#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukrainians hit the Black Sea Fleet command. They do not break through the Surovkin line. Russians advance to Kupiansk


US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday called on allied defense leaders to provide Ukraine with more air defense systems. In a trilateral agreement, the Czech Republic will provide weapons, while Denmark and the Netherlands will provide financial support. The Czech Defense Ministry said it would send tanks, howitzers, combat vehicles, air defense systems, ammunition and other weapons in the coming months. Norway said it will donate around 50 tracked cargo transports to Ukraine. Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram said the carriers would help deliver goods to roadless areas.

On September 21, Jens Stoltenberg stated that it is not NATO that is aggressively expanding eastward, it is the East that is joining NATO. In the United States, the President of the House of Representatives McCarthy, after a meeting with Zelenskyj, declared that he had not made commitments on the 24 billion dollars requested by the White House for Kiev.

In response, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky declared in a meeting with US senators: “If we don’t receive help we will lose the war”.

Furthermore, a group of 29 US parliamentarians declared in a letter to the White House that they are against the allocation of 24 billion dollars to help Kiev. The White House warns that the flow of aid to Ukraine could be cut off if Congress does not approve the $24 billion request by October 1. The US will not supply ATACMS missiles to Ukraine in this aid package, Joe Biden said.

Charles III said the confidence of Britain and France is in Ukraine’s victory over Russia: “We are filled with unshakable confidence that Ukraine will achieve victory and that the freedoms we so prize will triumph,” the monarch told MPs. French in the Senate. He also called the start of a special Russian military operation in Ukraine “a horrible act of unprovoked aggression.”

The state company Rostec delivered the modernized A-50U long-range radar surveillance and guidance aircraft complex to the Russian Aerospace Forces on September 22, the press service of the state company reported. It is designed to detect, track and determine the ownership of large air, land and sea targets and provide information about them to command posts, guiding fighters to air targets and front-line aircraft to land and sea targets.

On September 22 at about 10.30 am Moscow time, an attempt by Kiev to carry out a terrorist attack with guided missiles from aircraft and UAVs against objects on the territory of the Russian Federation was stopped. Air defense systems on duty off the western coast of the Crimean peninsula discovered and destroyed a Ukrainian guided missile and two aircraft-type UAVs. Source: Russian Defense Ministry.

Ukrainian formations, according to another source, attempted to strike military targets in Crimea again. First, around 10.20, a Neptune anti-ship missile was launched from the Odessa region, then shot down by units of the 31st Aviation and Air Defense Division over Belbek. Then the MANPADS crew at the Kacha airfield knocked out a UAV of an unknown type. And literally 10 minutes later, the Tekever AR3 UAV, which flowed from the Kherson region, near Cape Tarkhankut, was destroyed destroyed by the S-300 air defense system. Two hours later, the attack resumed: four Su-24M bombers launched at least seven Storm Shadow cruise missiles. Two of them were shot down over Steregushchiy and several others as they approached Sevastopol. At least one Storm Shadow flew to the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. There is currently no data on casualties or deaths. The danger of repeated missile attacks remains for the Russians.

And now a look at the fronts updated at 00:01 on September 22nd.

In the Veliko-Novoselovsky direction: the main military operations in this area after the Ukrainian occupation of Staromayorsky and Urozhayne are concentrated around the village of Zavetnoye Bazhannya. Clashes are reported along the northern border of the village. At the same time, Russian troops are actively counterattacking in the area of ​​the Mokrye Yala river valley and the T-05-18 highway, actively using artillery and aviation. A partial decrease in the dynamics of combat operations in this area by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is due to the transfer of some units by the Ukrainian side to the Rabotino-Verbove area in Zaporozhzhie. At the moment, Ukrainian forces are represented by: 35 and 36 marine brigades, 7 battalionions Arey, 22 separate rifle battalions, as well as individual units of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade and air reconnaissance groups operating with the support of the Omega special forces.

In the direction of Zaporozhzhie: Heavy fighting has occurred in the Rabotino-Verbove area in recent days. The command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, hoping to create a gap in the Russian defense and break through to Tokmak, concentrated an unprecedented number of units here: 46 aircraft, 33, 47, 65, 116 and 118 mechanized, 71 Jaegers, 82 aircraft assault brigades, 3 Spartan brigades, 14 “Chervona Kalina” brigades, 15th “Kara-Dag” brigade, 78th air assault regiment, “Skala” battalion, 3rd “Volyn” battalion, units of the 73rd maritime center of the Special Operations Command, as well as up to 3 aerial reconnaissance groups. Currently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have concentrated their efforts on the assault on Novoprokopovka in order to get closer to the main line of Russian fortifications, the so-called. “Surovikin Lines”. Fighting continues on the T-04-08 highway. Ukrainian armed forces are trying to advance towards Verbove. Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the forward positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Rabotino and Malaya Tokmachka, delaying the Ukrainian advance. Almost all pro-Ukrainian resources on the social sphere talk about the barrage of fire from the Russian side. Kiev forces continue to adhere to the tactic of staggered units. The Ukrainians managed to create excessive pressure on the advanced Russian formations after transferring reserves to this sector from other directions. The Ukrainian forces and assets concentrated in the Rabotino-Verbove sector are perhaps comparable only to the Bachmut section of the front – on the southern flank and in the center.

Svatove-Kreminna direction. In the Kupyansk sector, Russian fighters successfully advanced into the Sinkovka area. Successes were also recorded on the Karamzinovsky ledge in the Novoegorovka area. In the Serebryansky Forest there are no changes – positional battles.

Bachmut Directorate (Artemovsk). Heavy fighting continues in Kleshcheevka: Russian fighters maintain the railway line. Furthermore, the Russian army counterattacked in the Andriivka area.

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