#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. The amendments of the ultra-conservative Americans in Congress against Kiev are rejected. If Moscow attacks, ready NATO defense plan. Russians counterattack in Svatove sector


Nothing done for Republican initiatives in Congress. On July 13, the United States House of Representatives voted on the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act introduced by Republican Marjorie Taylor Green. The document envisioned limiting military aid to Ukraine to $300 million a year. Rejected with 341 votes against and 89 in favor. Nothing was done also for an amendment by the conservative republican Matt Goetz, which provided for a ban on security assistance to Ukraine. 70 yes against 358i no, of which 149 republicans. Proof that even if a Republican came to power, nothing would change at the moment.

The German newspaper Bild presented some details of the NATO defense plan adopted in the event of an attack from Russia. First of all, the plan calls for the deployment of 300,000 troops in a high state of readiness. Furthermore, the commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Europe, in the event of a threat, will be able to make certain decisions without further consultations with the alliance.

The plan also assigns an important role in Germany’s defense plans: the country should become the most important logistics hub for the alliance force, and the possibility of opening a second NATO ground forces headquarters in Wiesbaden, in Germany, in addition to the existing one, the headquarters in Turkish Izmir is also being discussed.

In addition, some countries of the alliance will take over the protection of the allies of the eastern flank: Germany will protect Lithuania, Great Britain – Estonia and Canada – Latvia. Additionally, the alliance intends to protect itself from acts of sabotage and sabotage by strengthening the protection of pipelines and other critical infrastructure.

The Allies intend, among other things, to strengthen heavily armed units so that they are capable of fighting heavy battles, as well as develop air defense systems and increase stockpiles of long-range missiles and artillery systems. Finally, NATO member countries reaffirmed their commitment to increase defense spending to at least 2% of their GDP.

Vladimir Putin, in a press conference said that: “Ukraine’s accession to NATO represents a threat to the security of the Russian Federation, one of the reasons for the NWO is the threat that Ukraine will join the alliance”. “We are not against discussing security guarantees for Ukraine, but subject to Russian security guarantees.” Finally, on the grain deal he said: “nothing has been done for Russia under the grain deal it is a unilateral deal, we have voluntarily extended the grain deal many times, but in the end we have to say enough . Russia will extend the wheat deal only when the promises made are kept.”

And now a look at the line of contact recorded at 0600 on 14 July: battles recorded near Novoselovske. Several sources simultaneously state the capture by the Russians of the village of Novoselovske in the LPR. So far, the information has not been confirmed by the Ukrainian side, only that the assault detachments of the RF Armed Forces launched an attack on the settlement in the morning of July 13th. According to a second source the Ukrainians are keeping the last road of the village on the western outskirts.

The configuration of the front in Novoselovske and around the village is not yet clear, as there have been landing battles to the south in recent days. However, if the village is taken by the Russians, with a high degree of probability, adjacent forest belts currently controlled by the Ukrainians will also be stormed.

On the Ukrainian side, we learn that the fighting for the landings in the south is still going on. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will bring in forces of the new 32nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which have partially taken up positions at Stelmakhivka, to stabilize the situation.

Early in the morning from the social sphere it becomes known that the Svatove sector of the front, Russian troops continue the assault on Novoselovsk. Having taken control of the forest plantations to the south, the forward detachments have entered the territory of the village and are fighting in residential areas. South of Kleshcheevka, Russian units continue to expand the zone of control in the direction of the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal. At present, all counterattack attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine have led to nothing, the situation in the area is completely controlled.

In the direction of Donetsk, Ukrainian attack aircraft carried out several attacks on Krasnohorivka and the strongholds of the Russian Armed Forces in the landings near Severny. Ukrainians are afraid of covering the Avdviika fortified area from two sides and counter it in every possible way. On the day of the 14th there are still clashes.

To the south, the Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to launch a counterattack and recapture the Zverinets fortified area near Marinka. There are practically no changes in the city itself. Southeast of Maryinka, Russian troops failed to continue offensive operations.

In the area of \u200b\u200bthe Vremievsky ledge, the Ukrainian advances continue along the Priyutnoye-Staromayorskoye line. In the Orekhov sector, battles are underway near Rabotino. Russian units launched a counteroffensive on the Gulyai-Polye sector of the front. The unexpected attack brought success and made it possible to occupy the fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the forest plantations north of Marfopol.

The situation in the Kherson direction remains quite tense, the Ukrainians continue to hold a bridgehead near the Antonovsky bridge. According to intelligence data, a large-scale operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to seize the islands in the Dnieper delta is expected in the coming days.

Late at night, we are already on July 14, the Ukrainians attacked the Kursk region with the help of UAVs. Local residents report explosions in the city of Kurchatov. According to initial information, the drone lost its trajectory and exploded, crashing into a tree. One person was killed during the Ukrainian shelling of the village of Belaya Berezka in the Bryansk region by the armed forces of Ukraine, three were injured, government source.

In Ukraine, explosions heard in Odessa and Krivoy Rog.

The FSB on July 14 neutralized four saboteurs who intended to hit the ZNPP. A fifth saboteur was taken prisoner. During questioning, he said the group was trained in Germany by British instructors. We do not have the ability to verify the source.

On June 25 in the area of N. p. Belenky and Lysogorka, Zaporozhzhia region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have deployed two heavy artillery systems. On the same day, the withdrawal of the DRG to Energodar was scheduled. According to the FSB, thanks to his actions, the Ukrainian plan was thwarted, and “valuable information was obtained about the preparation of sabotage groups, their contacts and methods of communication.”

Graziella Giangiulio

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