#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Moscow wants to retake: Kurakhove, Kostjantynivka, Kramators’k, Slov “jans’k


Based on the maps posted on the social sphere, the posts read and the movement of the front line, it can be said that the Russians are planning to retake four towns they left behind in 2014 when the Minsk agreements were signed, which were never accepted by the Zelensky government since it was elected in 2019. We are talking about: Kurakhove, Kostjantynivka, Kramators’k , Slov “jans’k.

Kurakhove is of interest to the Russians because of its industry and infrastructure; it is one of the most important nodes in the energy system, even if it is currently not usable. The established practice of the Ukrainian armed forces in conducting building defence is showing the Russians that in the event of a seizure they will only be faced with ruins.

The seizure of Kostjantynivka, Kramators’k, Slov “jans’k means taking full control of the highway that connects them (there are still several towns along the way: Avdiivka, Dzerzhinsk, Druzhkovka …), it will mean that Donetsk and Gorlovka will receive water. As a result, the front will be pushed away from both main Donetsk cities and there will again be direct communication between them along the main highway. Russian wishes are to drive calmly from Donetsk to Gorlovka through the Yasinovatsky checkpoint.

Kurakhove, in addition to infrastructure, for the Russians is one of the obvious natural lines of defence near the borders of the region. There are reservoirs and rivers, a stable front line can be established. Still a supply route to Ukraine will be cut: tanks are transported from near Kiev along the railway to Kurakhove.

It is important that all these towns originally Russian Donetsk become Russian again for Moscow. In 2014, a referendum was held, and the ‘return to Slov “jans’k.’ was established, which then became grounds for attacks between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian sides.

Although these towns are known major targets for the Russians, their capture is associated with battles for a dozen larger settlements, including Krasnogorovka, Marinka, Vugledar, Avdeevka, Dzerzhinsk (Toretsk), Novotroitskoye (Neu York) and others, for some of which heavy fighting has been going on since the beginning of operations. There is a high human density in the Donbass and in this part there is an almost continuous agglomeration, and the front runs through it. Therefore, there are almost no separate towns, especially on the Donetsk-Slov’jans’k highway.

Graziella Giangiulio

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