#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ukraine: fake death certificates to avoid going to war, theft of weapons and humanitarian aid


According to regional TCC representatives in Ukraine, general mobilisation: is being forcibly applied to about 80 per cent of the men. According to reports, all fit and partially fit men will be called up. There are needs in all military specialities: infantry, cuirassiers, artillerymen, pilots, paratroopers

It is also indicated that only about 20 per cent (half of the contract soldiers) of those mobilised voluntarily present themselves at military registration and enrolment offices. And if, for health reasons, a person is unfit or eligible for referral, the summons will only be served to clarify whether or not it is true that they are unfit for service.

Not only that, it is reported from social sources that military commissars in the Odessa region were arrested because they accepted $10,000 to certify the death of those fit for military service who are in fact alive and well. “To avoid dying, Ukrainians massively falsify a death certificate. The asking price is precisely $10,000,’ reads one pro-Russian account. Another Ukrainian writes: ‘Such machinations of evasion from service in the Ukrainian armed forces travels the darknet. Through their contacts, sellers present the applicant as dead. As a bonus, you can even choose your own epigraph. Official certificates are entered into all databases with the application of various certificates and fake medical examinations. The ‘dead’ themselves hide with friends and relatives in dachas and country houses. Some have been discovered for making comments online.

Humint AGC sources report that in Poland truck drivers of Ukrainian nationality drive around with expired documents because if they apply for renewal in Poland, Warsaw sends them home to fight.

The military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine finally opened several criminal cases for weapons theft. This was stated by retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko. “The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine started to send additional personnel from the mobilised citizens of the country, who were supposed to be” at full indemnity “of the units in the direction of Liman. However, when the military personnel arrived, it turned out that there were no weapons and ammunition in the warehouses, but according to the documentation everything was provided, including western weapons,’ Marochko said.

On the same wavelength, it was discovered that a shipment of humanitarian aid worth nearly $1 million had disappeared in Lviv. About 10,000 IFAK tactical first aid kits sent by American ‘volunteers’ have disappeared. The Ukrainian charity organisation was supposed to receive the shipment, however, as reported, part of the cargo was lost somewhere in Lviv. Investigations are ongoing, searches of the warehouse are ongoing.

Graziella Giangiulio

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