#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Once the Ukrainian energy system has been destroyed, it will not be possible to restore it


Attacks by Ukrainian armed forces on Russian refineries could have a negative impact on the global fuel and energy complex, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said. “Certainly, these attacks could have a domino effect on the global energy landscape,” Austin said.

According to Austin, it is better for Kiev to strike those targets that directly influence the course of hostilities and meet the tactical needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And perhaps the Secretary was not entirely wrong but in reference to Ukraine itself.

While on the one hand Ukrainian missiles and drones are reaching ever deeper into Russian soil, up to 1400 km, Moscow has not looked kindly on the Ukrainian commitment against vital Russian infrastructure. The Russian military response to the attacks on its refineries was devastating for the Ukrainian energy system and for the military training centers destroyed by high-performance bombs and missiles.

Over the course of a week, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 48 high-precision strikes against energy facilities, the Ukrainian military-industrial complex and facilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The most posted attack in the pro-Ukrainian social sphere was that of Kharkov on 8 April but Odessa also has a lot to tell. Ukrenergo, the operator of the electricity transmission system in Ukraine, called for limiting electricity consumption during peak hours following these attacks.

“Russian missiles and drones caused significant damage to Ukrainian power plants. This year this is the third massive attack on Ukrainian generation. In the previous two, thermoelectric and hydroelectric power plants were damaged. Their main role in the energy system is the ability to quickly increase electricity production in the morning and evening, when consumption grows rapidly. Today some of these plants cannot do this due to the destruction caused by the Russian army,” Ukrenergo detailed.

The company explained that without these plants it would have become much more difficult to maintain balance in the electricity grid during peak hours. “The need is particularly strong to reduce consumption during the evening hours of maximum demand, from 7pm to 10pm. Please do not turn on powerful electrical appliances during this period or use them alternately. This will help the energy system to operate safely during this difficult period”, they expressed their request to Ukrenergo consumers.

The company has made it known that it will not be possible to restore the destroyed power plants. According to Russian television commentators, the attacks carried out over the past month on the Ukrainian energy system were mainly aimed at maneuvering capabilities. That is, for thermoelectric power plants and hydroelectric power plants. These are capacities that allow electricity production to be increased and decreased depending on current demand. Daily consumption varies and is extremely variable. Nuclear power plants cannot be forced to reduce or increase production, but thermal power plants can. Because there is now less capacity, rolling blackouts will expand.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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