#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukraine’s advance is halted, preparations are underway to take the nuclear power plant


Crimea remains on yellow alert: the ‘yellow’ terrorist threat level on the territory of Sevastopol has been extended until 28 September. Not only that, today, 15 September in Samarkand during the CSO meeting on the sidelines there will be talks between Putin and Xi Jinping on the situation in Ukraine.

Twenty-two thousand people have left their homes in Kharkiv in the direction of Russia after Ukrainian shelling and attacks on: Balakleya, Kupyansk, Izyum, Volchansk. As of 14 September, the Ukrainian armed forces closed the border with the Belgorod region – now no one can pass.

The Ukrainian advance on the sixth day came to a halt. After taking 500 km of steppe. The Ukrainian military stopped in front of the first Russian strongholds. Russian forces, we learn from the social sphere at 14.37 on 14 September, are also sending a convoy of military equipment towards Krasny Liman. On the social sphere, Russian and Ukrainian analysts claim that the war, the real war, starts now. Yet there are reports of heavy casualties in the ranks of the Ukrainian army, which is in general mobilisation, i.e. at full capacity, while the Russian army is not, although some in Russia are calling for general mobilisation.

Among Ukrainian targets, the priority of the nuclear power plant remains high. In early September, a Ukrainian landing force made an attempt to land on the opposite bank of the Dniepr River, near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, to regain control of the site.

The failure and the dozens of Ukrainian soldiers killed slightly cooled the ardour of the Ukrainian forces. However, recent events in the Kharkiv region and the arrest of the last NPP unit on 11 September have put the return of the plant back on the agenda. Up to a battalion of Ukrainian units has been deployed on the Nikopol-Marpanets-Ilyinka line. Ukrainian soldiers are establishing communications and reconnaissance of the area.

Crews of unmanned aerial vehicles are patrolling the Dniepr River to assess the situation. Several gun and rocket artillery positions have been deployed on the northern outskirts of Nikopol to provide fire support for the landing troops.

There is no doubt that the Ukrainian command is seriously considering an attempted assault on the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. The threat of massive power outages is real for the country. Apparently the loss of life for the Ukrainian army is not important. The political success is more significant.

On the Nikolaevsko-Krivoy Rog route at 14:30 on 14 September 2022, the front line remains unchanged. The AFU made another failed offensive attempt against the Russian positions on 13 September. In the Andriivsky sector, the Ukrainian command is evacuating the wounded and regrouping forces and vehicles after the failed assault on Russian AF positions near Bruskinskoye.

Units of the Ukrainian 46th Army Corps withdrew their subordinate forces from the Bilohorka area to reserve positions on the opposite bank of the Ingulets River to restore combat readiness. The soldiers of the 35th Ukrainian Army Corps held positions in the vicinity of Andriivka. Under cover of artillery fire, weapons, ammunition and medical supplies are delivered to the strongholds.

In the Posad-Pokrovsky sector, units of the 59th Infantry Brigade and the 24th AFU Brigade took up defensive positions after the failure of the offensive on Terny Pody. Ukrainian personnel of the 59th Brigade are rotated to the Novohryhorivka-Mirnoye line. A Ukrainian UAV is operating in the vicinity of Maksymivka. In addition, on the afternoon of 13 September, Ukrainian units of 60 men, four BMP and three tanks attempted to entrench near Davydov Brod. During a brief engagement, the assault was repulsed and the Ukrainian forces withdrew with losses.

The Snigirev sector according to local sources is quiet: the Ukrainian forces make no offensive attempts.

In the Olginskiy sector, Ukrainian forces with a company of the 60th OTR and two tank platoons of the 17th Brigade attempted to assault Kostyrka. The soldiers of the 3rd Composite Battalion of the 60th Infantry advanced on Myrolyubivka – Osokorivka with the support of an ERG in the vicinity of Novopetrivka. Earlier, Ukrainian aviation and artillery shelled Russian positions in Novopetrivka, Arkhangelskoye, Novoznesenskoye and Veremievka.

Russian forces carried out massive attacks against the advancing Kiev forces. The Ukrainian forces suffered losses and retreated to the Potemkino area. Damaged equipment was evacuated to Malaya Kostromka.

According to another, more concise source, the situation on the front at 2.30 p.m. on 14 September was as follows: ‘Near Davidov Brod and near Posad-Pokrovsky there are no changes. The front is stable’.

On Oskol, the front is also stable. The parties are preparing for the upcoming battles. Yampol and Krasny Liman are held by the Russians. Sviatogorsk is actually in the disputed area.

It was reported on Belogorovka that the Ukrainians failed to occupy it yesterday, although they advanced in its direction. On 14 September, shelling was reported. The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov: ‘From the Ukraine, the territory of the village of Krasny Khutor is being shelled. There is destruction. The head of the Belgorod region is bringing the residents to a safe distance’.

There are no significant changes in the direction of Donetsk. In the Bachmut direction, the PMCs continue to build on their success after the taking of Kodema.

Graziella Giangiulio