#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The US lends Kiev 61 billion dollars. The Russians take Novomykhailivka after two months


Very intense weekend regarding news relating to the Russian-Ukrainian scenario. NATO defense ministers have agreed to supply Ukraine with more air defense systems, an announcement is expected soon, Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said. Poland has already said it has no systems to give to Ukraine. NATO also considers Ukrainian attacks “on military targets deep inside Russian territory” to be legal.

This completely new statement will lead to an escalation with increasingly powerful and frequent bombings by Russia on Ukrainian infrastructure. Finally, Jens Stoltenberg stated that: “NATO has no intention of being present in Ukraine in a combat role, but a number of alliance members have “men and women in uniform” in their embassies there.”

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said before Congress approved funding for Ukraine: “Ukraine has not asked the United States to fight alongside it in the confrontation with the Russian Federation, it is only assistance in safety matters”.

The bill on aid to Ukraine plans to provide it with ATACMS missiles, the total funding amounts to $61 billion in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, incl. $23 billion to replenish US arsenals. The President of the United States must agree with Ukraine on the repayment of economic assistance to Kiev.

The US president has the right to write off up to 50% of Ukraine’s debt for economic assistance provided, but not earlier than November 15, 2024, the bill reads.

Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, said that if US aid to Ukraine is delayed, there will come a point where it will be “too late”. The Czech Republic informed NATO countries that it had purchased half a million shells for Ukraine.

Also over the weekend, the United States gave the green light to the bill on the transfer of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to Ukraine. G7 countries plan to keep Russian assets frozen until it secures payment from Moscow for damages in the Ukraine conflict, G7 finance ministers and Central Bank heads said in a statement. The G7 will continue to work on the use of frozen Russian assets in the interests of Kiev, in accordance with laws and international law, a statement released after the meeting of foreign ministers said.

EU countries are “close to a political agreement” on the use of income from frozen assets of the Russian Federation according to the Belgian Finance Minister. According to the International Monetary Fund, the issue of confiscation of Russian assets in favor of Ukraine can be resolved by individual jurisdictions and courts, but carries risks for the global monetary system.

From Russia we learn that Rostec will invest 70 billion rubles in the modernization and expansion of production capacity of its enterprises in Tatarstan, the factories will increase the production of ammunition several times, the press service of the state company reported.

On the subject of peace agreements at the weekend, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared: “There is no trust in Kiev, Russia will not pause in hostilities if negotiations on Ukraine begin.” “The Russian Federation is fully convinced of the need to continue operations in Ukraine today.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitrj Pskov instead commented on Congress’ choice to approve aid in the form of loans to Kiev: “The objectives of the Northern Military District in Ukraine remain the same. The US House of Representatives’ decision to pass a bill to help Ukraine will further enrich the United States and further ruin Ukraine.”

And he also commented on the issue of seizure of Russian assets: “The United States will be responsible for the decision to confiscate the properties of the Russian Federation, Moscow will take measures that respect its interests without time limits.”

News comes from Ukraine that the SBU claims that in Poland, with the help of Kiev, a suspect of “preparing an assassination attempt” against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj has been arrested. Russian attack on Dnepropetrovsk station, according to Turkish sources, there was military cargo and accompanying personnel on board the trains. The news came from pro-Russian social media sources that the active evacuation of NATO troops killed and wounded in Dnepropetrovsk is underway from Rzeszow: a French plane landed at the air base and a British A330MRTT also carried out rescue work.

According to Turkish sources, the air defense launchers were destroyed during the missile attacks on Dnepropetrovsk, but the exact model is not known at the moment. Volodymyr Zelenskyj visited the headquarters of the 41st separate mechanized brigade in Chasiv Jar. And he declared to the press that: “NATO must decide“ if we are truly allies ””. Russia wants to capture Chasiv Jar by May 9 and launch a counteroffensive in June, Zelensky said. “By May 9, Russia plans to occupy Chasiv Jar. I expect that we will resist, that the weapons will arrive in time and that we will be able to repel the enemy and thus completely defeat Russia’s plans (…) We will carry out large-scale counteroffensive actions in June,” Zelensky commented.

Immediately after the approval of the package of US loans to Ukraine which now passes for final approval in the US Senate, Zelensky thanked: “We hope that the bills will be supported in the Senate and sent to President Biden for consideration. Thank you, America,” noted the president of Ukraine. “Peace and security can only be achieved by force,” said Zelensky.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmygal spoke about the areas where US assistance will go. The total amount of assistance amounts to nearly $61 billion. Of these: 49.9 billion – defense spending; 7.8 billion – potential budget support; 1.57 billion – economic assistance; 400 million – funds for border protection and humanitarian demining.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba commented on social media: “A bad day for Putin. A bad day for anyone who has dared to believe that America can falter when it comes to defending what and who it stands for. We are grateful to the United States House of Representatives, its Speaker and members of both parties for passing long-awaited aid to Ukraine.”

And now a look at the front line updated at 5:00 pm on April 22nd.

According to British intelligence, after the crash of a Tu-22M3 long-range bomber, aircraft losses of the Russian Aerospace Forces since the beginning of the war have reached 100 units.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the taking under control of Novomykhailivka in the DPR. Pro-Russian social sources write: “The units of the 155th Separate Guards Order of the Zhukov Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet, in difficult battles that had lasted since the beginning of February 24, completely liberated the settlement of Novomykhailivka.”

Over the past 24 hours, the Russian armed forces have continued to strike targets in the Ukrainian rear “daily”. Another air defense system was destroyed in the Kharkiv region, targets were also hit in the Odessa region, and the port infrastructure of commercial enterprises was burned for a long time.

There are no changes in the nature of hostilities in the Kherson direction: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are present in Krynki and the Antonovsky Bridge, there are mutual artillery strikes and the use of drones, the Russian Armed Forces pay special attention to the destruction of boats Ukrainians. In the afternoon, a Russian source reported: “The “Iksovodov Airborne Forces” destroyed the “Bukovel-AD” electronic warfare complex, which prevented the Russian military from working.” In the absence of electronic warfare tools, the Russians will intensify attacks by both artillery, aircraft and drones.

On the Zaporozhzhie front, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are already systematically counterattacking in the center of Robotyne and in the north-west of Verbove. Russian Armed Forces strike Ukrainian attack formations as they approach, using heavy flamethrower systems, artillery and FAB with UMPC, incl. to destroy military and military equipment in Orichiv. Ukrainian Armed Forces drones monitor the Tokmachka-Polohy road and carry out daily attacks on Russian equipment.

Heading south from Donetsk, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lose Novomykhailivka to Russia. Russian armed forces advance to Krasnohorivka, attack from the south and heavy fighting takes place.

Northwest of Avdiivka, Russian troops advance towards Ocheretyne and Novokalynove, gaining a foothold on the southern outskirts of the uninhabited areas. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing defense lines in Keramik.

Battles continue in Časiv Jar. The city is under attack by Russian artillery and aviation, and here the Ukrainian air defense forces are exhausted. Despite the presence of the Russian armed forces on the eastern outskirts of the city, the main aim of the Russian troops seems to be to access the water supply to the north and south.

Battles continue near Bilohorivka and Ternove.

In the Kursk region, shelling by the Ukrainian armed forces continues on the border town of Tyotkino. In the Belgorod region, under the attacks of Ukrainian artillery and drones, the Belgorod, Borisovsky, Volokonovsky, Korochansky, Krasnogvardeysky, Krasnoyaruzhsky, Chernyavsky, Valuysky, Shebekinsky, Yakovlevsky and Grayvoronsky districts.

On April 21 in Sevastopol, the Ukrainians launched a missile attack in the docking area, the fire was put out.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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