#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Cluster bombs already in Ukraine. Wagner on the move to Belarus. Wagner tanks delivered to the Russian army


The Polish project to become NATO’s military mechanical workshop fades away: Germany has refused to create a center in Poland for the repair of the Leopard tanks delivered to Kiev, according to the Handelsblatt newspaper

Premier Volodymyr Zelensky said he considered the results of the NATO summit, in which Ukraine was not invited to the alliance, “good” but asked that the “security guarantees” of Western countries do not replace joining the NATO for Ukraine”. And he commented by stating that: “Ukraine is and will be a donor of security for Europe”.

On the subject of cluster munitions, Zelensky in a meeting with the NATO secretary general said: “Cluster munitions will be used exclusively at military facilities.” From Ukrainian military sources it is learned that Ukraine has already received cluster munitions from the United States, but has not yet used them

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told the press: “Our opponents expected us to give up, but that won’t happen, Russia will move forward.” And again he said: “Russia bought technologies abroad like” in a supermarket of ready-made solutions “, but now it has drawn the necessary conclusions”.

The head of Russia’s foreign intelligence services, Sergej Yevgen’evič Naryškin, explained to TASS that at the end of June he had a telephone conversation with the head of the CIA, during which “we thought and discussed what to do with Ukraine”. . But: “The conditions for negotiations on Ukraine have yet to ripen.” “The transfer of Azov leaders to Kiev does not characterize the Turkish side well,” commented Naryshkin, head of the FSB.

On 12 July there were very harsh statements by President Putin’s spokesman, Dmtrij Peskov: “NATO is an offensive alliance that brings instability and aggression”. And again he said that “the possible use of cluster munitions by Ukraine changes the situation and forces Russia to take countermeasures”. Peskov called the G7 guarantees for Ukraine a violation of Russia’s security

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in London has announced that the United Kingdom is following a path towards the militarization of Europe. The diplomatic mission noted that the British are instructing allies to raise defense spending to at least 2 percent of GDP, adjust NATO’s military plans and organizational structure, and increase rapid response capabilities in all operational environments.

In contrast, US House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green (Republican of Georgia) has suggested that the United States withdraw from NATO and stop aid to Kiev. Greene also proposed banning the supply of American F-16 fighters to Ukraine, as this would deal a serious blow to the defense capability of the United States itself.

Once again there was a risk of a military incident: a MiG-31 fighter took off to prevent a Norwegian Air Force P-8A “Poseidon” from violating the state borders of the Russian Federation, reports the Ministry of Russian defense, the plane has returned to the borders.

It is learned via social media that the Russian Armed Forces, in accordance with the plan, are completing the acceptance of weapons and military equipment from the Wagner group, the Russian Defense Ministry announced. More than 2 thousand pieces of equipment and weapons were allegedly transferred, including hundreds of tanks, MLRS “Grad”, “Hurricane”, “Pantsir” air defense system, self-propelled artillery mounts, armored personnel carriers and more.

Of the transferred equipment, dozens of units have never been used in combat conditions. The Russian Defense also received more than 2,500 tons of various ammunition and about 20,000 small arms. All equipment and weapons are delivered to the rear, where the repair units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carry out maintenance and preparation for use.

Also in Yevgeny Prigozhin’s social sphere, we learn from Russian sources that after June 24, Prigozhin’s associated companies signed at least 9 contracts worth more than one billion rubles, RTVI repeats. The record client was the education department of Mytishchi near Moscow: for 705 million rubles, the Prodfootservice company will feed schoolchildren from 2023 to 2025. Other clients are Moscow hospitals and schools, as well as the Artek children’s camp . Previous contracts with Prigozhin’s companies will also not be terminated. This was reported to RTVI by the Moscow Health Department and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Russian special forces of the Group “South” first used the “Kornet” anti-tank missile system in the zone of military operations in Ukraine using the remote control complex “Kurgan. The unit destroyed the shelter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of the Kornet The guidance and launch of the rocket was carried out by a remote control.

The Ka-52 attack helicopters also arrived at the front for the Russian Armed Forces, in 2023 deliveries doubled compared to 2022, and those for Mi-28s tripled. This was stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. And again the UAC delivered a new batch of Su-35S aircraft to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Ministry itself stated that in the night between July 12 and 13, the Russian army launched a missile attack against the ammunition depots of the Ukrainian armed forces. A series of explosions in Kiev, Boryspil, Khmelnitsky, Zaporozhye and Kropyvnytskyi were previously reported by RBC-Ukraine and Zerkalo Nedeli.

New controversy within the Moscow army. The commander of the Southern Military District (SMD) 58th Army, Major General Ivan Popov codenamed “Spartak”, said he was suspended from duty after his report to the Ministry on problems in the army. His appeal was published by the State Duma deputy and former deputy commander of the Southern Military District Andrey Gurulev.

In his speech, Popov addresses his subordinates and claims that he reported to the military leadership about the main problems of the Russian army “in combat work, in support of the operation”. General Popov’s appeal was not public and was published in the private chats of commanders and fighters of the 58th Army, said Andrei Turchak, first deputy chairman of the Federation Council.

Turchak said: “The fact that” deputy “Gurulev somehow took this and made a political show of it, let it remain on his conscience. As well as his other statements and comments. Ivan’s conscience is clear. The Motherland can be proud of such commanders. The army was and remains out of politics”. The general, like Wagner, denounces the lack of weapons and ammunition, artillery cover and more friendly fire on his men.

On the front line: The Russian army repulsed the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk direction. One post reads: “A fighter of the “Southern” troop group of the Russian Armed Forces codenamed “Yugan”, despite shell shock, single-handedly managed to stop the Ukrainian nationalists.”

Russian assault planes were fired at Ukrainian equipment on the Vremievsky ledge.

According to social media source KF, an interesting column was noticed on the M4 highway towards the north of the country. Its composition, partly military numbers, suggests that it is probably a Wagner PMC convoy. Probably according to social sources, the redeployment has started, reports military commander KP Kots. On the long convoy without heavy vehicles and accompanied by the police, there are buses with Belarusian numbers, which could indirectly indicate the destination.

At 18.00 on July 13, 2023, the situation on the front line was as follows: In the Avdeevka sector, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched several attacks on Russian positions around the Adveevsky fortified area. The V.R channel reports that the Ukrainian assault groups of the 53rd brigade conducted several attacks on Krasnohorivka.

Similar spikes were made from the Severny side towards Russian military strongholds in a forest a few days ago, an area under Ukrainian control. If in the vicinity of Krasnogorovka the Ukrainian detachments acted according to the already standard tactics of attacking small infantry groups, then in the direction of the Aquatic Armed Forces of Ukraine they used armored vehicles as cover. But finally, on the northern flank, the attacks were repulsed.

The activation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this area is due to the advance of Russian units south of the Severny. The months of unsuccessful fighting for the Russians have been stopped and the Russian armed forces are approaching the village.

Further advance in depth seems extremely difficult without the support of the northern flank – the same from Krasnogorovka. Only cover from two sides will create the prospect of encircling Avdiivka. This is understood in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so they are trying to recapture the lost.

Graziella Giangiulio

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