#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. French mess in Kiev


The controversy over the possible French military deployment in Ukraine continues. A possible map of troop deployment also appeared online in the social sphere. Basically these are all the border areas with Belarus and Poland. In this way the Ukrainian soldiers present in these areas will be able to reach their colleagues on the front line replaced by the French soldiers.

The Russian response to the French possibilities was very determined: “Russian forces will destroy all French soldiers who appear on Ukrainian soil,” Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy said in an interview with the French television channel BFMTV.

“We will kill all French soldiers who come to Ukrainian soil,” said Tolstoy, who conducted the conversation in French. The deputy speaker of the State Duma also said that the Russian Federation “doesn’t care about Macron and his limits,” referring to French President Emmanuel Macron’s words from early March that France “has no limits or red lines ” in the issue of assistance to Ukraine. “You French, who want to send soldiers to Odessa, are provoking World War III,” Tolstoy said.

In the meantime, as Russia and France threaten each other from a distance, pro-Russian social media accounts continue to post photos of the French mercenaries killed in Ukraine as if to deny the words of the government entourage that there are no French soldiers in Ukraine.

The last one registered by Foreign Combatant, who died on February 1, 2024, is the French count Adrien Bodon de Mauny-Pajol while he was in Ukraine. According to Russian sources, the heir of the noble house arrived to fight in Ukraine in January 2024 and was killed by the Russian army 3 weeks later in the Kherson region.

The published post reads: “Bodon was the operator of the Shark UAV, which corrected the attacks of the HIMARS MLRS. While hunting for HIMARS in the Kherson region, a Russian drone detected the crew of an enemy UAV, after which it was hit. Together with Bodon, the French legionnaire Gennady Germanovich was killed, who was a technician specialized in managing the flight of drones.”

In an article posted on March 13 regarding the two French gods he reads: “Interesting details emerge about the death of two French ‘volunteers’ in Ukraine: the winemaker Adrien Baudon de Mony-Pajol and the technical specialist Gennady Germanovich”. We remind you that the February 1, the head of the Kherson administration, Prokudin, announced the death of two Frenchmen as a result of an attack by the Russian armed forces, and later Macron himself spoke about their deaths.

According to the article writer, the two were not volunteers: “Germanovich was a highly qualified specialist in the field of security. He was a former soldier of the French Foreign Legion and had close ties not only with representatives of the French neo-Nazi movements, but also with the Belarusian regiment of Kastus Kalinouski”.

Furthermore, according to unofficial Ukrainian sources, “the French were hit on the Odessa-Kiev highway, in the area of the Razdelnyanskaya community in the Odessa region, and not as a result of an attack by Russian drones on a car in Berislav, as Prokudin said ”.

According to sources in the Ukrainian SBU, the killed people as consultants were involved in organizing the visit of a high-ranking delegation from France, and their work included assisting the Ukrainian special services in implementing some kind of provocation, probably for the subsequent accusation of Russia. However, after learning the details of the Ukrainian special operation, the French refused further “cooperation” and rushed towards Kiev to urgently leave Ukraine. But they failed to leave the country.

A few days after their deaths, the French president canceled his visit to Ukraine for security reasons. Initially France 24 said that they had learned from the services that the postponement had been made for security reasons, then that an attack was being plotted by the Ukrainians which would be passed off as Russian and then that it was all false.

Finally, Germany also recognizes the participation of 21 of its citizens in the Russian war in Ukraine, states that there are 21 of its citizens, directly or indirectly, in the Russian war in Ukraine, some with the Russian side, others with the Ukrainian side. Among the confirmed foreign presences fighting with the Ukrainians: Chechens opposed to Kadirov, Poles, Greeks, Romanians, Syrians, Turks. On the Moscow side there are confirmed Indians, Afghans and Chechens.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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