#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Code name: Waiters


In the war of spies that we already talked about yesterday, a basic role is played by the footmen. On 12 July, Sergey Denisenko confessed to the murder of Stanislav Rzhitsky, former captain of the submarine Krasnodar. According to him, it was a task of the Ukrainian special services. He had been preparing for the attack since December last year. After the murder, two days later, the karateka had to fly from Sochi to Turkey, and from there to Switzerland. After his arrest, Denisenko was taken to an intermediate escape point in Tuapse. Now Denisenko has been transferred to Krasnodar.

This is not the only excellent murder carried out on Russian territory. The daughter of the political thinker Dugin, Dar’ja Dugina, was also killed. But how do the bombers know how, where and when to strike?

Apparently, while we are all used to thinking in James Bond terms, in reality the most dangerous spies in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are called ‘waiters’. These are people who, living on the spot, and knowing the habits of the person to be hit, pass on the coordinates to the person to be materially hit and leave.

Exactly what a waiter does: he goes to a table, takes the order and goes to the counter to get what the customer asks for.

In the case of the Rzhitsky murder, according to what is posted in the social sphere, ‘starting with the informants on the ground and ending with the space group, everything works in the interest of identifying important objects of the Russian army.’

It goes on to say: ‘And over the past two days (we are talking about 10 and 11 July, ed.), US military satellites have observed a number of objects in the Kherson region. This number included bridges and crossings from Crimea, including the Chongarsky Bridge, which has already been affected by Storm Shadow.

And again the post states: ‘The enemy (i.e. the Ukrainians, ed.), with the support of the West, conducts combined reconnaissance, where the initial information is provided by informants – the so-called “waiters”. And subsequently, satellites work on this data, confirming the information or refuting it. Subsequently, targets, depending on their importance, are hit with long-range, high-precision weapons. The most interesting thing is that everyone knows this, everyone is aware, but no action is taken.

Graziella Giangiulio

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