#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukrainians prepare an attack against the Russians in Donetsk


The Patriot anti-aircraft missile system, supplied to Kiev by the West, is already in combat service. This was announced by the commander of the air force of Ukrainian troops Mykola Oleshchuk.

In Russia, in response to the demand for strong specialisations to face war in the long term, the Ural Federal University will start training IT specialists in 2023, who will not be replaced by artificial intelligence. The university is launching a new degree programme ‘Artificial Intelligence Algorithms’, which will train personnel who cannot be replaced by AI. The emphasis in the programme will be on algorithms and machine learning methods.

On April 20th evening, reports appeared on the social sphere that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were able to freely settle on the left bank of the Dnepr near the settlement of Kindiyka north of Alyosheki. Among other things, the authors said that the current situation is the result of an outdated system of relations, characteristic of peacetime, but not of wartime.

According to other sources, the Ukrainians are carrying out attacks on the left bank using small boats provided as part of US military assistance. The extensive length of the coastline and the impossibility of physically controlling the coastal areas due to regular shelling work in favour of the Ukrainian armed forces.

However, as a rule, the Ukrainian armed forces do not go beyond the banks of the Dnepr due to problems with supply, which under the current conditions is only possible with the help of small boats. Moving inland requires a constant supply of ammunition and weapons, which is simply not feasible now.

In practice, the Ukrainian armed forces seem to have attempted to advance further near the island of Bolshoy Potëmkin and the settlement of Dnepryan near Novaya Kakhovka. But they all ended with the destruction of the assault teams, cut off from the land logistics. Therefore, the presence of positions on the left bank does not guarantee the success of the Ukrainian armed forces in the current realities.

However, according to the social sphere a dangerous trend is already visible. Whereas previously the Ukrainian armed forces carried out sorties at night or in poor visibility conditions, Ukrainian detachments now safely cross the Dnieper from Kherson during the day. This is indicated by recent footage from open sources. The coordinates of the crossing are online: Boat mooring location: 46.661271, 32.696745; RF Forces artillery strike: 46.661045, 32.697896

This indicates either the absence of a regular impact of fire on the enemy, or the demonstrative actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces aimed at deliberately drawing the attention of Russian troops to this sector of the front.

Russian bureaucracy also does not make the front line any easier, even after almost 14 months of SVO. There are communication and reaction problems between the fire damage suffered and the action to be taken due to the slowness of the system.

It even gets to the point where gunners are forced to draw up a slide report on detected objects to approve the target. While this is happening, the enemy has time to hide or change position.

Expanding the capabilities of tactical-level subunit commanders to use artillery and aviation on demand will contribute to the operational destruction of enemy forces.

At the same time, the activity of the Ukrainian armed forces right under the noses of the Russian fighters may not be accidental: the Ukrainian command is well aware that the advance of a small group through the area under fire is nonsensical from the point of view of logic.

Specifically, in this case, the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces are more like a decoy and create the appearance of problems of the Russian armed forces in the Kherson region to divert attention from the direction of the main attack. While we focus on the Ukrainian group near Kindiyka, a real attack is being prepared somewhere. For example, on the Kinburn peninsula.

Similar things happened in the summer and autumn of last year: while all attention was focused on Kherson, Ukrainian formations struck near Kharkov.

Graziella Giangiulio

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