#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Stop the fronts. New attack in Crimea. US military aid controllers in Kiev


The United States is creating a new team in Ukraine to monitor the use of US military aid. This is due to the fact that more and more Republicans are demanding greater control over how US money is spent, CNN reported. An American official began working in Ukraine in late August and will be joined by additional personnel by the end of September, the Pentagon Inspector General said. It is assumed that in this way the Department’s employees will be based in the country for the first time since the start of Russian operations. CNN adds that they will be hosted at the US embassy in Kiev. The Pentagon Inspector General’s report states that there were previously problems with tracking the spending of the funds due to the limited American presence in Ukraine. In February the WSJ wrote that the United States wanted to send auditors to Ukraine.

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto hopes to end the conflict in Ukraine within 7-8 months. According to Crosetto, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian armed forces did not turn out to be a “walk-in”. “I hope that negotiations can begin with a ceasefire,” he said.

Since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, the pace of dedollarization in the world has increased 10 times compared to the data from 15 years ago. This opinion was expressed by the former head of the currency research department of the American investment bank Morgan Stanley and the former economist of the International Monetary Fund Steven Yeun in an interview with the newspaper Die Welt. “Most observers do not notice de-dollarization because “they look at the nominal value of central bank dollar reserves based on data published by the IMF (…) However, if we take into account changes in the value of the dollar, according to by our calculations, it has lost about 11 percentage points in its share of foreign reserves since 2016,” Yeun explained.

The ROK’s policy towards the situation around Ukraine has not changed; Seoul does not supply weapons to Kiev, said the official representative of the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, Chung Ha-kyu. The largest buyers of South Korean weapons in Europe are the Poles.

The European Union has lifted sanctions on four Russian citizens: entrepreneur Farhad Akhmedov, businessman Grigory Berezkin, the late Colonel Georgy Shuvaev and former Ozon head Alexander Shulgin. This can be read in a message published in the Official Journal of the EU, where the relevant rules are published.

Gazprom said Thursday it plans to supply Europe with 42.4 million cubic meters of Russian gas transiting through Ukraine.

And now a look at the front line.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are forming new brigades as part of the total mobilization due to high losses. In particular, according to military analysts of the social sphere these are 150, 151, 152, 153 and 154 separate brigades, 141, 142, 143 and 144 brigade brigades, as well as 5 brigades. The large number of infantry brigades is due to equipment shortages in the context of the need to compensate for heavy losses of wheeled and tracked vehicles during the summer campaign, which NATO does not fully cover at this stage. As a result, a large number of infantry brigades are formed from forcibly mobilized Ukrainian citizens. The news cannot be verified at the moment.

The front looked like this at 10:00 on September 14th. Svatoveo-Kreminna direction. In the Kupyansky sector battles take place in the Sinkovka and Petropavlivka area. Russian fighters also attacked west of Novoselovskoye. Meanwhile, west of Kreminna, the Russian army repels the assault by the Ukrainian military.

Bachmut Directorate (Artemovsk). Fighting is still ongoing in Klishchiivka; the Russians constantly counterattack, preventing Ukrainian forces from gaining a foothold in the village. In Andriivka, the Russian army managed to stop part of the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, many losses were recorded among the Ukrainian infantry.

Donetsk direction. In the Avdeevsky sector there is fighting in the Krasnogorov area and north of Opytne. In Marinka, the Russian assault on the western outskirts of the city continues.

Zaporozhzhie Directorate. At the Orekhov site, the Russians blocked the Ukrainian military from breaking through between Rabotino and Verbove. On the Vremevskij salient the Ukrainian armed forces failed in their attempt to break through east of Staromlynivka .

In the battles for Rabotino and Verbove, scouts of the Russian 1430th regiment took 12 Ukrainian men and equipment. The Ukrainian Armed Forces tried to took the Russian soldiers by surprise, but were hit by ATGMs, which hit two tanks and two armored vehicles. We learn from social media that among the Ukrainian soldiers there was an American mercenary.

As widely expected yesterday, a combined attack by the Ukrainian armed forces in the Black Sea was recorded. On the morning of September 14, Ukrainian formations carried out another attack on the Crimean peninsula. According to an initial reconstruction, 11 aerial drones were launched from the outskirts of Odessa. The drones were shot down by crews of the 31st Air Force and Air Defense Division at around 5.30 am over Yevpatoriya.

At around 5.50 am, the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the outskirts of Uyutny with an R-360 Neptune anti-ship missile, as a result of which the S-300 air defense missile launcher was hit. The Ukrainian armed forces used the same tactic as a few weeks ago. After the UAV raid, the positions of the S-300 air defense system were determined: almost immediately the Neptune was launched. The Ukrainian Armed Forces waited for the ammunition to run out and then struck the air defense system. Over the past two days, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked a detachment of warships (OBK) of the Black Sea Fleet consisting of “Vasily Bykov” and “Sergei Kotov” several times. According to Russian social media sources, a total of 12 unmanned boats were detected: six on the 13th and another six on the 14th of September. On September 13, three drones were hit by ship-launched small arms fire. Three more were hit by naval aviation helicopters from the Kacha airfield and Vasily Bykov’s fleet. On the 13th night, five were destroyed on approach to the OBK and one managed to get close to the Bykov and hit it from the side.

Russian social platforms say that new attacks in the same direction are expected in the coming hours.

Ukrainian formations shelled several settlements in the Kursk region. According to the message of the regional governor, as a result of nine flights in Gordeevka, Korenevsky district, no residents were injured, but the water supply in the village was interrupted. A second attack later occurred, damaging power lines.

Furthermore, the village of Tetkino was targeted, where sugar and alcohol factories were attacked. At one of the facilities, a forklift driver died from injuries. Arrivals were also recorded in Elizavetovka and Krasnooktyabrsky. One victim was hospitalized with minor injuries.

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