#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Land mines on the Ukrainian fronts


Bachmut is Russia’s next target and Bachmut is the area from where the Ukrainians retreat when the Russians and allies in the Donbass advance. It is here in these areas that the Ukrainians plant landmines during the retreat, so say local accounts.

At the moment the area studded with the so-called ‘petals’ or PFM-1 anti-personnel mines is Vasela Dolnya. Tomorrow it will be another village, another road. This is being done to slow down the advance of the Russians, or rather the Wagner group widely employed in this area, especially after the Wagner or the “musicians” as they are called on the net by their supporters also took Klinovoye

Several cases are known in the southern parts of the city. This is done in order to contain the offensive especially in these hours that Pokrovsky has been occupied by Wagner, and Vasela Dolnya is only a few kilometres away.

High anti-personnel mines were found in Klynove. The landmines were fired with cluster rockets, which are prohibited by the Ottawa Convention. Local accounts write that local residents of Bachumt complain that: “The tactic of destroying the remaining civilians during the withdrawal is now customary. The love of the Kiev authorities for their citizens is this. It is no longer even terrorism …” We cannot testify as to whether these statements are true but there are reports of dead civilians on landmines on both sides.

Meanwhile, hostilities continue. The Russians and their mercenaries, considered elite corps, are in the direction of Zaytseva – Vershyna – Vasela Dolnya, as well as along the highway towards the city. Vasela Dolnya is not directly accessible from Klynove due to the network of trenches dug and developed over the past eight years.

The Russian-Donbass forces are storming Bachmut, the south-west of Soledar. In the coming days, an encirclement of the Ukrainians is expected, the creation of a new cauldron in Soledar.

Graziella Giangiulio