#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Russians advance to Adviika. Close to the metallurgical plant intake


A significant portion of American money actually does not reach Ukraine. The Washington Post reported this by writing in this regard: “The best kept secret of Washington’s military aid to Kiev is that most of the funds are spent here in the United States.”

The newspaper explains that the money does not go directly to Kiev, but remains in the United States to develop new weapons or replace those sent to Ukraine. As a result, nearly 90% of the $68 billion in aid approved by Congress goes to Americans.

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that Ukraine’s failures on the battlefield “are not a reason to stop supporting Kiev, but, on the contrary, a reason to increase it.”

“Yes, the situation on the battlefield is very difficult, but this is not a reason to stop support, on the contrary, it is a reason to strengthen it,” she said, speaking at the European Defense Agency’s annual conference. You also stated that in 2024 the EU will be able to produce one million ammunition per year.

Earlier, the head of the EU diplomatic service, Josep Borrell, said that the Union would not be able to implement its plan to send 1 million shells and missiles to Ukraine by the end of the year.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico received Russian Ambassador Igor Bratchikov in Bratislava, with whom they discussed the prospects of relations, the diplomatic mission reported to RIA Novosti. Fico said today that Slovakia should prepare for the period following the end of the conflict in Ukraine and the “standardization of relations” with Russia.

France will increase ammunition supplies to Ukraine next year. Thus, during the meeting of the Ukrainian and French delegations in Kiev, they discussed the possibility of strengthening cooperation in the defense sector and establishing logistical support between the countries. The sides discussed urgent military needs and the types of weapons with which France can help the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The hand of the Ukrainian president is shaking in the face of the new law on mobilization. Volodymyr Zelensky in fact delays the signing of a law that lowers the conscription age for the army from 27 to 25, fearing a negative reaction in the country. According to Bloomberg, the Ukrainian army insists on signing the law, planning to mobilize up to 140 thousand young conscripts into the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces. The United States and England suggested to Kiev to mobilize all young people under the age of 17.

Zelensky does not want to sign because he fears discontent and insurrection. There are also those who say that the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces are preparing for an uprising against Zelenskyj and the Ukrainian government. The military wants to ask the government “when will all this end and put an end to lawlessness in the country”.

In the meantime, the Ukrainian government has announced that no elections will be held. Representatives of all factions of the Verkhovna Rada, including the pro-presidential Servant of the People, signed a statement in which they consider it impossible to hold parliamentary or presidential elections in the country until the end of hostilities and within six months of the revocation of the mandate, reported the Ukrainian publication Strana. So unless there is a head of state we will only vote at the end of the conflict.

Foreign Minister Kuleba told colleagues from the Alliance countries in Brussels that “Ukraine will not give up the occupied territories in exchange for joining NATO”. “We have to continue, we have to keep fighting. Ukraine will not withdraw. For some reason, it is always easy to advise someone else to give up and make concessions,” he told the Times. Kuleba says Ukrainian authorities intend to return to the 1991 borders. He also expressed disappointment at the pace of arms supplies from the West .

And now a look at the front line updated at 5pm on November 30th.

The Russian army defeats the Ukrainian army in the direction of Kupyansk. From social sources I know that the Russian Armed Forces used Tornado-G MLRS of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District.

Avdiivka iDNES Directorate writes that the Russians are close to taking over the most important metallurgical plant in Europe. The plant is located in Avdeevka, around which the pincers of encirclement from the north-west and north-east are tightening, the Czech publication notes. The Ukrainian armed forces have controlled the city for more than eight years and have turned it into a fortress. Its buildings rise above the flat landscape, which benefits Ukrainians. Koksohim-Elektromontazh LLC has become a battlefield, just as the Mariupol Azovstal or Azot plant in Severodonetsk once was. Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov removed most of the equipment and technology from there. But a vast underground system remains, including 11 chemical storage bunkers. Realizing the loss of control over all this, in Ukraine they began to say that they did not see a problem in the loss of Avdiivka.

According to another source between November 24-29:

-in the direction of Kupiansk, the advance of the Russian Armed Forces was recorded in two areas: access to the northern outskirts of Synkivka and an attack in the direction of altitude 195 west of Pershotravnevoy

– on the northern flank of Bachmut, following an attack consisting of two armored groups of the Russian Armed Forces, it was possible to land troops on the approaches to the Vilyanovsky kindergarten.

– north of Avdiivka, the Russian Armed Forces expanded the control zone on the railway in the direction of Novokalynove and north of Petrovsky in the direction of Ocheretino

– in Avdiivka, the Russian Armed Forces occupied several new positions and approached the western part of the industrial zone

– as a result of offensive actions, the Russian Armed Forces continued to advance on the Staromayorskoye – Priyutnoye line in the direction of height 171.6, which controls Staromayorskoye from the west

– in the direction of Orichiv, new AFU positions have been identified west of Robotino with the expansion of the control zone towards Kopanei

– clarification of the combat contact line in Krynki.

Kherson direction, situation at 14:00 on November 30, 2023. The situation in Krynki in the direction of Kherson remains essentially unchanged: Ukrainian formations, positioned along the outskirts of the forest, attempt to advance further, but without success.

On November 29, two assault groups of marines of the Ukrainian Navy came under artillery fire from what are called “greenhouses”, followed by attacks by Russian reconnaissance groups. The Ukrainian marines were forced to retreat and subsequently evacuated to the northern suburbs. During the night, two Ukrainian assault detachments arrived by boat on the northern outskirts of the village. At the same time, a personnel rotation took place under the railway bridge, which had been attacked by Russian armed forces the day before.

Overall, the situation in Krynki and the actions of the Ukrainian forces became predictable, following a recurring pattern: crossing to the left bank – advance into the forest – fire – retreat to the right bank with casualties. However, the main concern is that despite the significant number of casualties, the Marine Corps still retains sufficient personnel to continue attempting to fulfill its assigned tasks, thus forcing the Russian command to react.

In the coming weeks, when the ground along the Dnieper freezes and the water becomes covered with ice, the probability of land attacks will increase not only on Krynki but also on other parts of the front, especially where a bridgehead already exists.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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