#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. GLSDB in use by Ukrainians. Clashes in the center of Bachmut, Wagner advances in the western area. Zelensky soon to Poland


The White House said: “The United States does not see the transfer of tactical nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation to Belarus as a danger, does not believe that Moscow intends to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine”

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus said: “We are aware of the massive nuclear deliveries of missiles, cruise missiles, drones and warheads to Kaliningrad. This is a place that has long been a Russian military facility since the days of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the capabilities that Russia already has in the Kaliningrad enclave are those that may pose the greatest threat. I don’t think the idea of transferring some tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus changes this balance. But I do not consider the decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus a bluff.

“The inadequate reaction of a number of countries to the decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation in Belarus causes bewilderment,” commented the Russian Foreign Ministry

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry also intervened on the matter stating that “The deployment of nuclear warheads on the territory of Belarus without transferring control over it to Minsk does not contradict the NPT”. On March 31, Lukashenko will address the Belarusian people and the Parliament.

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Putin commented on the sending of military aid from Germany to Ukraine from 3 billion to over 15 billion euros: “Germany is actively participating in arming Ukraine, pumping Ukraine with weapons. Germany, directly and indirectly, is constantly increasing the level of its involvement in this conflict. Therefore, obviously, such actions and decisions do not bode well.”

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky may visit Warsaw in the near future, but “we will not announce the visit,” Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Pavel Yablonsky told Vnet radio.

Meanwhile, the German Defense Ministry confirmed that 18 Leopard 2 A6 tanks, as well as ammunition and spare parts, had arrived in Ukraine on Monday, March 27.

Defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov added: “British Challenger tanks, American Stryker armored personnel carriers and Cougar armored personnel carriers, as well as German Marder infantry fighting vehicles have entered service with the air assault troops (ASV) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the Chelyabinsk and Kirov regions, where he monitored the progress of the state defense order and set tasks to increase production. Until the end of the year, the production of individual samples of military products will increase 7-8 times.

At 06.50 on March 28, the air alert was already in half of the Ukrainian regions, including the western regions of Rivne and Zhytomyr. According to media and local authorities, the explosions occurred in the Kyiv, Dnipro and Dnepropetrovsk regions, shortly before other explosions occurred in Donetsk.

The Russian air defense has announced that it has intercepted and shot down for the first time a GLSDB guided missile (Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb – gliding aerial bombs). According to reports from the social network it is a joint development between Boeing and the Swedish Saab, which has added a rocket engine to an aerial bomb and adapted it to be launched using HIMARS. Saab claims that the range of such precisely guided munitions exceeds 150 kilometers against existing shells in Ukraine with a range of 80 kilometers.

A post from the Russian social sphere reads: “The enemy is said to have started deploying GLSDBs at the front, which are being assembled using US-supplied upgrade kits. It was also reported that our air defense reported the downing of one of these bombs”.

In the direction of Kupyansk, the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the left bank of the Oskol left landmines, a man is said to have lost his life in the smelter area (Kovsharovka). The cemetery territories are also mined, mines are mined in the Kovsharovka-Petropavlovka section.

The Russian army, according to social sources, would have rejected a missile attack by the Ukrainian armed forces in the Svatove region. All shells sent from the Ukrainian side hit the S-300 system. “The rocket attack was repulsed by the Russian armed forces,” said Sergei Zybinsky, head of the Western group’s press center. Three Ukrainian servicemen killed.

Also, the Zapad group has stopped the transfer of Ukrainian reserves in the area of Grinyakovka and Sinkovka. A Ukrainian ammunition depot in the Volchansk region and a group of Ukrainian mortars near Kislovka were also hit. And the calculations of the TOR air defense missile system made two Kiev Fury UAVs hit in the Tavolzhanka and Naugolny area.

Still on the situation in Bachmut, other accounts report that PMC “Wagner” is leading the assault with the support of MLRS. Fierce battles are going on in the area of ​​Zelenaya and Alexandra Kolpakova streets, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to fight back. Positional street battles are recorded in the AZOM plant area.

There is fighting in the Bachmut area. The front continues to move in the western part of the city. Street fighting is ongoing in the city center along Nezavisimost’, Mira, Bakhmutskaya and Bazarnaya streets. Southwest of Bachmut, heavy fighting ensues along Korsunsky, Kommunalnaya and Krylova streets.

The Russian army is advancing in the Limansky and Donetsk directions according to Russian Defense Ministry sources. In the Krasno-Limansky direction, during the offensive, air strikes and artillery strikes of the “Center” group of troops, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated in the areas of the Nevsky settlement and Chervonaya Dibrova.

In the Donetsk direction, as a result of active actions of units and artillery fire of the “Southern” group of troops according to the Defense Ministry there are up to 240 dead among the Ukrainian ranks

In the Kupyansk direction, air and artillery strikes of the “Western” group of troops hit the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the settlement. Molchanovo, Sinkovka and Berestovoe, Kharkiv region.

In the South-Donetsk and Zaporozhizhia directions, air and artillery strikes by the Vostok Group of Forces hit the APU in the areas of the settlement. Novomikhailovka and Ugledar.

In the Kherson direction, up to 18 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed and 5 vehicles were destroyed.

Graziella Giangiulio

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