#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The peace summit in Switzerland is at risk of failure. Direction Vovčans’k, Časiv Jar Russian armed forces attack


The date of the peace summit in Switzerland which will be held starting from June 15th is approaching, the Swiss media claim that the conference on Ukraine could prove to be a failure. Several Swiss news agencies published relevant articles. They also commented on the actions of the Ukrainian leadership as well.

In the Swiss newspaper Temps, journalist Marie-Hélène Mioton underlined that the “peace formula” proposed by Zelenskyj seems like a request for surrender addressed to Russia, while “on the ground” Ukraine finds itself in a difficult situation.

Also on the subject, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed gratitude to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for Beijing’s decision not to send its representatives to Switzerland for the conference on Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

And now a look at the Front Line updated at 2.00 pm on June 10th.

Last night, the Ukrainian armed forces attempted to attack the north and west of the Crimean peninsula with at least 6 missiles. Traffic on the Crimean Bridge was temporarily blocked for 1 hour.

In the direction of Kharkiv there are battles in Vovčans’k. In the area of ​​​​the aggregate plant, assault units of the Russian Armed Forces have approached the defense center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and are preparing to storm it, and in the eastern part of the city the Ukrainian Armed Forces have launched several counterattacks over the city during the day. In the direction of Lyptsi, the main events are developing in the area west of the settlement. Near the border line, where Russian assault groups continue to advance. The Ukrainian Armed Forces rotates units, replacing units that had lost combat effectiveness due to losses.

West of Svatove, fighting resumed near Stel’makhivka and near the settlement. In turns, we managed to expand the control zone in some places.

In Časiv Jar there are heavy battles in the Kanal microdistrict; battles are reported near Kalynivka from the north. In the eastern part of Chasiv Jar it was previously reported that Russian troops were advancing towards the center of the microdistrict.

West of Avdiivka, Russian units are gradually advancing to Umans’ke and Novopokrovs’ke, artillery is working on both sides and many drones are being used. In the direction of Vremivka, according to the pro-Russian social sphere, successes of the Russian armed forces have been recorded in the northern part of Staromaiors’ke.

On the Zaporozhzhie front, numerous drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are slowing down the Russian advance in Robotyne, Novopokrovka and Nesteryanka. The Ukrainian Armed Forces immediately uses a swarm of FPV drones, including night ones, the range of which is increased thanks to repeaters.

In the direction of Kherson, groups of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to operate in the island area on boats, but they were destroyed. Ukrainian armed forces shot in Nova Mayachka, one dead and one injured. In Nova Kachovka one person was injured by a mine explosion. A massive drone raid was carried out in the village A Dnepryan.

Belgorod region under Ukrainian attack. The village of Bezymeno, Grayvoronsky urban district, was attacked by the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the help of two drones. A civilian vehicle and an administrative building were damaged. In Shebekino two buses and a car were damaged by shelling. In the village of Murom, civilian vehicles and residential buildings were also damaged by the launch of an explosive device by a drone. During the day, our air defense system was in operation due to enemy bombing of the region, and the fires were captured by cameras.

In the Kursk region, the “Sudzha” checkpoint, the village of Gornal and the village of Kurilovka of the Sudzhansky district, the village of Volfinsky, the village of Kulbaki and the village of Elizavetovka of the Glushkovsky district, the villages of Gordeevka and Troitskoye of the Korenevsky district were bombed. Enemy drone attacks were recorded near the village of Gordeevka, Korenevsky District, the villages of Novoivanovka and Voronok, Rylsky District and the village of Tyotkino, Glushkovsky District. There were no casualties. 15 Ukrainian drones were eliminated and suppressed using small arms and electronic warfare equipment in the border areas.

In Donetsk (DPR), one dead and two injured following the fall from a UAV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine onto a car, and also a woman born in 1947 wounded in Donetsk.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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