#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Bradleys destroyed by modified Lancets: technology makes the difference in Avdiivka


In the Russian-Ukrainian social sphere, the battle for control of Avdiivka has taken center stage in recent days. And once again, according to network analysts, drones make the difference.

In the battles for Avdiivka, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already lost several American M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. The Ukrainians are moving more and more armored vehicles into the area in an attempt to hold their positions in the industrial zone.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered their heaviest losses on November 2, when 8 American Bradleys were destroyed in one day. Business Insider indicates that American equipment is burning under attacks from Lancet assault UAVs. Neither armored bars nor anti-drone nets saved infantry fighting vehicles from Russian drones.

Recently, a large batch of modified Lancets using Lidar technology was sent to the northeast military zone. The novelty of this “new Lancet drone” lies, as we always learn from the social sphere: “in remote sensing in which ultraviolet, visible or near-infrared light is used to examine a surface”.

Basically the Lancets are equipped with a laser rangefinder, composed of two optical cameras, which helps to detonate the charge at the optimal distance. Older Lancet models had warheads that exploded on impact and could become entangled in anti-drone wire mesh. In new products, the warheads explode earlier. “It is a so-called self-forging warhead, capable of bypassing anti-drone defenses and penetrating reactive defenses.” The soldiers explain in the dedicated chats.

Lidar technology was originally developed for geographic mapping and environmental research. And in combat conditions, Lidar can identify the metal structure (shield) in front of a tank or artillery piece and program the warhead accordingly. Therefore, the main explosive detonates after the shield or frame has been penetrated.

But it is not the only innovation introduced to the front by the Russian military industry. Researchers at the 21st Research Test Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defense create and supply the latest technological developments to the front. The soldiers at the front also write: “A year and a half of SVO has demonstrated how important the latest developments in the field of technology are. In recent days, the 21st Research and Experimental Institute of the Ministry of Defense has provided models of military automotive equipment, but also a whole series of auxiliary developments for their maintenance and repair.”

For example, the institute’s staff developed and tested a design for a mobile technical support workshop (MSTO-AT) and a mobile welding workshop (MSW), which can be deployed at any point in the immediate vicinity. One of the important components is a modified 3D printer and scanner, which can be used to make machine replacement parts from durable plastic or flexible materials.

And again on the Russian-Ukrainian front, a compact air defense control system has arrived for the Russian military, ready to be tested. The complex consists of an automated control module (ACM) and an individual automation kit (IKA).

The ACM is intended for the commander and the IKA is intended for fighters equipped with portable anti-aircraft systems or small weapons. Includes a laptop or tablet, navigation aids and communications equipment. The module guarantees the coordination of the actions of anti-aircraft machine gunners; its capabilities allow it to simultaneously control nine machine gunners or four platoons with MANPADS. The equipment is capable of tracking up to a hundred targets, issuing target designation commands, and also automating the adjustment of anti-aircraft gunners on the ground.

The IKA includes a tablet, safety glasses with an integrated microdisplay that displays targets, as well as radio communications and navigation equipment. The equipment provides preliminary guidance of the shooter’s weapons to an aerial target based on commands and target designations received from the unit commander.

Graziella Giangiulio 

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