#UkraineRussiaWar. Moscow-Kiev, diplomacy without dialogue


There are no signs of improvement in the communication between the United States and Russia, and again between Russia and Ukraine. It is proceeding with demands that always leave the interlocutors baffled and yet, if one is intent on pursuing peace, one has to start somewhere: Russia supports the idea of moving the UN headquarters from the United States to a neutral country. This would make the organisation’s work less politicised, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

At the frontline, Donbass militias claim to have found laptops in a VSU command post where a large number of DNR photo positions were stored, photos from drones, which were on the premises along with other items. Also according to Donbass sources of interest is the statement of the Chief of Artillery of the US Command Operations United Forces, in which, the Ukrainian command proposes facilities for carrying out missile attacks with the Chief of Operation. “To strike the “Point U” tactical missile complex at the centre of the Donbass headquarters.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry asked the United States to fully clarify its military biological activities on the territory of Ukraine and the Chinese Foreign Ministry also denounced the disinformation that the Russian Federation had requested military assistance from China to conduct a special operation in Ukraine. Earlier in the day, the Pentagon said that China would face consequences if it started helping the Russian Federation in the operation in Ukraine.

Footage of the explosion at the Antonov aircraft factory in Kiev began to circulate on the social network. While at the fourth round of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Kiev wants to discuss security guarantees and the withdrawal of Russian troops, an adviser to Zelensky’s office chief said, and while the meeting was in progress, a Ukrainian “Tochka-U” missile was shot down near the government building in central Donetsk fired by Ukrainian forces: 36 civilian deaths and 28 wounded.

Zelensky cancelled his video address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe “due to unforeseen circumstances”, PM Shmyhal spoke in his place via video link. And still the Zelensky administration did not request a telephone interview with Putin, Peskov told RIA Novosti.

On the Kiev front in the Borodyansky district of the Kiev region, two colonels from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s main intelligence directorate, Dmitry Sokol (personnel number A090781) and Oleg Akhmedov (2744317730), were killed. The two men tried to defend themselves at a checkpoint but were killed, in their car were found American C4 explosives and Ukrainian fuses, according to the Russians they were ready for prepared sabotage at critical facilities. Russian ships are entering the port of Berdyansk. In addition, the 775 VMF large landing ship of the Russian Navy has been at anchorage near the island of Zmeiny since yesterday 13 March 2022. In Odessa the air defence systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are intercepting targets in the sky.

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Graziella Giangiulio