#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The front extends


Another exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine was announced by the Defense Ministry deputy of the State Duma Shamsail Saraliyev. News later confirmed by the Ukrainian and Donbass authorities.

And while Zelensky is said in Donbass, he posted a video next to a stele at the entrance to Sloviansk, the Russians shed light on yesterday’s attack on Engels airport.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement: “On the morning of December 5, the Kiev regime attempted to strike the Diagilevo and Engels airports with a drone. Ukrainian UAVs flying low over Ryazan and Saratov regions were intercepted but debris from Ukrainian UAVs that fell and exploded on Russian airfields caused minor damage to the hull plating of two aircraft. Three Russian soldiers present at the airport were killed in the attack by the Kiev regime, four others were injured and taken to hospital. In response Russia launched an attack on targets in Ukraine around 15:00 out of 17 targets which according to the Russian Defense Ministry hit the targets, according to Ukraine some were intercepted and dodged.

The Russian Defense Ministry explained that «yesterday Russian troops carried out an attack with long-range high-precision weapons, by air and by sea, against the military administration system of Ukraine, the structures of the defense complex and the associated power plants. Also according to the Ministry, the production and repair of Ukrainian weapons at defense enterprises was stopped, the rail transport of military equipment for the Ukrainian army, including foreign-made ones, was stopped, and the transfer of reserves to the areas of combat has been hampered,” the ministry said.

Ukraine’s military intelligence chief also claims Russia has enough high-precision missiles to launch more massive strikes before running out of supplies, Reuters source

To return to the attack on Russian airfields hundreds of km from the front, it was a Soviet UAV Tu-141 Strizh on Engels, which flew over the territory of the Russian Federation undisturbed for almost 650 km. While from the Dyagilevo airport, in the Ryazan region, also attacked by drones, it is learned that three airport staff members are dead and four were injured. Damage sustained by a Tu-22M3 long-range bomber.

Ukrainians said that on December 5, Ukraine launched its most audacious attack on Russian territory in nine months, attacking two military bases hundreds of kilometers inland with the help of drones, as reported by the New York Times. The drones were launched from Ukrainian territory and at least one of the attacks was carried out with the help of special forces close to the base, who helped guide the drones to their target, a Ukrainian official said, speaking on condition of anonymity . The attacks signaled Kiev’s new willingness to move the fight to bases in Russia’s heartland, raising the stakes in the war, and demonstrated a greater ability to attack from a distance. In these airports, we recall, strategic nuclear weapons are also stored.

On the night of December 5-6, a Ukrainian kamikaze UAV hit an airfield in the Kursk region, the fuel depot caught fire, casualties were avoided.

Russian forces struck targets in Sen’kivka and Sosnivka in the Chernihiv region and in Slavhorod, Manukhivka and Aleksandrivka in the Sumy region.

In the Kharkiv region, the Russian Armed Forces have targeted Ukrainian military and equipment in Volokhivka, Olkhovatka, Sonchivka, Ogurtsovo, Starytsya and Strelechya.

On the Starobilsk direction, Russian rocket forces and artillery struck enemy positions in Dvorichna, Tabayevka, Peschany, Stelmakhovka, Makiivka, Nevsky and on the outskirts of Novoselivka.

In the direction of Bachmut, Russian aviation conducted an airstrike. They hit targets in Bachmut, Bakhmut s’kyy, Kleshcheyivka and Druzhba settlement.

On the way to Donetsk, Russian aviation targeted Ukrainians near Marinka and Kamianka. The gunners hit Ukrainian positions at Avdiivka, Pervomayskiye, Krasnohorivka and Nevelske.

The Ukrainians again bombed the Stirol chemical plant in Horlivka. Donetsk and Yelenivka were also affected.

In the southern direction of Donetsk, the Russian Armed Forces engaged targets in Vuhledar, Bohoyavlenka, Prechistovka, Vremiyivka and Novomikhailivka.

In the Zaporizhizhya region, Russian forces struck a Ukrainian military facility in Stepne on the outskirts of Zaporizhizhya overnight. Targets in Olhivske, Zalizn were also hit Horišni Plavni.

Ukrainian formations, in turn, shelled Energodar and the industrial zone of the Zaporizhizhya NPP.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, Russian armed forces shelled Ukrainian positions in Nikopol, Krasnohryhorivka, and Nadezhda.

Artillery clashes continue in the southern sector of the front: Russian forces strike targets in Kherson, Zolotaya Balka and Novoselka, Odessa.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the Goliya Prystan and Kakhovka district of the Kherson region.

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