The target of the Russian special operation in the coming hours or days is Bachmut. The Ukrainians are trying to escape from yet another cauldron in Soledar and Slaviansk. While Zelenskyy has promised a counter-offensive on 24 August on Ukrainian Independence Day. 

“The forces of the LNR, DNR and the Russian Federation will move towards Bachmut after dismantling the TPP in Uglegorsk,” said an LNR People’s Militia officer. This then took place on 27 July, with the intervention of the men of the Russian Pmc WAGNER.

“Our immediate plan is Bachmut. It is necessary to reach this town and encircle it, and then bring it under control, as there is a large group of the Ukrainian beloved forces there,’ clarified DNR spokesman Colonel Basurin.

In fact, what lies ahead is a long conflict. And Russia will play a lot on the issue of time. Contrary to the narrative in the West, the Russian ‘special operation’ will not end in September but will go well beyond that. And if there are any winter truces, they will be aimed at not losing the territories taken.

The ‘Special Operation’, for it to be to Moscow’s advantage, must last a long time, at least as long as it takes Putin and Lavrov to reach and conclude agreements with the Brics, to create a new currency competing with the dollar and the euro, to create infrastructures that will allow Russian gas to reach developing countries towards Asia, to win those rare earths that it does not yet have in Africa also in competition with its ally China. Repopulating Russia and restoring that industrial apparatus abandoned during the 1990s of the last century. 

To do this, Putin needs cheap labour and at least two years, according to Russian analysts. As far as labour is concerned, it should be noted that 2.9 million people have arrived from Ukraine who will start a new life in Russia. The rest is ‘work in progress’. 

And now a look at the fronts at 23.21 on 27 July, which looked like this: 

Kryvoriz’ke direction
According to reports, after the Ukrainian Armed Forces were knocked out of Berestove, the Ukrainians were also defeated by Andriivka, where they attempted to advance, suffering heavy losses from the artillery and air force fire of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.  Clashes in the area are expected in the coming weeks 

Mykolaivs’ke direction
The Ukrainians shelled the Antonov Bridge. Currently, Donbass and Russian forces have set up a boat service for the crossing. Ukrainian shelling is expected at the Kakhovka HPP dam.  The Ukrainians attacked the positions of the RF Armed Forces and allies near Kherson. The Russian Armed Forces, in turn, carried out attacks against structures in Mykolaiv and in the direction of Krivoy Rog. 

In the morning of 27 July heavy attacks were carried out south of Avdiivka in the direction of the village of Piski and Krasnohorivka. The Ukrainians suffered losses. Attacks were reported, the situation of movements in this direction is unclear. The presence of extensive fortifications, which have been equipped in this direction for 8 years, does not promise the Russians and allies quick successes. The Ukrainians continued to actively bombard the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic – four civilians were killed today.

Fighting near Semyhir’ya and Vesela Dolyna.  After the capture of Petrovskoye, the Russian Armed Forces are intensifying attacks on Ukrainian positions directly in the city. On the 27th, the headquarters of one of the Ukrainian companies was hit. The Ukrainian Army responded quite intensively using an artillery group assembled west of Bachmut.


There is no change in the direction of Slavyansk. Russian armed forces are attacking Ukrainian facilities in Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and Konstantinivka. There are battles near Sidorov and Dolyna. On the 27th the Ukrainians spread a false report about the capture of Bogorodichnoye and some other villages, but later denied it. The front line did not change in principle.

No significant progress so far. Fighting near Bachmut and on the outskirts of the town, as well as near Yakovlivka and Bilohorivka. Likewise near Seversk; fighting continues on the high ground in the area of the city and near Ivano-Daryevka. The Ukrainian army is sending reserves here from the direction of Slavyansk.

Anna Lotti