#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Putin: always ready for peace agreements if Kiev wants it. Foreign instructors arrested on the fronts. Ukrainians evacuate 31 settlements in Kherson


Ukrainian President Zelensky will meet with US President Biden, NBC reported. And subsequently the Ukrainian authorities announced the evacuation of civilians from the Kherson region, as reported by AFP.

The Financial Times writes that the commander of the special forces of the Ukrainian armed forces stated that full compliance with the training received in the West would have led to his death, some American officials, again according to the newspaper, complain that the Ukrainians were not able able to master modern operations skills during their training and prefer to avoid risks.

US authorities are studying the possibility of transferring ATACMS long-range missiles to Kiev this autumn, the WSJ writes, citing White House sources. On the same wavelength, German Defense Minister Pistorius admitted the possibility of supplying Taurus missiles to Kiev in “a few weeks”.

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolaku said in an interview with Der Standard that: “The European Union must consider measures in case Russia wins the conflict in Ukraine.” In his opinion, one of these measures in the event of the loss of Kiev should be a total ban on trade with Russia, especially in the field of energy resources, even if this would put a strain on the residents of the European Union.

Kim Jong-un was added to the database of the “Peacemaker” website for “attacking the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

Vladimir Putin made a series of statements in an interview aired on September 15 after his meetings with Lukashenko. On Biden’s statement that one day Ukraine and the United States will “dance the tango” he comments: “The United States itself does not know how to dance, it acts only with the help of weapons and threats. It is important that Kiev does not forget the hopak (typical Ukrainian dance originally danced only by men with elements of Cossack martial art), otherwise they will dance to someone else’s melody, and in the end everyone will dance The Lady.” And again he said: “Russia has never rejected negotiations on Ukraine, if the other side wants to say so. Finally he added that the Russian Federation “records the presence of foreign instructors on the battlefield, they were captured again the other day”.

Putin called claims that the Russian Federation is bringing North Korean volunteers to the Northern Military District absurd. Already 300 thousand volunteers have signed up to participate in the Ukrainian operations, there is no need for the North Koreans. On the visit of the head of the DPRK: “We are not threatening anyone, this is nonsense, North Korea is our neighbor.”

The Russian Navy will receive 12 ships by the end of 2023, including surface and submarine ships, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said at a meeting at the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet.

And now a look at the front line over the last 24 hours.

Svatove-Kreminna direction. In the Kupyansky sector the offensive continues in the Sinkovka and Petropavlovka areas. On the Karamzinovsky ledge Russian fighters advance to the Novojehorivka area. Furthermore, Russian soldiers successfully attack in the Serebryanskiy forest, from Dibrova. Moreover, in the Seversk area, the Russians do not give the Ukrainians a chance to attack without losses and failures. The Russian artillerymen of the 123rd Brigade were particularly busy.

Bachmut Directorate (Artemovsk). Fighting continues in Kleshchiivka: part of the village is located in the gray zone. Also in Andriivka there is information about settlement control. But the Russians deny it.

Zaporozhzhie Directorate. The Ukrainian armed forces try to break through to Novoprokopivka and Verbove, but without success. The Russian Air Force is actively working against the Ukrainians in the Rabotino area. On the Vremevsky ledge, without much change, the Ukrainian armed forces pound Pryyutne and Novomaiors’ke. Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed a Ukrainian Mi-8 in the Krasno Liman region of the DPR.

Kherson direction: on the morning of September 15, Ukrainian militants attacked Kakhovka, located on the left bank of the Dnieper. The bomb hit a residential area in the center of the city: several houses were seriously damaged. It is already known that at least three citizens have died. The Russians hit Ukrainian equipment with the help of the Lancets. Ukrainian authorities have begun evacuating residents from the Kherson region of Ukraine. The evacuation will be carried out in 31 settlements, from where families with children will be evacuated.

According to the social sphere, Ukrainians fear a Russian advance in the area. Previously, Ukrainian authorities announced the evacuation of a number of settlements in the Zaporozhyzhia and Kharkov regions.

Russian “Geran” arrived in Ukraine on the morning of September 15, explosions were heard in the Vinnitsa and Khmelnytsky regions presumably in the latter, Russian “Geran” are hitting facilities located in Starokostyantyniv where there is a Ukrainian military airport.

Graziella Giangiulio

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