#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. G7: almost total ban on exports to Russia. Russian Air Force bombs skyscrapers in Bachmut


The possibility of introducing a near-total ban on the export of goods to the Russian Federation is being discussed by G7 representatives. And again we hear that the NATO countries in Ramstein are discussing the possibility of supplying Ukraine with various types of aircraft.

If both these proposals are accepted, there is talk of a new escalation in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov denied accusations of Russian interference in Germany’s internal affairs and attempts to undermine the unity of the West in the conflict in Ukraine, Peskov said. “This is 100 per cent false. We have never interfered [in the internal affairs of other countries ed], and we really don’t have time for that now,” Peskov said, commenting on materials from the special services of European countries that were available to the publication. The documents stated that the Kremlin was allegedly interfering in Germany’s internal affairs and was trying to create a coalition opposing aid to Ukraine.

The appointment of Admiral Viktor Liina as commander of the Pacific Fleet was confirmed. In his place as commander of the Baltic Fleet was Vice Admiral Vladimir Vorobyov, previously one of the deputy chiefs of staff.

Since 21 April, the social sphere of Bachmut’s encirclement has been debated. According to some, one cannot yet speak of a complete encirclement of the Ukrainian group in Bachmut, there would be battles in the woods near the highway connecting the city with Khromovo.

It seems that there was not good co-ordination between Wagner’s men and the pilots of the Russian jets. In the sense that the pilots at Wagner’s request bombed empty sites.

The advisor to the head of the DPR, Yan Gagin, said: ”The musicians’ went to the Artemovsk-Chasov Yar road, along which the Ukrainian group was supplied. Several hundred metres were taken under control, making it impossible to supply the garrison of the Ukrainian armed forces. Thus, the lid of the boiler suddenly closed’.

But in reality, this is not the case. Fighting continues to maintain the route from Bakhmut through Khromovo. The Ukrainians still have another logistical flow through the Krasnoye settlement. So do the country roads, on which, however, only tracked vehicles can now drive. It is raining again in the LPR and wheeled vehicles are stuck in the clay. At the same time, of course, all these supply routes are crossed by artillery and anti-tank weapons.

The main battles are now taking place in the western part of the city. In the past few days, Wagner attack planes managed to overrun another defensive line of the Ukrainian armed forces, which crossed Bachmut by rail. The Russian units took the railway station and moved forward, recapturing residential skyscrapers, followed by private areas. At the same time, from the north and south, Bachmut is blocked by units of Russian paratroopers, blocking the threat of attacks on the city from the flanks.

And now a glimpse of the front line at 23:59 on 20 April.

Over Belgorod, there was a non-nominal launch of aeronautical munitions from the Su-34 bomber of the Russian Aerospace Forces. As a result of the subsequent explosion, residential buildings were damaged, with at least two civilians injured.

Ukrainian forces again launched a mortar attack against the village of Lomakovka in the Bryansk region. Shell fragments damaged residential houses and an electrical substation. There were civilian casualties.

Artillery clashes and positional battles continue along the entire front line in the Kupyansk area. A Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group was identified and hit near Synkivka.

The Wagner PMC groups continued their operation to surround Bachmut from the flanks. In the north-western periphery, advanced units broke through enemy defences and approached the road to Khromove.

A large area of the city east of the railway was taken. Russian forces took control of a warehouse complex. The front line moved to the high-rise buildings where the Russians shelled during the night.

Russian motorised rifle units continued to storm Ukrainian positions in Mar’inka. In the southern part of the city, the fighting moved to the western side of Druzhba Avenue, creating the conditions for a further offensive.

The assault on the Avdiivka fortification continued: the Ukrainians entered a blind defence, slowing the pace of the Russian advance. The Ukrainian positions are under intense fire from artillery and the Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower systems.

Graziella Giangiulio

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