#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Poland ready to send Mir 29 to Ukraine. Russia bombs energy infrastructure in 12 regions, Ukrainians ready to attack Kherson


A brochure appeared on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland: “On March 17-18, in Olsztyn and 15 other Polish cities, a “Job Fair for the military” will be held, aimed at recruiting into the Polish Army. During the “fair” the required vacancies will be presented – tens of thousands of vacancies. Also, during the event, Poles will be able to get acquainted with the proposal prepared by universities and military units”. We recall, as written in another article, that 9,000 soldiers have suddenly quit, and that according to social sources they are now fighting in Ukraine as volunteers.

Polish authorities will mobilize more than 200,000 Poles to conduct a series of major exercises. Not only is Polish President Duda ready to transfer his MiG-29s to Ukraine: ”The part of the MiG-29 that remained in Poland and now serves in our air force – we are ready to transfer these aircraft and I am sure that the Ukraine would be ready to use them immediately,” Duda said.

He also expressed confidence that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the future will want to switch to NATO standards and use the F-16. “Therefore, the training of Ukrainian pilots is important and very necessary,” the Polish president added. Defense Minister Blaszczak made matters worse: Poland wants the EU to buy ammunition from it for Ukraine. “There is an initiative involving joint orders of ammunition and the Polish defense industry will also benefit from this initiative,” said M. Blaszczak. “In the near future, in March, Commissioner Breton (European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton) will visit Poland. We agreed with the commissioner that we will talk together with the Polish defense industry so that the Polish defense industry can take advantage of these orders, so that the Polish defense industry can increase its production capabilities,” explained the Minister.

Still remaining in Europe, the climate in France is quite different. Paris should not participate in the conflict against Russia by supplying weapons to Kiev, said Guy Balester, head of the French NGO association Réaction Pyrénées, which promotes the SOS Donbass movement. In January, his association held a demonstration at the Nexter military factory in the city of Tarbes in southwestern France, where Caesar howitzers, which France supplies to Ukraine, are produced.

The Pentagon is exploring the possibility of integrating Western air-to-air missiles into Ukrainian MiG-29s. The US military is investigating whether advanced Western air-to-air missiles are compatible with Soviet-type fighters. As noted, the American side is considering AIM-120 medium-range missiles, intended, in particular, for the F-16. The news circulated on social media does not report the source.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA) claims that the productivity of American factories is not sufficient to prevent the stocks that the United States supplies to Ukraine from depleting: “Even with the accelerated pace of production, it will take several years to restore stockpiles of Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems and other military equipment,” the Center specifies.

The only ones who are continuing to plead the cause of peace at the moment are the Chinese. The Chinese “peace plan” provides for the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict in the summer. The Analytical Center of the Academy of Military Sciences, which reports directly to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, conducted a simulation of the Ukrainian conflict and the Russian special operation in December. According to the report, the conflict will end in the summer of 2023 and Russia will prevail. According to analysts, the economies of Russia and Ukraine will be too weakened to continue the conflict. Nikkei Asia notes that the report likely indicates that Russia is in a better position.

The agency notes that Chinese predictions may not be far from the truth. Ukraine’s $45 billion support package also expires this summer. Approving a new tranche of aid could be difficult as the House of Representatives is currently controlled by Republicans and some of them are skeptical of getting involved in the conflict.

Today, air raid alerts sounded across Ukraine. At 05.07 Italian time explosions were heard in Kiev city, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Lviv, Ternopil, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions

According to sources in the Russian social media, the Office of the President has started saving on air defense missiles, halted the launch of “dummy” missiles to reveal the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Today’s attack was the most widespread due to the use of dagger missiles, which, according to data from military analysts from the Russian social sphere, hit the bunker’s control and planning centers, as well as air defense / radar . There is information that there are hits on Western installations (Iris-R and Nasams). Losses among the officers are counted. It seems that Kiev was attacked by a Kinzhal-type aero-ballistic missile, which hit an infrastructure, according to the head of the KGVA. According to him, today the Russians have used almost all types of their air weapons, from Shahed’s stray ammunition to almost all types of cruise missiles.

Due to a massive missile attack on Ukraine’s energy system, emergency blackouts have been implemented in a number of areas. At the same time, the Ukrainian railway company Ukrzaliznytsya warned of train delays, as sections of the tracks were damaged.

At about 12 on March 09, the first bulletins of the bombings in Ukraine arrived. 12 affected regions.

In Kiev – the energy infrastructure of the Svyatoshinsky and Goloseevsky districts was attacked. A car caught fire in the courtyard of a residential building. The power outages have begun. There are people injured. In the Lviv region, Zolochiv community – hits in residential buildings (the work of the Ukrainian air defense). 5 people died in Zhytomyr – hit with “Shaheds”. The city is partially without electricity and without water. According to the mayor, the situation is difficult, but controllable. He announced many blackouts. There were about 15 explosions in Kharkov, they hit the energy infrastructure, there was a blow in a residential building. The city is partially without energy, some have problems with the water supply. In the Odessa Region, the regional structure for energy infrastructure was affected, as well as damaged residential buildings. Emergency shutdowns have begun. Dnipropetrovsk region affected 4 districts (Dniprovsky, Pavlogradsky, Krivoy Rog and Nikopol). Electricity infrastructure and industrial enterprises were damaged. Preliminary 1 dead, two wounded. Krivoy Rog district – 2 energy infrastructures were attacked. The Zaporozhye region affected the energy infrastructure. Introduced preventive blackouts. The Mykolaiv region affected the energy infrastructure. Ivano-Frankivsk region affected energy infrastructure facilityTernopil region – 5 buildings were damaged in the explosion, including one residential. Vinnytsia Region – At first glance the power plant appears to have been affected.

On Bachmut’s front line PMC leader “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin said Dubovo-Vasilevka, located northwest of Artemovsk, had come under the control of Russian forces.

In closing, we learn that Ukrainian forces could strike in the direction of Kherson. According to data released in the social sphere, the Ukrainian command is planning an attack on the sector of the Kherson front.

“An attack on Zaporizhzhia can be a distraction. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for the crossing of the Dnieper and the offensive in the Kherson region, ”said a source on a social channel. According to them, the strength of the advancing group can reach 50 thousand people.

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