#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Berlin fears Washington’s disinterest. Bachmut est in Wagner’s hands. Russians advance to Adviika


Numerous videos from the front that the military sent to their women for 8 March. Graphics appeared in honor of the party and in general throughout the morning and again greetings from the leaders of Russia and Ukraine.

Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Golos party Inna Sovsun said that she had sent a bill to parliament, which, in particular, provides for the possibility of official registration of same-sex “partnership” by the military.

In Germany, however, they are beginning to worry that the United States could shift its focus from Ukraine to Southeast Asia, leaving Europe to handle the Ukrainian crisis. The news was given by the German Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, who also explained that: 18 Leopard 2 German and 3 Portuguese tanks together with brigades will be sent to Kiev in March

China’s Foreign Ministry has neither confirmed nor denied information about Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia on March 21

The blame game over the responsibility for the attack on the North Stream 2 gas pipeline also continues: “Western intelligence agencies knew of the Ukrainian trace in the sabotage on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines a week after the explosions, reported the British newspaper” The Times .

According to the Times “the authors of the material, NATO tried to prevent this information from becoming public, as this would lead to an exacerbation of relations between Ukraine and Germany. The publication also claims that European intelligence knows the name of the “private sponsor” of the sabotage. His identity is not disclosed by the security services, but he is a wealthy Ukrainian who has no ties to President Volodymyr Zelensky.”

Defense Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, after publications in the media on the topic of sabotage on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, said that the Ukrainian special services had nothing to do with it “For me, this publication is a bit strange (in reference to the Times ed), because this story has nothing to do with us. I believe that an investigation by the authorities will clarify all the details. This, of course, is a “compliment” to our intelligence service, but this is not our doing,” Reznikov said.

To make matters worse, an employee of the US Congress argues that the sabotage at Nord Stream was probably committed by people associated with Ukraine, and not with the Russian Federation and the United States, reports Politico.

Meanwhile PMC Wagner has conquered the eastern part of the city of Bachmut and unlike what the Italian newspapers write, the problem at the front is not the weapons supplied to PMC Wagner but ammunition in general.

Yevgeny Prigozhin had his weapons, he took others from the Ukrainians who left them at the front but the war involves continuous supplies not only for Wagner but for the whole army fighting on a front line which, albeit for a short period it was longer than the same borders with Ukraine and exceeded 1200 km. As if there were fighting from Milan to Palermo.

An online team of Russian military analysts responded to Yevgeny Prigozhin about a possible counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces near Bachmut.

According to Prigozhin, in the absence of support from the Russian Defense Ministry for assault teams, the situation near Bachmut could change dramatically. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning a counteroffensive in the Soledar direction.

According to military analysts, “the situation of the Ukrainian group in and around Bachmut is becoming increasingly critical. The main exits, along which an organized retreat is possible, are under full fire control of Russian troops. The divisions of NGU and TRO in the market area, the lower and upper parks, as well as the Tsvetmet plant, have fallen into a semi-encirclement from which it is difficult to get out without heavy losses”.

And then they add: “Over the past few months, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been transferring the most combat-ready formations from various directions to Bachmut to reinforce the front. However, the loss of Soledar completely nullified these efforts: Wagner’s men performed a successful operation in the shortest possible time, surrounding and destroying a large Ukrainian grouping in the city”.

The initiative in the area has since been in Russian hands. Again the same account points out that: “One of the tasks of the PMC “Wagner” was to accost and defeat the combat-ready Ukrainian units. The “Wagnerians” faced this: now in the city there are separate units of eight different brigades of the forces of land, the Air Force, the National Guard and the MTR group, as well as units of the TRO of Ukraine. They are disparate forces with broken coordination, no communications, and virtually no supplies. Some units have already returned from resupply, such as 93 Ombr. However, most of them – 53, 54, 60, 61 Ombr and 56 Ombr – were assigned to restore combat readiness and replenish due to heavy losses.

Bachmut for the Ukrainian military forces has an important symbolic meaning. Its loss immediately after Soledar will seriously affect the reputation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the information space and in the political sphere. “Keeping the garrison” continues the communication flow “allows the further advance of the “Wagnerians” to be slowed down. As Russian troops make their way through the defenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, new brigades are being prepared in Kiev for the spring campaign, including in the Bachmut area.

Again according to the same group: “The Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing the second line of defense Slavyansk-Kramatorsk-Konstantinovka-Toretsk and deploying reinforcements with reserves. Now, at least 12 brigades (without SRW) are concentrated this shift, as well as in Seversk, including the newly created 47th and 67th brigades. Some formations have already participated in the battles for Bachmut. Among them are 17 tank and 28 mechanized brigades, as well as paratroopers from the 80th and 95th airborne brigades, which suffer heavy losses on the second line of defense. As PMC Wagner advances and settlements are liberated, the front line widens. This leads to the need to allocate people to protect and hold positions against counterattacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the flanks.”

The real problem now is being able to coordinate the work of Wagner who is used to working alone with the Russian Defense Ministry. Coordination which will become mandatory if Russia is to hold or protect its flanks from attacks by the Ukrainian armed forces and the tightening of the encirclement of the city will create the prospect of an enemy counter-offensive from Seversk, Minkovka and Konstantinovka.

Russian military analysts online write: “North of Toretsk, units of the 28th Shadow and 5th Oshbr were being strengthened, which, since the beginning of the battles for Kurdyumovka and Mayorsk, did not actually participate in active battles and were recovering. In the event of a counterattack south of Bachmut, they can even be thrown into battle. Yes, the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bachmut is precarious, but procrastination or interdepartmental quarrels only play into the hands of the Ukrainians.”

The problem therefore of a victory or a defeat will not be given by Yevgeny Prigozhin’s weapons but by the latter’s ability to work as a team with the military and on the Kharkiv front we have seen the results that were pro-Ukrainian.

In the direction of Avdiivka, in the north the Russian troops resumed their offensive in the direction of Krasnogorovka. During the battles near the pond and the dam, the RF Armed Forces liberated the village of Vesyoloye and advanced further. Now the fighting is going on in the area of \u200b\u200bthe forest belt and near the Krasnogorovsky pond.

Ukrainian formations are equipping heavy machine gun firing positions in the Krasnogorovka area. To the north, near Novokalinovo, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing a counterattack against Novobakhmutovka with a group of ten armored fighting vehicles.

South of Avdiivka, fighting resumed on the dominant heights north of Vodyanoye. Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces, supported by artillery, are advancing towards the village of Severnoye. At the moment, Russian troops are conducting a positional attack on the Ukrainian borders around the Avdiivka fortified area. The assault on Avdiivka in a frontal attack is fraught with huge losses, so the Russian armed forces use the “creeping” advance tactic to cover Avdiivka from two sides with a promising cut of supply lines.

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