#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Syrsky risks everything in Vovčans’k with poor results


Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Oleksandr  Syrsky on June 6 announced structural improvements to the Ukrainian Armed Forces: “We are planning for the next decade.”

According to the commander-in-chief, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will continue to change and develop, despite the full-scale war. The main task is to make the troop command system more efficient and eliminate duplication of functions.

“For the first time we are planning for a decade in advance. In the same context, the formation of forces of unmanned systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is being carried out,” the general noted. He wants to optimize the personnel structure of the General Staff units, reduce their number and eliminate unusual functions.

“Thanks to this, the military command and control bodies that command troops in combat zones have already been strengthened,” Syrsky assured.

While the general is thinking about reforming the Armed Forces, the country is in economic collapse. Staff shortages in Ukraine could have a domino effect: first, businesses will reduce production, and then the entire Ukrainian economy will feel the losses, Bloomberg writes.

“Staff shortage has become one of the main problems of businesses. During the war, wages exceeded the level recorded until February 2022. The mobilization law, which came into force last month, aims to fill the ranks of Ukraine’s armed forces with hundreds of thousands of soldiers. 

However, the lack of skilled men and women is a serious blow to businesses large and small, which are the basis of the wartime economy,” the document reads.

As Bloomberg notes, in addition to over 6 million people who have fled the war, the situation is aggravated by men: they are reluctant to work for large companies that are targets of military registration and enlistment offices.

Making the situation worse in Ukraine are the statements posted online by the Russian armed forces of Ukrainian prisoners captured on the Kharkiv front. Syrsky according to such statements gave his subordinates the task of capturing Vovčans’k and entering the territory of the Belgorod region by June 3.

For this purpose, “elite” Ukrainian units were transferred to the Kharkiv region from various directions: 82 air assault brigade, 36 marine brigade; 92 Army Assault Brigade.

Syrsky withdrew combat units from Zaporozhzhie, Sumy, Kup”jans’k, Kharkiv and transferred them to Vovčans’k. The units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Vovčans’k are commanded by Ukrainian officers and generals who successfully fought with Syrsky near Kharkiv in 2022.

Additional Ukrainian equipment was also transferred to Vovchans’k. Added firearms for attacks on the Belgorod region. Here the Ukrainian armed forces are starting battles for the city’s small industrial enterprises.

If Syrsky does not reach his goal by June 15, he will be discharged. According to other sources he is preparing a major attack against Crimea.

Ukrainians have also raged online against Commander Syrsky, reporting that his nom de guerre is “butcher”. One post reads: “But the representatives of the General Staff will not answer you how many missing soldiers are in Ukraine now, when General Syrsky, popularly nicknamed “the butcher”, is the “commander in chief””.

The criticism leveled at the Commander in a long post is that the prisoners exchanged with Russia have not finished their military service but are sent back to the front and if they were not sent back to the front they would lose their salary .

After posting a series of documents whose authenticity is difficult to verify, an account he writes: “There is a working group at the medical center located in Novi Sanzhary (Poltava ed.). It is a group “for the organization and conduct of reintegration and post-isolation activities for the psychological recovery of prisoner military personnel. There, former prisoners are questioned about how they were treated in captivity. We also know that there are exchange instructions for representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The priorities of the exchange are nationalists from Azov, Right Sector and other nationalist units. And rehabilitation with payments for ordinary soldiers who managed to return home as an exchange is much worse. No prosthesis and no payment.”

Graziella Giangiulio 

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