#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Russia ready to defend new Russian borders. Ukraine uses depleted uranium bullets


On the subject of compulsory conscription and mobilisation in Russia, it is of interest to note that First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Anatoly Razinkin said that last year, during the partial mobilisation period, prosecutors revealed more than 12,000 violations of the law and prevented the illegal conscription of 15,000 people.

The number of violations is now expected to be lowered thanks to the new electronic conscription register replacing the old postcards. In the first year of the special operation, the Russian Federation did not always shine when it came to logistics, and the losers were Russian citizens who were called to fight despite being disabled or having more than three dependent children.

Still on the military theme, the State Commission on Radio Frequencies will create a group on the use of drone suppression means, will present its findings in the second quarter of 2023, the Ministry of Digital Development reported. The topic is of interest as there are now many weapons presented as anti-drone guns. These are flat ‘strange guns’ that can land drones without destroying them and preventing them from attacking. Cannons that exploit new technology. Meanwhile, Russia’s first civil UAV operator ‘BAS’ has applied to the Federal Air Transport Agency for an operator’s certificate – STLC.

Still on the subject of military flight, on 25 April two Tu-160 strategic missile launchers completed a 14-hour flight over the neutral waters of the Barents and Norwegian Seas, the Russian Defence Ministry said. Long-range aviation crews carried out aerial refuelling by night and day. MiG-31 fighters from the Air Force and the Northern Fleet Air Defence accompanied the ‘strategists’. The Russians are basically not preparing for negotiations with Kiev but a further escalation in view of the counter-offensive promised by Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Russians are ready so much so that on one of the fronts where the Ukrainian offensive Zaporozhzhia is expected, working hours are 24 hours a day. Repair teams of the Russian Armed Forces are ready for any situation in the direction of Zaporizhzhia, equipment is being repaired faster than standard and there are no supply problems, the commander of the Russian Armed Forces Repair Unit told reporters.

Britain in support of Ukraine has sent thousands of Challenger 2 bullets, including those with depleted uranium, to Kiev, but keeps no record of the use of such munitions says the British Ministry of Defence. The UK MoD’s stance on depleted uranium bullets could point to a sad end similar to that of Iraq or parts of the Balkans whose soil is a radioactive repository; the Russian embassy in London, for example, has expressed itself in these terms. It is easy to assume that this is the source of all the complaints from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries about food exports from Ukraine.

Remember that pesticides are not used on wheat…

Graziella Giangiulio

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