#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR: RAND predicts, USA applies, EU suffers


Swedish publication Nya Dagbladet, citing a report received from the leading American analytical center RAND Corporation, reports that the United States was “preparing” in advance a war in Ukraine to divide Europe and weaken Russia.

The document, dated January 2022, notes that Washington’s aggressive foreign policy in Ukraine, including forcing Kiev to strike in the Donbass, would have pushed Russia into military intervention. The purpose of such actions would be to present the Russian Federation as an aggressor, to impose large-scale sanctions, against which the US has been preparing for a long time, and to divide Europe. This, the report says, will lead to the collapse of the EU economy and resources of up to $ 9 trillion could flow into the United States. Young educated Europeans will also choose to emigrate to the United States. The report went to: WHCS = White House Chief of Staff – White House Chief of Staff; ANSA = Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; Department of State = US Department of Foreign Affairs; CIA = Central Intelligence Agency; NSA = National Security Agency; DNC = Democratic National Convention.

One of the key goals of creating a military conflict in Ukraine for Washington, according to RAND, is to divide Europe and prevent the continued rapprochement between Germany and the Russian Federation. An important element in the implementation of these plans is the renunciation of Russian energy resources for Europe. According to RAND, Germany’s growing independence has made it harder for the United States to influence European governments. And, had the plan not been implemented, Europe would have become not only an economic but also a political competitor of the United States. The only possibility, to ensure that Germany refuses to use Russian energy carriers, is to involve both sides in a military conflict in Ukraine.

“The continued American actions in this country will inevitably lead to a military response from Russia,” says the report taken up by the Swedish newspaper. A few weeks after the report was issued on February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine, after a not insignificant and partly secret correspondence with Washington.

For now, Europe and in particular Germany are the losers for now, economic data in hand, exactly as foreseen by the RAND report, a company which then denied the existence of such a relationship, saying it was a fake.

However, producer price inflation in Germany increased by a staggering 7.9% to 45.8% in August, the highest increase since data collection began in 1949. Meanwhile the deployment of the Bundeswehr continues. in the city to prevent unpleasant episodes during the mass demonstrations. Finally, in an article of 26 September by Der Spiegel we read: “Disillusionment with politics is growing rapidly in East Germany. People in Germany are facing great hardship due to high prices, uncertainty over energy supplies and the war in Eastern Europe which is leading to growing political disillusionment, especially in the eastern federal states. According to a survey of 4,000 people in the east and west in July and August 2022, only 26% of the respondents in the east of the country expressed satisfaction with the work of the federal government ”.

The news that the German parliament has not approved a resolution on the immediate supply of tanks and other armored vehicles to Kiev testify to the difficulties within Germany.

Not only that, always from Germany there are more and more requests from companies to start the North Stream 2, in spite of the sanctions, otherwise you risk bankruptcy, as we wrote in the previous article. Although RAND denies the report, the US goals outlined in the report are in place. The question is, does anyone in Europe know what we are really getting into?

Graziella Giangiulio and Antonio Albanese