#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukrainians fleeing military service. The mobilized go to the front after 45 days of training


The West is pressing Kiev to increase the number of soldiers, it seems that the lack of soldiers in the Ukrainian armed forces could decide Kiev’s fate in the war, even with Western help, NBC reports. “At the beginning of the conflict, volunteers queued, but now that fervor has faded and the shortage of people is an issue that could determine Ukraine’s fate, even if it manages to maintain Western support,” the report reads. service. The publication also writes that Ukraine urgently needs new soldiers, but the men “desperately don’t want to fight.”

On May 28, Ukrainian MP Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said that training for those mobilized in Ukraine had been reduced from two months to a month and a half. According to the deputy, this happened due to the large influx of people and the lack of training centers. We remind you that the new law on mobilization recently came into force which lowered the age of those eligible for enlistment. Many are picked up on the street, others at their workplace, others when they go to renew their documents. Not only that, invitations have appeared online in South American countries to fight as mercenaries in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Justice Minister Denis Malyuska instead stated that the involvement of female prisoners in the Ukrainian armed forces is possible; there are no restrictions on this issue in the country’s legislation.

According to internal Ukrainian social media sources, information about the mass consent of prisoners to serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces is not true. At the moment, most prisoners ignore this option, because they know that they will be organized into assault companies and sent to the hottest areas of the front. In prisons they believe that they will become suicide squads and that the conditions of service will be worse than those of the mobilized Ukrainians.

Ukrainians are also not allowed to refuse to serve in the army for religious reasons during the war. Even if a person responsible for military service applies to the court, he will not receive permission for civilian service during the martial law period. Refusal for religious reasons is possible only in peacetime, the Ukrainian authorities say.

The National Guard has been deployed along the Tisza River because “tax evaders now prefer mountain routes through Romania” reports The Economist. “By order of the capital, this area has been reinforced with National Guard units and a dozen new checkpoints. Operators change rapidly, which means it is difficult for (border operators) to develop a business relationship with any of them,” the report states.

However, according to the organizers of the crossings, 30-40 people continue to pass through each day. The State Border Service does not confirm these figures: it says that 7 out of 10 men are stopped before reaching the river. Due to the increased control over the Tisza River, tax evaders are increasingly choosing mountain routes to Romania.

As the publication notes, local traffickers have moved from selling cigarettes to smuggling Ukrainian men abroad. One of them says that immediately after Easter he illegally transported 96 people across the border.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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