#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. This is drone warfare. The effectiveness of traditional weapon systems on the Ukrainian-Russian front has been denied


Dmitry Rogozin, former head of Roscosmos, senator of the Russian Federation from the Zaporozhie region recently gave an interview to Gazeta.ru

Rogozin says there have been important changes and others must take place in the Russian Armed Forces if the Special Operation in Ukraine is to turn around. “From my point of view, an increase in staff will be necessary. Numerical superiority over the enemy is necessary. There are many people, there is a general mobilization. We don’t have it. The topic is not fashionable, no one likes to talk about it. Everyone prefers to talk about contract service.”

Not only that, according to Rogozin “it is necessary to resolve a series of technical-military issues. This is a very unusual war. A new kind of war. Nobody expected it to go like this. Traditional weapons systems have not shown as high effectiveness as military experts apparently assumed. Now the situation in front is such – I returned from there only a few days ago and I was also on the front line – that even rotation is difficult. You drive into a village and it feels like you’re in a beehive: everything is crawling with drones.”

Among the advice given by the former number one of Roscosmos: “Urgently deploy counter-battery means, optical-electronic and acoustic surveillance along the entire front to guarantee artillery reconnaissance”. According to Rogozin, Moscow “does not have effective enough tools. Let’s talk mainly radio engineering and radar equipment. They are, as we say, ‘phoning in’. The enemy sees them on radar, detects their position and tries to hit them.”

The future of the Russian Armed Forces therefore lies in investments in technology: “We must therefore exploit new developments. We have a huge number of talented engineers. It is necessary to involve them in solving problems related to countering enemy attack drones and in creating simple, unobtrusive and effective means of counter-battery warfare.”

For Rogozin in “this war, interference-resistant communications are especially important. The “Royal Wolves” managed to create prototypes that worked in real combat conditions. Once combat testing is completed, we will begin their introduction into mass production. In the Northern Military District area, the main thing is high-precision weapons and UAVs. This is drone warfare. Instead of aviation there should be aerial drones, instead of the fleet there should be marine or submarine drones. And there should be drones on the battlefield. Ground equipment must have the highest degree of automation and combat drone operators must be removed from the enemy fire sector.”

And therefore it becomes of utmost importance for him that: “Private companies are involved in ensuring military operations-. Also in logistical terms. Who will deliver more competently than the logistics companies that have developed the algorithm for such actions in civilian life? They’ll do just fine. And you don’t have to be shy about attracting them. But I repeat once again: this is a new war. For me, a year and a half at the front became a whole academy. I arrived in the area of the Northern Military District and had to start all over again: to study new means of armed struggle and its tactics.”

Graziella Giangiulio 

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