#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Ready new Ukrainian offensive in Zaporozhzhia. Russians hold positions


The spokeswoman of the Russian Federation Council Valentina Matvienko told the press: “The situation in the world is more explosive than the Caribbean crisis, the West is firmly moving towards the escalation of the conflict, filling Kiev with weapons. Humanity is now going through perhaps the most difficult stage since the end of the Second World War. In terms of explosiveness, I think, surpassing even the Caribbean crisis of 1962. And the responsibility for this lies solely with the United States and its allies”.

From press sources we learn that Estonia will donate a field hospital and anti-drone equipment to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham has threatened Russia with war with NATO if nuclear weapons are used in Ukraine. I applaud President Biden for saying in no uncertain terms that the threat of Putin using nuclear weapons in Ukraine is real. And this is what we want to tell Putin’s entourage: if you do, if you follow his order, if such an order is ever given, then you should expect a massive NATO response. And you will be at war with NATO,” Graham said.

In Ukraine came another call to arms, all those between the ages of 18 and 59 were called to report to the military registration and enlistment office without summons. The military registration and enlistment office of the Chernihiv region – following the Kiev and Ivano-Frankivsk Obolon – stated that “according to the presidential decree” On general mobilization “, all citizens aged 18 to 59 are required registered in the military report to the local Joint Recruiting Center to verify their eligibility for military service.

Apparently the words of Vladimir Putin on the fact that the Ukrainian military reserves will not be infinite are becoming a reality even if at the end of the Security Council he also added: “The reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not exhausted”. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu himself said: “The Ukrainian armed forces have been trying to conduct an offensive for 16 days” without success. And the “unsuccessful” means casualties between Russian and Ukrainian soldiers.

According to the Financial Times during the Ukrainian counteroffensive, “Russian troops used a ‘very powerful technique’ against the Ukrainian armed forces. They have deployed Ka-52, Alligator helicopters, which gives them an absolute advantage in the air. Kiev has nothing to answer”. In addition, according to the news organization, Ukrainian losses during the first battles of the counter-offensive are forcing the Western allies to hastily supply Kiev with additional air defense systems and ammunition.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal explained the lack of visible results in the course of the Ukrainian counter-offensive with the desire to avoid heavy losses among the country’s military personnel.

Regarding the attack on the Chongar Bridge linking Kherson to Crimea, Ukrainian war correspondent and journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk said: “We are not destroying the infrastructure, but the plans of the enemy”. The spokeswoman of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine noted that it is important to weaken the enemy, deprive him of the opportunity to replenish his resources and prevent him from quickly recovering. “We are not destroying the infrastructure, we are destroying the enemy’s plans. We are destroying what will not allow the enemy to be against us later in this state. Now the logistics will be undermined, the opportunities to replenish it will be minimized. And this should affect not only the morale of the enemy, but also the physical and material side,” he said.

And now a look at the contact line: updated at 14:00 on June 23rd.

Zaporozhzhia Directorate: The Armed Forces of Ukraine had no significant achievements in the area of Pyatikhatki, Rabotino, Makarovka and Urozhaine. Pretty intense fighting continues in a number of areas. Ukrainians do not use large groups of armored vehicles.

Another source states that “low intensity battles are still going on in the Orekhovo sector. Now Ukrainian formations use only infantry to carry out attacks on RF Armed Forces positions with little or no armored vehicle support.”

A Russian military account writes: “Enemy units are trying to maneuver, avoiding minefields and using the forest belt for cover. Yesterday the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at the cost of more than ten people, managed to occupy an advanced stronghold north of Rabotino. Gunners of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are firing at them.”

At the moment, always according to the same source, the command of Ukrainian unit is deploying strike groups to Malaya Tokmachka and Orekhovo, simultaneously shelling the strongholds of the Russian armed forces. And mobile phones and identity cards were confiscated from the formations of the 128th brigade. In the area of the Vremievsky ledge in the forest plantation to the west and southwest of Makarovka, the combined assault detachments of the 128th and 35th detachment of troops from Ukraine were concentrated.

Also yesterday, a large convoy arrived from Zaporozhzhia to Bolshaya Novoselka and Storozhevoe manned in armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles of various types.

In addition, several cannons and rocket artillery pieces were moved from Bolshaya Novoselka to Vremevka and Storozhevoe. Such a maneuver is typical before preparing for an assault for fire support of the advancing forces at a greater distance from the front.

Further, Ukrainian assault detachments arrived at Levadny. The concentration of the armed forces of Ukraine in this area, together with the reinforcements in the Orekhovo sector, indicates an imminent escalation of hostilities.

Kupyansk direction: via social sphere we learn that Russian troops continue to consolidate in the forest area west of Sinkovka, and have also crossed Oskol and created a small bridgehead on the other side. There is still no talk of going to the outskirts of Kupyansk.

Svatove direction. Dei records a slight advance west of Kreminna in the wooded area. The Ukrainians stubbornly resist and try to fight back.

Seversky ledge. Russian troops are entrenched in their positions in the disputed area. Activation of pressure on the village itself is expected. Ukrainians are preparing attacks in the Razdolovka area.

Ukrainian formations continue shelling Russia’s Kherson region. At night Novaya Kakhovka and Kakhovka, Podlesnoe and Malaya Lepetikha were shelled. During the day, several explosions rocked Genichesk, in addition, there are reports of explosions in Skadovsk. According to preliminary information, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have launched attacks with Storm Shadow missiles.

Graziella Giangiulio

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