#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Rabotino: Ukrainians enter the village. Kupyansk: Russians advance. Started training on F16s


US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr has called the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to the Ukrainian military a “catastrophe” for all of humanity. “Excellent solution for the defense industry, but a disaster for Ukraine and humanity. Why not negotiate?” Kennedy wrote on the social network X. The politician explained his point of view by the fact that the Pilot training takes a long time, and the operation of the F-16 itself requires a professional approach. Meanwhile, Air Force Commander Nikolai Oleshchuk said 2023 graduate pilots will study F-16 fighters in Britain and 2016 graduates with combat experience will study in Sweden.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sees no prospects for negotiations between Moscow and Kiev. In his view, all Western calls to that effect are a tactical ploy to give Ukraine an opportunity to regroup.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the media about the US’s willingness to consider an asymmetric deal with Russia, in which several suspected hackers would be exchanged for arrested journalist Evan Gershkovich and Paul Whelan, who is serving a long time in Russia for espionage, a speculation, and called on the American side to issues of possible exchanges to focus on non-public professional dialogue through a special channel. Earlier, information about the possibility of such a “deal” was reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing US officials, writes RIA Novosti.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, in an interview with El Pais newspaper, called Russia “a gas station with an atomic bomb.” He expressed this opinion when answering a question about the geopolitical interests of China and Russia. “China is a real geopolitical player, while Russia is an economic dwarf, like a gas station whose owner has an atomic bomb,” he said.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters had already started. Confirming what was expressed by the minister the words in a press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, by President Volodymyr Zelensky according to which the Ukrainian pilots had started training on the Swedish JAS Gripen fighters, and the question of the obtaining Swedish Gripen by Ukraine. In the end, on August 21, Prime Minister Ulf Hjalmar Kristersson took the field and declared: “Sweden does not plan to supply Ukraine with Gripen fighters”.

On August 21 at 6:50 Moscow time, a UAV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was “landed” on the territory of the Moscow region using electronic warfare. For the fourth day in a row, Ukrainian formations launched a UAV in Moscow. By means of electronic warfare, one was landed near the village of Pokrovskoye in the Odintsovo district at 6.50, another was shot down by air defense at 8.16 in the Istra district. 94 flights were delayed at Moscow airports, one was cancelled. Another 45 were redirected to alternate airfields. In SNT Dorozhnik in the urban district of Istra, two people were injured when debris fell on a house. Windows were shattered in three houses.

And again it seems that the Russians have intercepted and destroyed missiles in the direction of Rostov.

And now a look at the front.

The situation in the Kupyansky direction on August 21: a Ukrainian attack on the Oskol bridge is recorded. Russian fighters of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District, performing tasks in the Kupyansk direction, reported that the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to stop the advance of Russian troops, using, inter alia other, industrial drones and shocks. On the contact line near the recently liberated Novoselovsky, the highest activity of Ukrainian drones is observed.

“Novoselovskoye is – according to the statements of the Ukrainian military. – completely ours (Russian ed.)”

The situation in the South-Donetsk direction. In the Vremevsky sector, the front line of Ukrainian units preparing offensive operations in the direction of Cherished Zhelaniya and Staromlynovka runs along the southern border of Urozhaine and forest belts adjacent to the southern borders of the village. In these places, as well as in Staromayorsky and in Urozhaine itself, fire damage is systematically inflicted, including from TOS. This makes it difficult, but doesn’t completely block the ability to rotate units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Urozhaine. In general, there has been a decrease in Ukrainian activity in this area for several days now, which indicates not the exhaustion of the offensive potential, but the preparation of a launch on the Staromlynivka-Kermenchyk line.

Zaporozhia direction. Fierce fighting near Rabotino continues, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked in the area of Nesteryanka and Kopani. Meanwhile, on the Vremevsky ledge, militants are trying to gain a foothold in the Urozhaine and Staromlynivka area.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are completing the restoration of the combat capability of their 31st Brigade, which was previously withdrawn to the rear for resupply. The use of this mechanized brigade in this direction is envisaged. In total, units of the 35th, 37th and 38th infantry regiments, as well as the 1st brigade and 128th brigade of the enemy’s territorial defense are currently present in the Vremevsky sector.

North of Priyutnoye the position of the Ukrainian DRG was discovered, which managed to drag a small ammunition dump into the forest. The object was destroyed by fire from the AGS, a secondary detonation of the BC was observed. Two more DRGs were also opened in the area during the night, and were dispersed by artillery and mortar fire.

The situation in the Vuhledar section remains relatively calm. One can only detect activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Pavlovka area northwest of the settlement, which was suppressed by artillery fire.

As reported by other sources: “Russian army holds back the assault of the Ukrainian armed forces on Rabotino despite continuous attacks. The Ukrainians are currently trying to attack the positions of the RF Armed Forces and gain a foothold in the northern part of the village, which has effectively turned into a gray area. But, according to reports from the field, it is problematic to do so due to the constant work of Russian artillery.

Approximately the same situation is in Verbovoye: there the Ukrainian forces are constantly being destroyed. In the early afternoon battles were recorded in the center of Rabotino between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

In the Bachmut direction, the Ukrainians continue to attack Kleshcheevka, but reinforcements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine approaching the front line are destroyed by Russian artillery. In addition, there was a survey of our positions in the Donetsk direction near Avdiivka.

A positive situation is developing in the Kupyansk direction, where the Russian army continues to take settlements. In the late morning of August 21, via social media it was stated that: “The Russian units have entered Sinkovka, 14 km from the center of Kupyansk”.

Graziella Giangiulio

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