#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR: Germany: yes to Taurus missiles. Russians advance 11 km to Kupyansk.


The German edition Der Spiegel writes that the German Cabinet of Ministers has reached a consensus on the transfer of Taurus long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine. Their possible delivery to the Ukrainian Air Force was discussed in May. At that time, this idea was officially abandoned in Berlin, however, after Storm Shadow / SCALP appeared in the Ukrainian armed forces, sending the Taurus was a matter of time.

The Bundeswehr’s official position could only be a demonstrative postponement: while there was talk in Germany of reluctance to surrender missiles to the Kiev regime. Despite the supply of British and French missiles to Ukraine, their number is still limited, which is expressed in a very scrupulous selection of targets for attacks. The appearance of the Taurus in the conflict will expand the enemy’s arsenal of high-precision weapons and increase the range of target destruction to 500 km.

Currently only eight Ukrainian pilots are ready to begin training on F-16 fighter jets, writes Politico. The rest have problems with English language skills. Another 20 pilots who “speak some English” will go to language courses in Britain in August.

And now a look at the front line: In the direction of Kupyansk, over the past three days, the advance of Russian troops has been 11 km along the front and more than 3 km deep in the defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

Orekhovsky zone situation at 11 a.m. Aug. 8, 2023: At night, the combined 116 and 118 ombr 10 AK assault groups attacked the Rabotino-Verbove line. Only infantry detachments without armored vehicles were involved in the attack.

The attack was repulsed, but in the morning the Armed Forces of Ukraine resumed the offensive with the support of artillery and forces of the 15th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. At one point they managed to occupy the northern outskirts of Rabotino, but Russian fighters eventually pushed back the APU. The fighting continued

Position battles also began in the vicinity of Belogorye, where the Ukrainian command transferred a platoon from Gulyaipol the day before. Activation in this area may indicate possible attack attempts in this direction. At the same time, in the rear in the Tavriysky region, an attack force is forming. Formations of 65 OMBR and 128 OMG Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have arrived there with armored vehicles. In addition, additional assault units of 10 AKs have been moved to Orekhov.

According to u second account: Ukrainian formations have intensified on the flanks of Bachmut, resuming attacks in small groups on RF Forces positions. Last night several groups attacked from the Orekhov-Vasilevka direction and the route to Slavyansk, but after attacks by Russian Aerospace Forces helicopters they withdrew. In addition, fighting is ongoing in the Yagodnoye-Berkhovka sector.

In the Zaporizhzie direction, Ukrainian armed forces attacked Russian positions near Urozhayne, but were unable to achieve success. At the same time, the situation in the Orekhov bloc remains stable. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to stockpile military and equipment for further action.

Graziella Giangiulio

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