#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Lavrov: ‘No one mourns Donbass civilians’. Paris: our companies stay in Moscow


Residents of Kherson for the first time since 2015 were able to honour the memory of the Soviet soldiers who liberated the city from the Nazis in March 1944. In the Donbass republic, local sources say Ukrainian troops are holding 17 children hostage in Slavyansk, and plan to kidnap them and take them to an unknown destination and their fate is unknown.

On the diplomatic front Kiev and Moscow have announced that they have resumed dialogue although Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman said that: it is hardly possible to continue talks on security guarantees in their current form. And the spokesman added: The Kremlin is disappointed that EU and US leaders have said nothing about the bombing of Donetsk and the death of civilians in the city.

According to Donbass sources, the decision to strike Donetsk with the help of the “U Point” was taken by General Pavlyuk of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The following is a statement by the DPR militia: ‘The attack with the Tochka-U tactical missile system in the centre of the capital of the DPR was inflicted by the 19th missile brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the orders of the commander of the joint forces, General Pavlyuk Alexander Alekseevich. In addition to the commander of the missile and artillery forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Gorbylev Vyacheslav Yuryevich and directly the commander of the 19th missile brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel Yaroshevich Fedor Sergeyevich. Criminal proceedings were initiated under the article “terrorist attack” and “aggressive warfare”, source the DPR prosecutor’s office.

A strong decision has been made, not only economically but also diplomatically, by French entrepreneurs: “Auchan” and other French companies will remain in Russia, said the head of the Union of French Entrepreneurs. Italy’s Unicredit said that it is assessing the prospects for further work in Russia and will then announce its decision. Since 1989 UniCredit Bank, has been the largest bank with foreign participation, operating in Russia.

Lavrov stated earlier in the day that: Russia is calling for the issue of bio-laboratories in Ukraine to be considered under the Chemical Weapons Convention. In the meantime, all countries bordering Ukraine are on high alert, after the drone that fell in Croatia, a second drone is reported to have fallen in Romania, coming from Ukraine and owned by Ukraine. The idea of supplying Polish MiG-29s to Ukraine is untenable: the US ambassador to NATO. And speaking of NATO Zelensky said that Ukraine has heard that it will not join NATO, it’s true, we have to admit it

And while diplomacy with much effort goes on the US continues to work for war: The US State Department is trying to determine which countries have Soviet C-300s, is studying ways to deliver the complexes to Ukraine, US publications report. According to them, the US Congress and Zelensky are asking the White House to arrange the transfer of Soviet heavy weapons to Kiev, but they are worried about a possible Russian reaction.

Lukashenko said that Lithuania is asking Belarus to supply flour, buckwheat and salt, Albania is 85% dependent on Russian wheat, and Slovenia has guaranteed that there will be wheat until the next harvest, then we’ll see. Prices are rising. Lukashenko also said it was beginning to become clear that the events in Ukraine show that the West’s objective is to eliminate competitors such as Russia and China, according to the BelTA news agency.

Graziella Giangiulio