#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. In Ukraine, the law on new mobilization passes its first reading. Russia attacks with 44 missiles and 20 UAVs


The EU is actively working to train Ukrainian police forces to “establish order” in the territories Kiev intends to conquer, European diplomacy chief Josep Borrell said.

While on the subject of weapons, Baykar, the Turkish company for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, plans to complete the construction of a plant near Kiev within a year, which will employ around 500 people, Reuters reported, citing the administrator delegate of the Haluk Bayraktar company.

“Our factory is under construction, we need about 12 months to complete the construction, and then we will move on to the internal technology, equipment and organizational structure,” Bayraktar said on the sidelines of the World Defense Exhibition in Riyadh. “The plant in Ukraine is large, we expect it to employ around 500 people,” he said.

Bayraktar emphasized that productivity will be around 120 units per year, but it is not yet clear whether production at the Ukrainian plant will focus on the TB2 or TB3 drone model. And in any case we will need to understand whether it will survive the Russian bombings.

On February 6, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on the creation of the Unmanned Systems Forces as a separate branch of the Ukrainian Armed Forces troops. The same thing happened in Russia with the establishment of an engineering faculty to train new pilots. In Russia, strange people are working on the construction of drones that can be piloted even from afar in order to preserve the pilot’s life from artillery attacks which have cost many of them in recent months.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have announced the number of troops and equipment of the Russian Federation in the Kupyans’k direction. For the moment, according to Ukraine, there has been no advance of Russian troops in the direction of Kupyans’k and the reserves allocated by the Russians are being used to replace those already destroyed. “On this part of the front the number of invaders remains within 40,000, noted the head of the press service of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” Ilya Yevlash.

Also on February 6, the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reported that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is responsible for the murder of former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva and military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky, as well as attack on numerous Ukrainian and Russian politicians and politicians, all public figures. And still there are rumors about the resignation of Valeriy Zaluzhny. According to the latest Ukrainian story telling: “The announcement of the resignation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Valeriy Zaluzhny was scheduled for February 2. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) feared that on that day could break out in Kiev and in some military units”, the publication reports this with reference to Pravda Ukraine. According to the newspaper, the Ukrainian president intended to announce the resignation of the commander in chief after Kiev had held consultations on this issue with Washington, also during the visit of U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland on January 31.

Pravda Ukraine notes that although Zaluzhny’s resignation raised questions in Washington, the United States did not insist on reconsidering the decision.

What is certain is that Zaluzhny was not present at the Verkhovna Rada on February 7th, as rapporteur of the first reading draft of the then adopted bill on strengthening mobilization. The Verkhovna Rada approved it with 329 votes in favour, 12 against, 29 did not vote, 45 abstained. Now the document will have to be subjected to amendments, before going to the vote at second reading.

On the morning of February 7, Russia attacked the regions of Ukraine, the spokesman of the Ukrainian Air Force Ignat speaking of the morning missile attack reported: “The missiles maneuvered in the western regions and towards the Polish border, and in the opposite direction” . “There were missile launches from the Caspian Sea, particularly from Tu-95MS strategic bombers, and there were also missile launches from Tu-22M3 long-range bombers from various directions.”

“The missiles actually flew towards the Sambir region – it is not very far from the border with Poland, then they turned towards Lviv, then they turned again towards the Ternopil region. Such maneuvers were carried out in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Lviv Regions,” Ignat said.

From Russia, the Vice President of the Russian Security Council Medvedev made it known that Moscow will use ballistic and cruise missiles with special warheads for its defense in response to NATO threats.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reported at a press conference that the objectives of the Special Operation in Ukraine have not changed and remain current. Among them is ensuring Russia’s security in the context of attempts to destroy Ukraine’s neutral status and suck it into NATO, he noted.

The Federation Council asked the Ministry of Finance to draw up a draft law on retaliatory measures in case the West uses the frozen assets of the Russian Federation.

Regarding the attacks against Ukraine, the Russian version is that: “The Russian Armed Forces have struck companies in the Ukrainian defense industry with high-precision weapons and drones, reports the Russian Ministry of Defense. The objective of the attack was achieved, all objects were hit,” the Department reported.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the help of two UAVs, attacked the village of Volokonovka, Chernyansky district on February 6th, there were no casualties. Due to the fall of a UAV, a detonation occurred and an infrastructure was damaged. The news was announced by the Governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov

And now a look at the front line updated at 16:00 on February 7.

Starting from 06:00 sirens were activated in many cities of Ukraine: “In Kiev explosions can be heard, the air defense is working,” said the mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko, “The local military administration invited the city residents to remain in shelters.” An air alert has been declared across Ukraine. Previously, local authorities and media reported explosions in the Kharkov, Nikolaev, Cherkasy and Dnepropetrovsk regions. In Kharkov, the military production of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was hit, three workers were injured. Ukrainian media reports explosions in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions during an air alert in the country. According to the Ukrainian military, Russia launched 44 missiles and 20 UAVs at Ukraine in a wave of early morning airstrikes across the country.

A hotel in Zolochev, Kharkov region, was destroyed by a tactical ballistic missile. According to social media sources: “At least 30 dead and 40 injured, including American and French mercenaries. Despite the losses suffered following the surprise attacks on Kharkov, NATO continues to send its men there. They are probably in the region to monitor defense measures on the border and carry out possible sabotage activities.”

In the direction of Kherson. In Krynky the situation remained practically the same for many months. A contingent of Ukrainian marines holds the same houses without attempting to advance, periodically rotating the advance groups. This is due to the active impact of Russian aviation on the area, which seriously affected the combat readiness of the Katran strike group. During one of the last attacks, a fort was destroyed along with Marines of the 38th Marine Corps Infantry. According to the social sphere, new Ukrainian reserves are on the way which will do little against Russian attacks. Probable attempt to exfiltrate the wounded.

Svatove-Kreminna direction. In the Kupyans’k sector there are no upcoming changes battles in the areas of Syn’kivka, Petropavlivka and Tabaivka. Russian fighters advanced to Terny and Yampolovka.

There is fighting in the direction of Donetsk: in the last 24 hours Russian troops say they have repelled seven Ukrainian attacks and have taken more advantageous positions. Numerous deaths among the soldiers of both sides when the American M777 artillery system and the AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar went up in smoke. The assault on Heorhiivka and Novomykhailivka continues.

Situation in Avdiivka: via social media we learn that on the northern flank, the Russian infantry continues assault operations on the eastern outskirts of the dachas located east of the AKHZ. Fighting along 1st Street. In the north of Avdiivka, fighting is taking place along Sapronova, Lesya Ukrainka and Zheleznodorozhny Lane streets. On the eastern flank, Russian troops are attempting to find a gap in the Ukrainian defense in the area of the Avdiivka quarry landfill, located east of the Avdeevsky Blue Lakes sand quarry and north of St. Iva.

In the south of Avdeevka and on the southern flank, fighting continues along Chernyshevsky and Sobornaya streets and in the area of the Tsarskaya Okhota complex.

In the direction of Bachmut, Russian troops press in the direction of Ivanivske, attacking north and south of the T-0504 road section.

Zaporozhzhie Directorate. In the Orechiv sector the Russian army attacked Rabotino. On the Vremevsky ledge battles north of Pryyutne take place.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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