#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. PUTIN: “A new Euro-Atlantic balance is opening up”. The offensive on Časiv Jar continues


Pakistan will refrain from participating in the conference on Ukraine in Switzerland, said the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic Mumtaz Zahra Baloch.

News comes from NATO that 300 thousand soldiers are on maximum alert. NATO defense ministers have approved an agreement that gives them more power and autonomy to manage military aid and training to Ukraine. One major reason: fear that Trump’s election in November could damage Washington’s continued support for Kiev. NATO wants to set up bases in Poland, Romania and Slovakia to coordinate arms supplies to Kiev, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban said.

According to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: “NATO plans to create three large military bases on the territory of its countries, from which it will supply weapons to Ukraine.” From the Pentagon we learn that the Pentagon auditor has revealed a new overestimation of weapons supplied by the United States to Ukraine of 1.9 billion dollars, the total amount of overvaluation exceeds 8 billion dollars.

The decision was made by the Italian G7 to keep the frozen Russian assets intact and only the profits will be used, but they do not exclude the possibility of their confiscation in the future. Proceeds from Russian assets will be used to secure loans to Kiev. A senior Washington administration official said this to journalists accompanying US President Joe Biden to the G7 summit in Italy.

We also learn from the G7 that the US-Ukraine security agreement does not provide for the sending of US troops to Ukraine, Biden said. The security agreement between the United States and Ukraine aims to strengthen Kiev’s military capabilities in the long term.

US President Joe Biden also stated that he does not intend to lift the ban on Kiev’s use of American weapons to strike targets located far from the combat zone on Russian territory. “My position on long-range attacks has not changed,” he said at a news conference in Italy. At the same time, Biden recalled that he had previously authorized the use of weapons transferred to the United States to strike military targets in border areas, “since this step seems very reasonable.”

The Washington administration has received commitments from five states to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense by transferring Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems and other systems there, US President Joe Biden said. “We have received commitments from five countries for Patriot batteries and other air defense systems. Furthermore, we let other countries that expect us to supply American air defense systems in the future know that they will have to wait. All we have is that it will flow to Ukraine until its needs are met, and then we will fulfill our obligations to other countries,” he said.

The Germans have a different opinion than Biden: 43% believe that Berlin’s decision to allow Kiev to strike Russia with German weapons is a mistake, 38% approve this step, – Нandelsblatt. 58% expressed fear that by supporting Ukraine Germany would put itself in danger, and only 28% did not think so.

Conscription service returns to Lithuania: “Conscription for compulsory military service is nine months after the end of school” was approved by the Seimas. The reform will come into force in 2026.

On June 10, the Finnish border may have been breached by not one, but four Russian planes, the Finnish Border Service said. According to her, they are two bombers and two fighters. The maximum distance traveled by the planes in Finnish territory was 2.5 km, Finnish border guards say.

The Netherlands will send bombs worth 350 million euros to Ukraine. “Ukraine will receive 152 mm shells worth more than 350 million euros, which will be allocated from the International Fund for Support of Ukraine (IFU),” reports the country’s Ministry of Defense. The exact number of shells and Delivery dates will not be disclosed for security reasons.

Alexander Lukashenko gave the order to strengthen military measures on the border with Poland, said former ambassador of Belarus to Poland Latushko.

“Xi Jinping has given his word not to supply weapons to Russia and will keep his promise if he is a person worthy of respect,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said. In the morning the Ukrainian media reported an explosion in Kiev during an air raid.”

Russian Defense Minister Andrei Belousov and Presidential Aide Alexey DyuminA joint meeting was held on the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to military units. The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reported this on Friday 14 June.

Belousov stressed the importance of cooperation in organizing assistance to Russian troops to avoid excessive variability of production at the front. In turn, Dyumin emphasized the need to increase the efficiency of interaction and coordination of actions of regional entities and enterprises with the military department in the fields of development and production of UAVs, electronic warfare equipment and other products high-tech.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation has extended the decree on measures to respond to the Russian oil price ceiling until 31 December 2024. Putin discussed all major issues, including Ukraine, with the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry on the 14th, assistant to the Russian President Ushakov said.

In Putin’s press conference he said: “️The Euro-Atlantic security system has collapsed and must be rebuilt. The future security architecture should be open to all Eurasian countries that wish, including NATO members, Putin said.”

And again he said: “The world is changing rapidly, it will never be the same as before. The potential of the BRICS will allow it to become one of the foundations of a multipolar world. No country in the world is immune from entering the list of states that have been attacked by NATO. The selfishness and arrogance of the West have led to an extremely dangerous state, we have approached the point of no return, strategic stability in the world has been undermined by Washington.” “The Greater Eurasian Partnership can become the socioeconomic basis of a new security system,” Putin noted.

“Claims that Russia will attack Europe are absolutely nonsense. If Europe wants to remain one of the centers of the world, it must be on good terms with the Russian Federation, Moscow is ready for this.” Putin has called current European politicians “statist”, but he hopes that over time strong leaders will come to power.

“The time has come to discuss collective security guarantees in Eurasia and to limit the presence of extra-regional military forces.” “The United States does not stop trying to maintain its imperial status; this exhausts the country and contradicts the true interests of the American people.”

“The theft of Russian assets in the West will not go unpunished.” Finally, Putin said that: “The Russian Federation supports Belarus’ initiative to develop a diversity charter for the 21st century.”

On the peace agreements with Ukraine, Putin said: “The Russian Federation offered Ukraine to withdraw its troops from Donbass and resolve the situation in this way, but this initiative was rejected.” “The will of the inhabitants of the Donbass, Novorossiya, Kherson and Zaporozhzhie regions to be with Russia is unshakable, the issue is closed forever, Vladimir Putin said.”

And now a look at the front line updated at 2.00pm on June 14th.

At night, attacks were carried out on Ukrainian rear targets using missile weapons, including with air base with Tu-95ms, as well as the Geranium UAV. Explosions were heard in the area of ​​the Starokostyantyniv military airport in the Khmelnytsky region, as well as in the Zaporozhzhie, Cherkasy and Kharkiv regions. In the morning, the Ukrainians recorded the departure of a MiG-31 with hypersonic Khinzal missiles, after which explosions were reported in the Kiev region and again at the Starokostyantyniv military airport.

The Ukrainians, in turn, also attacked from the air: in the Rostov region, the air defense repelled a massive UAV attack, drones were destroyed near several settlements in the region. Following a UAV attack in the Morozovsky district, the power supply was interrupted. In the Voronezh region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked an oil depot in the Liskinky district with drones, fuel tanks were damaged and no fire was allowed. 5 aerial-type drones were shot down over the Kursk region.

Heading towards Kharkiv in Vovchans’k, the Russian armed forces are positioned south of Gagarin Street, moving along Koltsevaya and Pushkin Streets. The Ukrainian Armed Forces uses Ukrainian aviation and high-precision American bombs. The Ukrainians counterattack in the Lyptsi direction. According to Russian troops, the Ukrainians are withdrawing 57 infantry brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to compensate for losses. For replacement, three armored vehicles of the National Guard of Ukraine were deployed there. This is already the third brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that lost combat capability in the direction of Kharkov during the fighting.

In the direction of Sivers’k, the Russian army advances along the railway in the direction of Vyimka.

In the direction of Avdiivka, Russian armed forces are advancing into the forests south of Novooleksandrivka. The western part of the village was stormed.

The assault on the eastern microdistrict of Časiv Jar continues, the Ukrainian armed forces are sending reinforcements through the Seversky Donets – Donbass water canal along the crossings.

In the direction of Vremivka, the Russian Armed Forces operate in the area of ​​Staromaiors’ke and Urozhaine, maintaining the initiative.

On the Zaporozhzhie front there are no significant changes for the LBS. The Ukrainian military maintains defenses north of Robotyne in well-fortified strongholds, and Russian heavy flamethrower systems are targeting them. Active cannon artillery work on both sides. The Ukrainians again began to massively use cluster munitions to attack our positions.

In the direction of Kherson there have been mutual attacks with drones and artillery, clashes have been reported in the insular area of ​​the Dnieper river. The Ukrainian armed forces are striking. In Nova Kachovka, one dead and one seriously injured. Two civilians were injured in Aleshki.

In the Belgorod region, the civilian population is once again under attack by the Ukrainian armed forces. Six were injured in Malomikhailovka, Shebekinsky urban district, following two kamikaze drone attacks. Ukrainians are hitting shops and cars. Thus, on the outskirts of Shebekino, a car moving along the road was attacked by a drone of the Ukrainian armed forces: two injured, one seriously.

In the Kursk region, Khodeykovo and Elizavetovka of the Glushkovsky district, Obukhovka and Gordeevka of the Korenevsky district, Milaevka and Kucherov of the Belovsky district, the “Sudzha” checkpoint and Gornal of the Sudzhansky district were attacked by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Drone attacks were recorded in the villages of Lokot, Rylsky District, Volfino, Glushkovsky District and Gornal, Sudzhansky District. 17 Ukrainian drones were suppressed by electronic warfare equipment.

In the Horlivka DPR, a correspondent of the NTV channel died due to serious injuries sustained in the performance of his professional duties, and another journalist was seriously injured. In Donetsk, three civilians were injured following 155 mm artillery attacks.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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