#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The Russian offensive in Zaporizhzhia continues. Ankara says no to Sweden and Finland in NATO


The Pentagon confirms the first shipment to Ukraine: the military in Kiev will receive more than 60 vehicles. According to the US Transportation Command press office, a shipment of over 60 Bradley BMPs left North Charleston from South Carolina already last week. The vehicles retained their desert attire. Easily recognisable on the Ukrainian front. The French are also ready to ship another 12 CAESARs to Ukraine.

In addition to the Ukrainian issue, NATO has to deal with the Turkish issue: ‘The Turkish parliament will not ratify the protocol on the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland under the present circumstances,’ Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told the press. The motivation is related to the Koran burning that took place in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden last week.

Vladimir Putin signed an agreement with Belarus to set up joint military training centres. And again Anton Gerasimov was appointed deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, while Yevgeny Anoshin was appointed deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council as well as head of the press office. In the meantime, the rounds of the Russian military began: ‘More than 9,000 mobilised citizens with no legal basis have returned home,’ said Russian Prosecutor General Krasnov.

At the front “the Russian army has entrenched itself in the territories taken from the Ukrainian military in the Zaporizhzhia region,” reported Vladimir Rogov, president of the We Together with Russia movement. “Units of the Russian Armed Forces are striking Ukrainian positions in the new line of defence. Attacks are also underway against Ukrainian militant positions in Orekhovo, Gulyaypol and Charivne,” Rogov told TASS.

“One can feel the presence of our Tornado-S MLRS on the frontline. I would like to mention that this type of weapon is superior to the American HIMARS in terms of accuracy,’ Rogov stressed.

On the front line between 30 and 31 January.

Ukrainian formations continued shelling in the Belgorod region, as a result of which residential houses and civilian infrastructure were damaged in the urban district of Shebeka. At least two people were injured.

In the Kup’yans’k sector, the Ukrainians took no active action, recalling additional forces and replenishing losses. At the same time, Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups are probing Kiev positions on the Dvorichne-Hryanykivka line.

In the Lyman sector, the situation has not changed significantly. Fighting and artillery fire continue along the entire line of contact. Russian units supported by armoured vehicles conduct a positional offensive against enemy positions near Makiivka.

North of Bachmut, Russian assault units in the course of the offensive on Paraskoviivka and Krasna Hora established control over two enemy strongholds. At the same time, Russian paratroopers are fighting near the settlements.

Russian troops continue to overrun the Ukrainian defences in the direction of Krasne and Stupochky. The advancing forces are supported by artillery, which hits the positions and positions of the Ukrainian fighters.

Ukrainian units using rockets and artillery fired on the Donetsk agglomeration. Residential buildings and power lines were damaged in Horlivka and the city suffered temporary power outages.

The Ukrainian army continued shelling civilian infrastructure in settlements on the left bank of the Kherson region. Following an artillery attack in Kakhovka, a gymnasium was damaged. There were no casualties or injuries.

Graziella Giangiulio

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