#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis seen from the point of view of war and peace


On the Russia-Ukraine issue it seems that for a few weeks there have been two different plans for creating reality: on the one hand Ukraine and NATO who continue to talk about weapons and training. On the other there is Vladimir Putin, China and now Hungary which has the EU presidency for the semester that talk about peace.

According to those in the know, the main theme of the NATO summit will be the supply of weapons and military training for Ukraine. The outgoing Secretary Jensen, Stoltenberg, also reiterated this. “The NATO summit to be held in the United States from July 9 to 11 will decide on the allocation of new air defense systems to Ukraine,” and further said: “The NATO summit will decide whether to expand the training of forces Ukrainian armies in Poland”. Finally, he declared that the imminent decision of the NATO summit to transfer the coordination of all military supplies to Kiev to the Alliance will not make the bloc part of the conflict.

Still on the subject of NATO relations, Stoltenberg said that: “The United Kingdom will continue to play a key role in NATO, despite the change of leadership.” Labor leader Keir Starmer took office as Prime Minister of Great Britain, having received the mandate to form the government from Charles III.

Germany has announced that the third Patriot air defense system from Germany has already arrived in Ukraine, source Ambassador Martin Jäger. “The Ukrainian crew of the system has successfully completed adequate training in Germany in recent months,” he noted.

Trained reinforcements to the Ukrainian armed forces also continue to arrive from the United Kingdom. Trained personnel are sent to a strike force on the border with Belarus, which is also a priority for receiving new heavy weapons.

All this happened while Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was in Moscow. We remember that in recent days. Orban had gone to. Ukraine where Kiev had rejected the ceasefire proposal put forward by the EU rotating presidency, confirmed by the deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Igor Zhovkva who added that Ukraine’s position is to seek a solution through the peace summits initiated by Kiev.

A completely different atmosphere can be felt in Moscow. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation said that during negotiations with Orban he intends to have an exchange of views on the direction of Ukraine. Putin said that Orban also arrived in Moscow as president of the EU Council.

While the European Commission said Orban did not coordinate his trip with them: “Orban did not inform the EU authorities of his plans to travel to Moscow.” This was reported by the Euractiv portal with reference to European officials. While informing NATO of his visit to Russia, Stoltenberg said.

Putin said he would explain to Orban the nuances of his proposals for Ukraine. Putin asked Orban to inform him about Hungary’s and the EU’s position on the situation in Ukraine. In the talks between the two presidents, Putin expressed regret at the sharp decline in trade between the Russian Federation and Hungary.

“Hungary will soon become the only country in Europe that can talk to both Russia and Ukraine,” Orban said.

Hungarian journalist Nemeth András, from m.hvg.hu said: It is possible that the trip to Moscow is “trolling”: he (Orban) with hyperactivity wants to stick a “rubber bone” in the mouths of the leaders of Brussels and the politicians from other EU member states, just as they did at home when the public’s attention was diverted from an unpleasant topic, a completely different one was proposed. While Orban trolls, it is possible that he is playing all-in, using the poker analogy, and hoping that, if not now, then in a few months, he can begin a process at the end of which he can enjoy the role of “big pacifier”. To do this, Ukraine must suffer further losses on the front and Donald Trump must win the US presidential elections in November.”

Meanwhile in Moscow, Dmitrj Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, informed the journalists present that the “negotiations between Putin and Orban will last as long as necessary, but at least two or three hours”.

According to the Russian social sphere, “China is behind Viktor Orban’s peacekeeping mission.” But it is not in Beijing’s interest to so openly undermine the foundations of the European Union, with which the Chinese still hope to have relations parallel to those they have with Washington and Moscow. Instead, most likely, Orban visits Kiev and Moscow at his own risk and with the risk inherent in any successful super-populist politician.

The fact remains that Orban’s visit was the first to Russia by a Western leader from April 2022. Negotiations with Putin continued behind closed doors.

According to rumors, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised Russian elites that he will not allow the fifteenth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation to be adopted during Budapest’s six-month presidency of the European Union. Sources say this was “one of the most important messages and messages” that Orban expressed during his surprise visit to the Russian capital on July 5. “He really wants to appear both as a peacemaker (which is why he also brought his proposals to Moscow to resolve the Ukrainian crisis) and as an adequate politician. The Kremlin is completely satisfied with this, although it understands that Orban will face colossal resistance from the Russians. Moreover, it is possible that today’s visit of the Hungarian Prime Minister to the Russian Federation will not be the last this year, in December it may take place another similar visit,” one of the Kremlin officials said, maintaining anonymity.

After the open part of the meeting with Putin, Orban published a photo from Moscow with the caption that for the sake of peace “we must act”.

The European Commission has threatened to cancel the Governing Council’s visit to Hungary due to Orban’s visit to Moscow, writes the Hungarian portal HVG. Even though the officials’ visit was expected.

In the near future, a media campaign will be launched in Russia: “SVO participants return home”, aimed at creating a positive image of a serviceman returning after SVO.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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