#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. NATO: There is no confidence in the Chinese peace plan. Tensions in Transnistria. WAGNER advances in the eastern area of Bachmut


As reported in recent days by the Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani and yesterday by the Belarusian premier Aljaksandr Ryhoravič Lukashėnko, on the day that marks the first year of the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine, China has published a document with a plan for a peaceful agreement of the conflict in Ukraine. According to the plan, the parties must cease fire and hostilities. The ceasefire law must be observed equally by both sides, without double standards. The dialogue between Russia and Ukraine should resume as soon as possible. Crisis escalation in Ukraine must be avoided. Stop the sanctions and all sides should also resist the transformation of the world economy into arms production. Finally, the international community should take part in the reconstruction of the conflict zone.

“The expression of the Chinese position on the political solution of the Ukrainian question and Kiev’s willingness to listen to it can be the way for the world,” Polish President Andrzej Duda told RMF radio. “It can always be a way to the world,” Duda said. The Polish leader believes that in this situation Zelensky and the Ukrainian authorities are acting reasonably. “You can’t ignore such a great partner and such a great power as China,” he said. Poland, however, is not satisfied with the content of the tenth EU sanctions package against Russia, considering it too weak and is ready to block its adoption, according to RMF radio citing Polish diplomatic sources.

From NATO’s side however the comment was that; “there is no great trust in China”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg later said he had invited Volodymyr Zelensky to the NATO summit in Vilnius in July and hoped he would personally participate.

Advisor to the head of the Zelensky Podolyak office said after the publication of the Chinese plan that any proposal should include the “Return to the 1991 borders”. The proposal therefore ends up in the pneumatic vacuum of these days of war.

Parliament of Ukraine said that there are agreements with Russian Federation for cooperation in using Sea of Azov and Kerch Strait, Russians said yesterday that the sea is internal to Russian Federation and so this will be next agreement that will be terminated.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dimitry Medvedev said in an interview: “It is important to achieve all the objectives of a special military operation. Moving the borders of our country’s threats as much as possible, even if they are the borders of Poland. Let’s destroy neo-Nazism on the ground. In order not to spend time catching the remnants of Bandera’s gangs in small Russian forests. So that the world will gain the long-awaited calm. “

Polish Leopard tanks are already in Ukraine as reported by the Polish Defense Minister. The first batch of Polish tanks has been transferred to Ukraine and includes four “Leopards” confirmed Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. In total, the country has promised to deliver 14 units. The Polish Prime Minister, visiting Kiev, said that to date Poland has supplied Ukraine with a total of about 250 different types of tanks.

While it is learned that the supply of US Abrams tanks can take more than a year according to US Army Defense Secretary Christine Wormut. In particular, you noted that such deadlines are the fastest possible.

Among the news of the day we point out that the Minister of Defense of Denmark, Treels Lund Powlesen does not rule out that his country may send fighters to Ukraine, he said in an interview with Danish radio. “I won’t deny that at some point it may be necessary to consider sending fighters,” said the acting minister. In this case, the condition for the transfer of aircraft will be their supply to other countries, the politician noted. He also points out that no decisions have been made yet.

Tension rises for the Transnistria area, especially verbally. Several photos from cameras on the border between Ukraine and Moldova show the empty border.

Moldovan MPs are alarmed and will revisit the matter during a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly, the issue of threats in relation to Transnistria is at the center of the debate after Russia’s warning about possible provocations from Ukraine. The information portal of the Gagauznew gave the news, quoting the deputy of the Parliament of the Opposition Party of the Opposition of the Republic of Moldova Vasily Bol.

At the end, Finally, Moldova said it sees no direct security threats on the border with Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation warned the United States, NATO countries and the Ukrainian authorities from the next rash steps, in particular, in relation to Transnistria with a note: “The Russian Federation will adequately respond to the provocation of Kiev” , and still let it be known that they will protect compatriots and peacekeepers in Transnistria. If the peacekeepers or military of the Russian Federation in Transnistria are attacked, these actions will be considered an attack on the Russian Federation, the ministry said.

We have to remember that Transnistria has the most important Russian weapons depot in Europe. The vehicle battalion has 20 armored vehicles. Lightweight technology – no more than two hundred items. Artillery systems – no more than two hundred, including 40 MLR. A number of old manpads and ptrks Aviation – no more than 10 MI-8, MI-2 and MI-24 helicopters. This is all unconfirmed.

Citizens asked you to keep the camera working on the checkpoint between Ukraine and PMR, because there is no way out of Transnistria other than this step. Sometimes the camera doesn’t work in the night between 23rd and 24th everything was quiet as the cameras show.

The tranquility according to the Russian Ministry of Defense would be apparent, there would be “preparations activated by Kiev for the invasion of Transnistria”. “the Ukrainian presence is an audit in Transnistria will be carried out in response to the alleged advance of Russian troops from the territory of the PMR”. According to the Russians there has been a significant accumulation of personnel and military equipment of Ukrainian units near the Ukrainian-Podnestrovsky (Transnistria ed.) border. The border of Transnistria and Ukraine in the Pervomaisk area is a tense situation, we read in the social sphere from Ukraine, the movement of the army is noticeable. “The reflector shines brightly” (the reference is to the glow of vehicles moving at night).

Meanwhile, the first group of Chinese tourists after the pandemic has arrived in Moscow. The news was reported by Tass quoting the vice president of the Russian Trade Union, Alexander Osaulenko, who took part in a meeting of tourists at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. “This event is a Russian tourism business, first of all, tour operators in the field of input tourism, they have been waiting for a long time, in fact, in fact, for three years. Today we accept the first batch of Chinese tourists who are still traveling along the most popular street of Moscow -St. Petersburg. But we recall that in the period after the pandemic not almost all regions of Russia – from the Far East to Kaliningrad – the group of Chinese tourists was quite regular, “he said.

Approaching the front lines in Bakhchisarai district, the railway network was damaged, reports the Ministry of Emergencies in Crimea. In the village of Postalnoye, the railway network was damaged. As a result of the accident, the movement of electric trains and trains was stopped. Buses for transporting passengers to Simferopol have been organized, the department said.

And now a look at the front in the direction of Soledar at 15.00 on February 24, 2023. North of Bachmut, the assault on the village of Yagodnoye continues. After the capture of Berkhovka, the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has seriously deteriorated. The assault detachments of PMC WAGNER pushed back the forces of the 25th rifle battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the outskirts of Yagodnoye – a settlement practically under the control of Russian units.

West of Berkhovka, fighting is going on at the dachas near Dubovo-Vasilevka. The Ukrainian command is trying to hold the village – fire support for the defenders is provided by guns and rockets from Bogdanovka. However, the dominant hills north of Dubovo-Vasilevka are already controlled by the Wagnerians, so it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hold this area.

In the north, clashes continue on the Zaliznyanskoye-Vasyukovka line, as well as in the Orekhovo-Vasylivka direction. The forces of the 123rd battalion of the 113th constituencyTRO tried to strike the flank of the advancing group of Russian troops from Minkovka and recapture a section of the route to Slavyansk, but WAGNER PMCs repulsed the attack.

Positional battles are going on in Bachmut. WAGNER’s men took areas of the city’s eastern outskirts in the Zabakhmutovka area and in the neighborhood adjacent to Shchedraya Street. In the southwest, assault detachments entered suburban areas.

In the southwest of Bachmut, the WAGNER assault detachments resumed their offensive on Krasnoe and in the direction of the road to Konstantinovka. Now fighting is going on on the outskirts of the settlement, the Ukrainian military is using ground-attack aircraft to contain PMC WAGNER units.

Graziella Giangiulio

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