#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The offensive on Kherson began. Deputy Governor Stremousov dead


The battle of Kherson has begun, everyone expected it. The Ukrainian military attacked on three sides. The Russians responded and the bridges connecting the two river banks were mined and blown up. At the moment, the Ukrainian advance was blocked with aerial responses and the impossibility of crossing the Dnieper River.

It is reported that the deputy head of the Kherson region Stremousov was killed. The information was spread by the Ukrainian blogger Shariy. At 14:09 from the Russian social sphere comes the confirmation: ‘We have received confirmation: Kirill Stremousov has died in an accident near Genichesk. We express our condolences to the families and friends of the deceased’. Pro-Russian sources write that at the time of the accident he was in a car with military commander Alexander Kots, the war journalist reportedly survived.

There is now a battle in the Snihurivka sector of the front, in the Mykolaïv region. The Ukrainians have undertaken reconnaissance in force in three areas: Posad-Pokrovske, Beryslav and Snihurivka. In the first two sectors the Ukrainian military suffered losses and retreated, battles remain in the Snihurivka sector. Through the railway the Ukrainians advanced. The settlement is now in the combat zone, aviation, artillery and equipment are hitting the Ukrainian military. The defence is held by the 205th regiment. The offensive, according to the pro-Russian social sphere, involved Polish and English-speaking mercenaries. The Russian Defence Ministry confirms the attack and adds: ‘Air defence systems shot down 25 HIMARS MLRS shells in the Kherson region and the LPR, a Ukrainian M-8 helicopter was shot down in the Mykolaïv region’.

According to the Kherson regional authorities, Ukrainian troops ‘ran into the line of defence in the Kherson region, their advance was stopped. The Ukrainian armed forces lost several hundred people during an offensive attempt on 8 November in three directions in the Kherson region’. The Darevsky bridge near Kherson was blown up. The same goes for a bridge blown up from Snihurivka (where there were battles), Antonovsky Bridge and Kakhovka Dam. It can be stated from photos that at least four bridges on the right bank of the Dnpr were blown up.

According to local sources, not only have many bridges been blown up, but it is claimed that in a number of villages on the front line there are no Russian troops left. Numerous telegram channels of Russian soldiers claim that the withdrawal of the Russian army has begun on the left bank of the Dnieper. Officially, this information is not confirmed. The Ukrainian command also does not yet comment on this news. Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities stated that the rumours about the retreat on the left bank were Russian disinformation. At 14:49 on 9 November, the Ukrainians entered Kalynivs’ke, Kherson.

Meanwhile on the administrative front, it is reported that Hungary intends to block EU attempts to allocate EUR 18 billion to Ukraine, Bloomberg reports. Hungary has refused to join the EU initiative regarding general fundraising for assistance to Ukraine and will block any EU efforts in this direction, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said.

The Ukrainian premier, Volodymyr Zelensky, said in his latest appeal on 9 November that there are fewer messages from the front than at the beginning of the autumn, but there are fierce battles, especially heavy ones in the Donetsk region, where the Russian armed forces are still trying to complete the task of reaching the region’s borders. According to Zelensky, ‘enemy activity’ is very high. In the Kherson region, as Zelensky said, the Ukrainians are ‘acting cautiously’, strengthening their positions, breaking the logistics of the Russians.

The Russians continue the bombardment of Ukrainian infrastructure, already at 12.02 a.m. it was airborne alert over the whole of Ukraine many regions are in the dark, practically all except Lviv electrically connected to Poland.

Graziella Giangiulio