#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Bern says no to anti-aircraft guns for Ukraine. Moscow improves its Tors


The issue of weapon systems is becoming increasingly important. Especially for the old continent. In a world where we are interconnected, as in an “Indra Network”, the arms sector also suffers the same fate. And given that by now the construction of weapons in Europe is increasingly the source of more manufacturers who have veto rights, we see the refusal to transfer tell Ukraine why one of the manufacturers denies consent.

Regardless of whether it is right or wrong to send weapons to Ukraine, what we find is that in the event of war, Europe not only has no weapons with which to defend itself but to build them it has to ask for so many permits that the green light could come too late .

This time Switzerland says no, which has refused Spain’s request to deliver Swiss-made anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine. In January, Spain asked Switzerland to authorize the transfer of 35mm anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine. The Swiss government justified its decision with the law that prohibits the re-export of military equipment to countries where there is an ongoing internal or international armed conflict.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said Switzerland was blocking third countries from supplying Ukraine with munitions of its own production. Switzerland explained its refusal of supplies with a policy of neutrality. Moreover, Switzerland has never hidden its neutrality from anyone. It is not clear why now this arouses amazement. Previously, Switzerland had prevented similar re-exports from Denmark and Germany.

Things would be different if allied countries had common weapons systems. There are many projects standing, including one between Spain and Italy. Alliances that could become fundamental in case of need to defend themselves. Otherwise there will always be someone who, raising a hand, blocks an entire compartment.

Meanwhile from Russia we learn that the Izhevsk Kupol Electromechanical Plant (IEMZ Kupol, part of the Almaz-Antey VKO company) has completed the Tor anti-aircraft missile system (SAM), improving its effectiveness against projectiles fired by multiple rocket launchers (MLRS) HIMARS, Deputy Chief Designer for Repair and Upgrade Ilya Rykov told the Zvezda TV channel.

Graziella Giangiulio

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