#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The contradictions of Ukrainian mobilization


While many Ukrainian men answered the call to arms, others tried to avoid it. Now, when recruiters, TCC, search Ukrainian cities, many hide, fearing that conscription is a one-way ticket to the front.

It’s unclear how many men are hiding, but in big cities like Kiev and Lviv, social media groups warning about TCC movements have tens of thousands of members, the NYT reports.

The reasons behind such behavior are multiple. All expressed the fear of dying in a conflict characterized by bloody trench warfare and devastating bombings. Many have also said they are against the mobilization due to what they see as harsh recruitment tactics and a lack of adequate training.

These concerns are echoed by some military analysts, who say that Ukrainian troops are often poorly trained, making it difficult for Kiev to hold its ground as recruits are brought into battle.

Many Ukrainian men joined the army out of civic sense. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said that since the adoption of the new mobilization law in April, 1.6 million people have updated or registered their details on a government website, the first step before possible conscription. Since the beginning of the conflict, conscription has been disorganized and marred by corruption. The government used tactics such as randomly distributing summonses in residential buildings and city streets.

According to surveys: around a third of people say they are ready to serve. However, the mobilization campaign caused painful rifts in society.

For many “objectors”, the main objection is the mobilization process, which pays little attention to people’s physical capabilities and skills, but simply sends them to certain death. They say that medical visits are often rushed and that preparations do not take long enough.

Britain’s Royal United Services Institute, Rusi, says most Ukrainian soldiers are lucky to have completed five weeks of training. By comparison, Britain trained infantry for around 22 weeks during World War II.

Antonio Albanese 

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