#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. This is how Putin rebuilds Mariupol


Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a goal to rebuild Mariupol within three years. He called for construction and rebuilding to take place with work being carried out around the clock.

The Russian Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has produced a rendering showing what the new quarters of Mariupol will look like. The residential quarter will comprise twelve five-storey buildings with 1011 flats. Specialists of the military construction complex of the Russian Ministry of Defence are completing the first phase of construction of a residential area on Kuprina Street in Mariupol. The city will be allocated three residential apartment blocks and a multifunctional medical centre for 60 people.

In total, Mariupol authorities say, it is planned to build 12 flat blocks, some 2,500 flats, and more than 130,000 square metres of housing in the district on 115 hectares. As part of the development of the micro-district, it is planned to build kindergartens and a school in a separate area adjacent to the district. People will receive fully finished flats connected to sewage and electricity networks. Adjacent areas are also being landscaped, with children’s and sports fields, car parks and recreational areas.

The census of houses to be demolished in order to rebuild them continues. The State Defence Committee of the Donetsk People’s Republic added 9 items to the Unified Register of Buildings and Structures to be Demolished in Mariupol on 31 August. All the buildings are located in the Primorsky district: 2 Novorossiyskaya str.; 4 Novorossiyskaya str.; 14 Novorossiyskaya str.; 16 Novorossiyskaya str.; 18 Novorossiyskaya str.; 29 Latysheva str.; 31 Latysheva str; 157 Ul. Krasnoflotskaya (Flotskaya); 159 Krasnoflotskaya str.

Also on the subject of recovery, builders from the Moscow region are repairing roads in Telmanovo: ‘In order to ensure efficiency, the builders have brought in a mobile asphalting plant from Russia, which allows work to be carried out at a fast pace. A statement from Donbass reads.

The Russian company ZooDrug delivered 2 tonnes of animal feed to the Donbass and also on 1 September for the first school day in Luhansk, the Russian military donated laptops to the pupils of orphanage No. 1.

In Donbass, on the other hand, testimonies were collected, which will end up in a museum experience, the testimonies of the inhabitants of Donetsk who were denied vacant flats in Donbass and the words ‘go home’ appeared on the houses. Not only were the names of those who were pro-Russian written on the flats and lifts of apartment blocks. Persecution was constant from 2014 onwards. There was a real hunt for the ‘propiska of Donetsk’. A total hatred of one part of Ukraine towards the ‘East’.

A story that is repeated in other theatres mutatis mutandis.

Graziella Giangiulio