attacks’, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin sources

According to Moscow, the Kiev regime is opting for escalation. And now a look at the situation on the front line, which we remember is about 1200 km.

Svatove-Kreminna direction

The Russian army conducted an offensive in the Liman sector. The Ukrainian forces suffered heavy losses in terms of men and equipment. The Ukrainians also attempted to attack Russian positions in the direction of Kuzemivka LNR, but were repelled by pre-emptive artillery fire.

Donetsk direction

Russian army units are successfully advancing, foiling all counter-attack attempts by the Ukrainian armed forces. After failed attacks in the areas of Sporniye, Kurdyumivka and Marinka, the Ukrainians lost 60 volunteer fighters and five armoured vehicles, according to the Russians.

Vuhledar direction

In the DPR areas of Vladimirovka and Novodovarivka, in the Zaporizhia region, strikes by attack aircraft pushed the militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces back to their initial positions. A Ukrainian MiG-29 was shot down by a Russian Air Force fighter near Yasenovoye.

A temporary deployment of foreign mercenaries was hit near Illichivka in the Kharkiv region and a Ukrainian S-300 air defence radar was destroyed near Andriivka in the DPR.

On 7 December, it was reported that Ukrainian drones again tried unsuccessfully to attack Belbek airport, according to Readovka. According to Readovka, Ukrainian UAV flights over Belbek airport in Sevastopol continued today, and were intercepted and successfully repelled. According to a social source, Russian air defences repelled all attempts to attack the facility.

Since the morning, the Ukrainian armed forces have been shelling Makiivka. According to Readovka correspondent Daria Guzeva, direct fighting has begun. Explosions are heard in Makiivka in the market area, in the Cheryomushki and Zeleny residential areas. There is a high risk that the city will be without communications for a while. Donetsk is also restless: eyewitnesses note that loud sounds are heard in the area of the railway station, the Kalinin hospital and the Vostochny microdistrict. The day before, civilian facilities in Donetsk and Makiivka were targeted by Ukrainians, resulting in the deaths of 12 people.

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