#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Massive attack on Ukrainian territory: 112 explosions according to Russian sources, 158 according to Ukrainian sources


The Russian armed forces have launched a coordinated attack against Ukrainian targets in the so-called rear regions of Ukraine. Several dozen explosions were reported in various areas of Kharkov. Local authorities said industrial plants, warehouses and a tram depot, which had been targeted several times previously, suffered damage.

In addition, there are reports of an attack on the Ukrainian military hospital in the Kiev district, as well as on one of the enemy military units and the Malyshev tank plant. In Odessa, port infrastructure was targeted and authorities also reported damage to a “decommissioned” industrial plant.

Furthermore, an ammunition depot in Belyaevka had been hit earlier in the region, resulting in the detonation of the ammunition. In the morning, debris from a rocket launched over a residential area fell on an apartment building, causing casualties among the population.

In Kiev, the target of the raid was warehouses in the Podolsk region, suspected to have been used by the Ukrainians to store weapons. Efforts are underway to remove debris from the crash site. Furthermore, the Lukyanovskaya metro station, located opposite the Artyom missile plant, was also attacked.

The air defense system also worked, tracking footage showed a faulty missile hitting a residential building in the Svyatoshinsky district. An infrastructure in Zaporizhizhia was targeted by an attack.

Rockets hit a maternity ward and a shopping center opposite Dnepropetrovsk. According to our information, the target was a permanent Ukrainian deployment point in the area.

During the night, the Russian Geran attacked the Starokonstantinov military airport again. Authorities in Lviv shared footage of rocket debris hitting a residential building.

Furthermore, explosions were also heard in Kherson, Nikolaev, Krivoy Rog, Konotop and Kirovograd. Information on the specific targets affected is currently being clarified.

According to Ukrainian sources, the one on the night of December 28th was the most massive missile attack in Ukraine. According to RBC Ukraine, the Russian Federation aimed 158 air targets at Ukraine, the armed forces shot down 114 of them.

An unknown object crossed Polish airspace during the attack on Ukraine. In Dnipro, a maternity hospital and a shopping center were hit. 5 dead and 25 injured.

More than 20 “arrivals” are recorded in Kharkiv. 3 people died and 13 were injured. One person died and 15 were injured in Lviv. An “arrival” on a residential building was also reported; other houses were damaged, as was a school.

In Kiev, the Lukyanivska metro station building and residential buildings in several neighborhoods were damaged, and a warehouse caught fire. 28 injured, there is one victim

In Odessa a residential building was hit. 3 dead, 22 injured. In Zaporizhzhie, businesses, skyscrapers and a private house were damaged. 4 dead, 10 injured. A missile attack on Konotop. Three injured. In Drohobych an infrastructure object was hit.

Other Russian sources speak of 108 missiles during the attacks on Ukraine. 90 X-101/X-555/X-55 (Tu-95) missiles; 8 Kh-22/Kh-32 (Tu-22M3) missiles; 5 Kh-47M2 “Dagger” missiles (MiG-31K); 5 Kh-31P/Kh-59 (Su-35) anti-radar missiles. “Critical infrastructure, industrial and military facilities were attacked. Unfortunately there are dead and wounded,” said General Valery Zaluzhny.

On the front line the situation for the Ukrainian armed forces is critical: the Russian army continues its offensive in Rabotino-Verbove destroying and pushing back the armed forces Ukrainians.

“The situation west of Rabotino is critical. The same situation is between Novoprokopovka and Verbove. It is very difficult to hold the territory between these two villages, because it is “bare” and it is difficult to transport ammunition,” complain Ukrainian military analysts.

“The Russians continue to actively advance and are having success at Verbove.” The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the latest reports reports that the Russian armed forces, with the support of the air force, are trying to oust Ukrainian units from their positions; yesterday morning 3 attacks were reported west of Verbove and Rabotino , and in the evening – 2 attacks in the Rabotino area.

According to the Turkish social sphere, the Ukrainian army took advantage of the bad weather forecasts conditions on the night of December 28th and attempted to move large reinforcements of between 4,500 and 6,000 men to Avdiivka. Although the weather conditions were not favorable for UAV surveillance, the preparations were discovered in advance by the Russian side thanks to field reconnaissance.

The reinforcing unit, attempting to approach 50 to 60 different groups from three main routes, was heavily bombarded by glide bombs, artillery fire, and guided hits from the Tornado-S and Uragan MLRS. This massive ambush reportedly destroyed most of the reinforcements, as well as nearly all of the equipment the Ukrainians had brought.

According to the Russian social sphere: “This was perhaps the biggest loss suffered by the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the war. It was the largest ambush of the entire war. Thus an important development occurred, which demonstrated that Russia has effectively integrated its intelligence and joint military activities and has effectively eliminated bureaucratic irregularities and the length of the chain of command.”

This radical move by Ukraine to protect Avdiivka also failed. The attempt to move a brigade-sized unit into a confined area, taking advantage of bad weather, in the hope that the Russian military would not notice or be unable to respond effectively, is used in the Russian social sphere to demonstrate the level of command sent by the United States to Ukraine.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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