#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Putin on Prighozin: he achieved successes for the common cause. Investigations in progress. 42 drones over Crimea. Kiev does not advance to Zaporizhzia


Vladimir Putin commented on the news of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s plane crash: “First of all I want to express my sincere condolences to the families of all the victims, it is always a tragedy”. And then he continued: “The primary data indicates that Wagner employees were on board. These are people who have made a significant contribution to our common cause of fighting against the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, we remember it, we know it and we will not forget it. I have known Prigozhin since the early 1990s. He was a man of complex fate. He made serious mistakes in his life. He achieved the necessary results both for himself and for the common cause. He was a talented person, a man of “talented business, he worked not only in our country, with results, he worked abroad, in Africa, in particular. There he was engaged in oil, gas, precious metals and stones. The head of the Investigative Committee has already reported on have already launched a preliminary investigation into this incident. It will be fully implemented and completed; Tests, technical and genetic tests are underway. This takes time.”

Meanwhile, the wing and landing gear of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s business jet have been found. They fell 3 kilometers from the crash site. They were taken from the Ladyzhenka River not far from the Kuzhenkino railway station. A few hundred meters from where the tail of the plane was found. This confirms the version that the plane fell apart while still in the air.

Representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine Andriy Yusov spoke about the goals pursued by periodic drone raids on the city of Moscow. According to him, they should “influence public sentiment in Russia”. According to the Russians, drones flying around Moscow pose a much greater threat to air traffic: due to drones, airports are forced to temporarily suspend operation and defense systems aviation are somewhat limited in their actions.That is why the flight paths of enemy UAVs pass near the airfields of the Russian capital.

Bills on the mobilization of parliamentarians and officials have been deposited in the Ukrainian Parliament. The idea of recalling officials and deputies has been discussed for a long time in the Ukrainian media, but analysts agree that such a bill will either not be adopted or will allow the authorities to finally crack down on the opposition in a quick situation.

Not only that, Ukraine broke three more agreements with the Russian Federation and the CIS. The Ukrainian authorities regularly announce the withdrawal from the agreements concluded with Russia, Belarus and in the framework of cooperation between the CIS countries.

Also on the night of August 24, Ukrainian formations attacked the Crimean peninsula. This is the third Ukrainian attack on Crimea in recent days after the S-300 air defense system and the DRG raid on Tarkhankut.

At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched at least 42 Mugin-5 PRO UAVs. At the same time, this time the drones took off from the Dolgintsevo airfield near Krivoy Rog and the vicinity of Yuzhny in the Odessa region, and flew over Cape Tarkhankut from the west.

As a result, units of the Russian 31st Air Force and Air Defense Division shot down nine drones over Cape Tarkhankut. In addition, 24 drones were shot down on the outskirts of Crimea: some were intercepted in Tarkhankut, others in Saki, and many more were planted in the sea west of Sevastopol.

Nine more managed to fly to the training ground near Perevalnoye, where they were blocked by electronic warfare measures. But several of these UAVs fell on the territory of the facility, damaging two KamAZ trucks. There are no reports of casualties or damage to infrastructure.

This is the largest drone raid in Crimea in recent months. The change in the take-off point and drone route indicates that the Ukrainian military is still searching the least protected areas of Crimea for UAV infiltration.

And the choice of objects for the attack is quite understandable – important airfields, air defense positions, training grounds. And the attempt to raid a thermal power plant near Simferopol indicates a desire to inflict damage not only on the Russian army, but also on the civilian population of Crimea.

And now a look at the front lines

Orekhovsky area adjourned at 12:00 on August 25 in Rabotino, Ukrainian assault groups of the 82nd Air Assault Brigade entrenched themselves in its northern part and continue the attack, carrying out continuous artillery attacks on units of the Russian Armed Forces. The situation there is still difficult.

At the moment, the fighting has already moved to the southern outskirts of the settlement, which, after three months of fighting, repeated the fate of other villages and almost completely collapsed. At the same time, the Ukrainian formations continue to press on the Russian positions east of Rabotino. Judging by the extent of the artillery preparation, the Ukrainians will soon try to storm and break through Verbovoye to create a threat from the rear to the Russian armed forces at Novopokrovka and Novokarlovka.

In Pyatikhatki, the Ukrainian tactic remains the same as it was two months ago: to try to enter with reconnaissance groups and gain a foothold in an abandoned settlement. Russian Armed Forces soldiers detect activity and strike enemy force.

According to another source, the Russian military managed to hit two more American M2A2 ODS Bradley infantry fighting vehicles with anti-tank missile systems. Fighting during the morning of August 25 was recorded on the southern outskirts of Rabotino, in some places the Ukrainians went to Novoprokopivka, but were thrown back. Ukrainians intensified actions in the direction of Kopani from the side of Rabotino. In the direction of Verbovoye battles take place. At Nesteryanka the Ukrainians are fighting without making any progress.

The actions of the Ukrainians are aimed at expanding the wedge with which to enter Rabotino to protect its flanks and prevent the Russian armed forces from taking the Ukrainian group. The Russian fighters allegedly took the servicemen from the Ukrainian MTR’s 73rd Naval Operation Center.

In the Soledar direction, after several unsuccessful attempts to take advantageous positions in the vicinity of Bachmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine switched to positional tactics due to a shortage of personnel. At the same time, an increased concentration of assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is recorded in the Seversk area. There is a possibility of a simultaneous offensive by Ukrainian units from several sides.

Graziella Giangiulio

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