#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Kharkiv 186km taken by the Russians: the Russian central command curbs enthusiasm. Blinken: weapons arriving for Kiev


According to the US State Department, Russia will attempt to advance towards Kharkiv, but no major progress is expected: “Russia continues to intensify its aggression and we expect it to attempt to advance, including towards Kharkiv,” he said. The spokesman for The State Department did not rule out that the Russians will try to make further progress in the coming weeks, but without much progress.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Kiev on May 14: “The United States is confident that over time Ukraine will be able to stand on its own economically, militarily and democratically.” Blinken told Zelensky that a new arms package is already arriving and they expect even more, which, according to him, “will change the situation” Ukrainian media reported.

The US is trying to speed up the pace of arms supplies to Ukraine, but military aid packages will not be transferred every week, the White House said. The main purpose of Blinken’s visit to Kiev was to discuss how American weapons can help Kiev strengthen its defenses and “regain the initiative”, writes the Wall Street Journal.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that there will be no point in restoring Ukraine if it is defeated: “As for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, we must first ensure that it prevails. If Ukraine does not prevail, there will be nothing to restore a free and independent Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said, speaking at the NATO youth summit.

Confusion in Estonia and above all declarations and denials about sending troops to Ukraine. Estonia is “seriously” discussing the possibility of sending troops to western Ukraine to take over indirect combat “rearguard” functions for Ukrainian forces and free them up for the front, Madis Roll, Estonian presidential advisor for national security. But Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur said on May 14 that neither the national nor the European Union level is considering the idea of sending military personnel to Ukraine.

The EU has extended the mandate of its security forces training mission in Ukraine until 31 May 2027, source EU Council

Germany prepares to deliver another IRIS-T air defense system to Ukraine in May: source German ambassador Martin Jaeger. ”Moreover, we promised Ukraine that this year, next year and in 2026 we will provide more such systems. That is, we will constantly work to expand air defense, “he added.

Berlin will also provide Ukraine with a third Patriot system, Olaf Scholz “It was not an easy decision because we don’t have many of them,” the German Chancellor said. While we learn from Russian sources that the Patriot system that the Russians took on the Ukrainian front has been delivered to China.

Scholz also urged not to expect any major breakthroughs at the peace summit on Ukraine in Switzerland. But he said this could lead to direct negotiations between Kiev and Moscow. “No one should have high expectations: we are not negotiating to end the war. At best, this is the beginning of a process that could lead to direct negotiations between Ukraine and Russia,” the German chancellor said in an interview to Stern magazine.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed participation in the so-called. “Peace Summit” in Switzerland. “I had a telephone conversation with Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister confirmed his participation in the peace summit, so we coordinated our positions before him and joint work to attract other countries,” Zelensky said in a statement the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelenskyj said: “In Kharkiv. Our counterattack actions continue, the direction has been strengthened, in particular in Vovčans’k  and in the border areas in general.” “We also record hostile activities against the Sumy and Chernihiv regions: sabotage groups, bombings. Of course we do not leave the Donetsk areas without the necessary support,” he noted. The President of Ukraine also confirmed the information about the appointment of Drapatoy to the OTG “Kharkov”.

According to the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Litvinenko, 50 thousand Russian soldiers on the border with the Kharkiv region, according to other sources 30,000 are attacking.

Vladimir Putin signed the decrees on the appointment of new ministers. The government is complete. Dmitry Peskov, remaining Kremlin spokesperson, explained that Sergei Shoigu, as secretary of the Council of the Russian Federation, will be the curator of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, but not its direct leader.

“Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu will specifically supervise the work of the FSMTC. It is not said that he will be the immediate head of this service,” Peskov said, responding to a question from Interfax about Shoigu’s powers in his comparisons of the new position. In the meantime, the series of arrests in the Defense Ministry continues, on May 13th Yuri Kuznetsov, general, head of the Main Personnel Directorate of the Defense Ministry, Shoigu’s man, ended up in handcuffs.

The charge, as for Deputy Defense Minister Ivanov, is corruption and risks up to 15 years. He is suspected of having received a bribe on a particularly large scale, reports the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. According to the investigation, in 2021-2023, as head of the 8th Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Kuznetsov received a bribe from representatives of commercial structures for performing certain actions in their favor.

During searches at the places of actual residence and registration of the suspect, ruble and foreign currency funds in the amount of more than 100 million rubles, gold coins, collector’s watches and luxury items were discovered and seized. According to the social sphere: “Kuznetsov will soon join Ivanov in Lefortovo after the quarantine.”

And May 14 was also the first day of Andrej Rėmovič Belousov, Minister for Defense. Following are some of his statements: “The primary task is to recruit the RF Armed Forces, we are not talking about mobilisation. We must prevent the Ukrainian armed forces, we must practice new methods of fighting.” Belousov called the supply of weapons to groups of the Russian Armed Forces in the Northern Military District a priority to the post of head of the Ministry of Defense. “Some problems have accumulated here.” Needed: “Production and supply of new military equipment and weapons.”

And again he said: “optimizing military spending does not mean reducing them indiscriminately.” Belousov also indicated as one of the main tasks the integration of the economy of the armed forces into the general economy of the country. “This means increasing its efficiency. ruble of money paid by our citizens and businesses produces the maximum effect.” “It is necessary to closely integrate the work of the Ministry of Defense and the work of civilian departments.”

He foresees an intervention soon: “In areas such as social security for military personnel and especially for participants in the Northern Military District”. In: “the field of scientific research and development. Everything that is effective and advanced in the country must work to achieve Victory.”

“The task set by the Supreme Commander is to make the military economy and the work of the Ministry of Defense as open as possible to innovation. This concerns not only new technologies, but also personnel training, as well as new forms and methods In particular, it is about realizing the advantages offered by modern digital technologies and using digital platforms. In the context of a special military operation, the fundamental task certainly remains that of achieving Victory with minimal human losses”.

“I am fully aware of my responsibility to the country, to the Russian people, to the President of the Russian Federation – in accordance with the planned appointment, I undertake to apply all my strength, health and, if necessary, life. to solve the assigned tasks.”

General Sergei Surovikin was seen in the Kremlin after the swearing-in of ministers, he is expected to be appointed to the Southern Military District. It should be remembered that the general is the architect of the Russian defense line of the same name, and of Bachmut’s capture, together with Prighozin’s Wagner.

We learn from social sources that the “Bulava” maritime intercontinental ballistic missile has been adopted by the Russian armed forces.

And now a look at the front line updated at 4.30pm on May 14.

The Russian General Command has asked its communication channels not to speak too enthusiastically about what is happening in Kharkiv because the battle will continue for a long time.

The Russian army continues offensive operations in the direction of Kharkiv. Russian troops are fighting near the village of Liptsy, taken from Morokhovets’, Oliinykove and Zelene, in the settlement. The Russian flag is raised in Hlyboke. The Russian armed forces are assigned to the settlement in Russia in Gatishche, and from there they allow control behind the border line. On the northern outskirts of Vovčans’k there are heavy fighting, the bridges over the river are destroyed. The Russian air force uses FAB with UMPC against the Ukrainians, on the night of May 13th numerous attacks. In three days, the Northern group of troops took 10 settlements and more than 186 square kilometers of the Kharkiv region.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in response are openly launching attacks against the Belgorod region. Residential buildings in Novaya Tavolzhanka, Otradnoye and Gruzsky were hit and damaged during the night. Several settlements of the Grayvoronsky urban district were attacked by the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the help of drones: damage to Sovkhozny and Novostroevka-Pervoy. Novostroevka-Vtoraya was bombed.

South of Chasiv Yar, Russian troops have expanded the bridgehead near the Seversky Donetsk-Donbass Canal.

In the direction of Pokrovs’k (west of Avdiivka), the Russian Armed Forces are advancing towards Novopokrovs’ke and advancing on Umans’ke with a broad front. There are battles in Netailove.

South of Donetsk, the Russian army is storming Krasnohorivka. The Ukrainians control the northwestern part of the village.

In the direction of Kherson, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are withdrawing one of the Marine Corps units for supposed “refueling and rest”. The transfer of Ukrainian marines in the direction of Kharkiv is planned.

In the Kursk region, Tetkino and Korovyakovka of the Glushkovsky district, Guevo and Nikolaevo-Daryino of the Sudzhansky district, the Sudzha checkpoint, the Kucherov farm of the Belovsky district, Staraya Nikolaevka of the Rylsky district, Gordeevka of the district were targeted by Korenevsky. Electronic warfare equipment suppressed drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the Sudzha checkpoint, the village of Guevo and the Oleshnya farm in the Sudzhansky district, the village of Troitskoye in the Korenevsky district and the village of Elizavetovka in the Glushkovsky district. An explosive device was dropped from a Ukrainian helicopter near Sergeevka, Glushkovsky district.

Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the ATACMS OTRK in Krasnodon in the LPR. In Donetsk and Gorlovka (DPR), three civilians were killed as a result of Ukrainian attacks. Four EMERCOM employees were injured.

A drone attacked a freight train in the Volgograd region, derailing nine carriages.

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