#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Macron: With Zelensky we will talk about French trainers in Kiev. Putin renews the State Council: Dyumin Secretary. In Netailove it flies the Russian flag


The US administration does not encourage attacks with American weapons transferred to Kiev against targets outside the Ukrainian conflict zone, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a briefing on Tuesday. “Our policy is not to encourage or allow attacks outside Ukraine,” he told reporters.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in early May that, in his opinion, Ukraine can strike military targets outside the country as part of self-defense. We remind you that Italy and Germany are against this use. The NATO Secretary General said that this is the most difficult time for Kiev since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s allies have asked President Volodymyr Zelensky not to ask for “the impossible” and not to put pressure on NATO members over the timing of the country’s entry into the alliance, The Telegraph reported, citing sources.

According to the AFP, in reality Kiev has already used Western weapons several times to strike the territory of the Russian Federation, including near Krasnodar. The agency claims that the attack was carried out west of Krasnodar, but does not specify which object it refers to and when it occurred. Retired French Navy Colonel Michel Goya, commenting at the request of the agency on attacks by Western weapons on Russian territory, expressed the opinion that “according to history, military assistance from one power to another has never brought to a conflict”. “Moscow claimed that Crimea was inviolable. The Ukrainians hit it with American weapons and nothing happened,” Goya said.

Sweden has announced a new military aid package to Ukraine worth $1.25 billion. According to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell: “The EU is discussing an initiative to train Ukrainian troops on Ukrainian soil, but there is no clear position on this issue yet.” And again, a number of EU countries are ready to lift restrictions on weapons attacks on Russian territory, but others are not yet ready to do so, said the head of European diplomacy Borrell.

Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory are “legal under international law” if “they are conducted in a proportionate manner,” Borrell believes.

Germany and the Czech Republic have asked the European Union to set up a high-level working group to identify ways to phase out gas supplies from Russia, including exports of LNG, as well as oil and nuclear fuel, Bloomberg reported.

French President Emmanuel Macron said, regarding the use of weapons: “We must allow Kiev to strike military targets on Russian territory from which it attacks Ukraine”, “We believe that we should allow them (Ukraine, ed.) to neutralize the military facilities from which the missiles are launched, and especially the military facilities from which the attacks on Ukraine are carried out.” “But they should not have the right to strike other targets in Russia, obviously civilian targets or other military targets,” he said.

Emmanuel Macron will meet Volodymyr Zelensky on June 6 in Normandy. The meeting will take place as part of the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the Allied landing in France. On that occasion, Macron could present plans to place French instructors in Ukraine. “We will speak very precisely at that time to announce what we will do,” the French president said, previously recalling “uncoordinated and failed communication” on the issue.

Poland allowed Ukraine to use supplied weapons to strike targets in Russia. This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Cezary Tomchik. The first batch of 160 thousand shells out of 800 thousand delivered under the “Initiative Fund under the leadership of the Czech Republic” will arrive in Ukraine on Friday. Only four out of 18 countries, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands and Portugal, have fulfilled financial obligations under the February initiative of the Czech Republic to supply ammunition to Ukraine, funds are flowing slowly, reports the Euractiv portal, quoting the head of the Czech Ministry of Defense, Jana Chernokhova.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said that Russia maintains about 500 thousand Russian military personnel in Ukraine and is preparing to add another 200-300 thousand in the near future. Regarding the statements of Vladimir Putin, who expressed the opinion that after the expiration of the powers of the Ukrainian president, the tasks of head of state should be carried out by the president of the Rada. Verkhovna Rada Chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk responded: “Volodymyr Zelensky is the president of Ukraine and he will remain until the end of martial law.”

Stefanchuk referred to Article 108 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which states, among other things, that “the President of Ukraine exercises his powers until the newly elected President of Ukraine takes office.” The president of the Rada described this as the “continuity” of power in the “democratic and security understanding”.

Volodymyr Zelensky said that documents drawn up at the conference on Ukraine in Switzerland will later be transferred to Russian representatives. He stated this in a joint press conference with Portuguese Prime Minister Luis Montenegro. “We need to develop three points (nuclear, food security and humanitarian sphere) in detail, and then transfer them to Russian representatives,” Zelensky said. Then, according to him, depending on Russia’s action, “we will move on to other points, and if three work, then the rest will work.” However, he did not say who exactly or which organizations or countries will transfer the documents to Russia.

According to Turkish sources, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched an attack with a Kinzhal hypersonic missile on the Yavorovsky training field in western Ukraine. At least 300 people were reportedly killed, including personnel from NATO countries. He notes that the evacuation of the wounded is actively underway in Poland. Since the beginning of the war this training camp has several times been a focal point for large troop movements for extensive deployment and training, as it is very close to the Polish border and each time the Russian army suddenly attacked it. The Ukrainians did not confirm the news.

For Russian analysts, the words of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin on the serious consequences if Kiev used Western weapons, meant that: “In the event of attacks on Russia with long-range weapons, something could happen to the space reconnaissance means of the BORN; The thesis on the high density of small European countries clearly indicates the possibility of using more powerful weapons systems against them than in Ukraine.

Also on May 28, Vladimir Putin, among other statements, said that “Ukraine is not capable of changing the fate of the battlefield and the more attempts it makes, the greater the losses will be.”

Presidential assistant Alexey Dyumin was appointed secretary of the State Council, the Kremlin said. The appointment of Dyumin as secretary of the State Council in place of Levitin is linked to the rotation process. Dyumin is responsible for solving problems regarding the operation of this facility, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Sergeyevich Peskov said. According to Russian analysts, the formal appointment of Dyumin as secretary of the State Council in place of Levitin, on the whole, means nothing. “There was Levitin and there was Dyumin. The question here is different. It’s about finding overall balance and strength. It is no secret that in recent years the Security Council has become the main political and strategic institution of the political regime. And the Security Council itself was associated with the party in power. Since the inception of the SVO, security companies have become the de facto core of the regime, against the backdrop of the destruction of the link between security forces and the liberal system. The post-Evgeny Viktorovič Prigožin reality which documented the military-police nature of the regime. The role of energy multinationals was approaching monopoly.”

According to the same sources: “Putin is moving Patrushev and Shoigu; he changes the leadership of the Ministry of Defense; he decided to weaken Shoigu in the Security Council and moved Patrushev to shipbuilding. And he strengthens the leadership of the State Council with Dyumin , a new face, clearly overrated compared to expectations. We know the new functionality of the Council of State; we start from the fact that the Council of State is a civil body; bureaucratic and is clearly distant from power, although the State Council is formed according to a completely different principle: it is an institution of the regions and society. That is, a weakened Security Council and a strengthened State Council must find a balance. How everything will actually go will depend on the plan that exists only in Putin’s plans.”

Regarding prisoner exchanges, Russian Ombudsman Moskalkova said: “Prisoner exchanges between Moscow and Kiev have been suspended for several months due to far-fetched demands from Ukraine.” Finally, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Alexeyevich Ryabkov: “Russia is against the fact that space becomes an arena of military clashes”.

And now we come to the front line updated at 4:00 pm on May 29th.

In the direction of Kharkiv, Russian troops are conducting shooting battles, striking with heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A and TOS-2.

In the direction of Chasiv Jar the Russian armed forces maintain an offensive combat rhythm. Assault groups continue to improve tactical positions on the outskirts of Kalynivka and in the Kanal microdistrict.

There are no significant changes west of Avdiivka. There are battles near Netailove, Umans’ke, west of Soloviove. The Ukrainian Armed Forces recognize the loss of Netailove, and some sources report the start of hostilities near Karlivka.

The assault on Urozhaine and Staromaiors’ke continues in the direction of the Vremivka ledge.

In the Krasnodar region, above Armavir, air defense forces destroyed a UAV of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the Belgorod region in Shchetinovka, a civilian was injured as a result of a UAV attack. In Murom and Voznesenovka, two moving cars were attacked by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Shebekinsky urban district using drones. Also, a car in the village of Bezymeno, Grayvoronsky urban district, was attacked. At night, one UAV and seven Grad MLRS rockets were destroyed on the territory of the Belgorod region.

In the Kursk region, the village of Oleshnya, Sudzhansky district, and the village of Elizavetovka, Glushkovsky district were bombed. Drops of explosive devices by UAF helicopters and kamikaze drone attacks were recorded near the village of Guevo, Sudzhansky district, the village of Gorodishche, Rylsky district, the village of Krasnooktyabrsky, the villages of Sergeevka, Dronovka and Neonilovka, Glushkovsky district. In the village of Dronovka an explosive device dropped from a helicopter damaged a company car of one of the agricultural companies. Electronic warfare suppressed drones near the villages of Tyotkino and Novy Put, the village of Dronovka and the village of Elizavetovka in the Glushkovsky district, the village of Staraya Nikolaevka in the Rylsky district, the village of Gornal, the village of Spalnoye and to the village of Oleshnya in the Sudzhansky district. Near the village of Nikolaevo-Daryino, Sudzhansky District, a Ukrainian helicopter was destroyed by electronic warfare equipment and small arms.

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