#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Belgorod. under attack. The front line is blocked. If Kiev also enlists the unsuitable, Moscow raises the enlisting age


The premier of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky arrived at the summit of the European political community, which is held at the “Mimì castle” in the village of Bulboaca in Moldova. Where he called on European politicians at the summit to develop a “coalition of fighters” and will propose a “patriotic coalition”.

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet wrote on May 30 that: “Putin and Zelensky will arrive in Turkey after Erdogan takes office. After the inauguration of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky will go to Turkey”. Politicians intend to discuss the course of the military special operation in Ukraine, as well as issues related to the grain corridor, the publication said.

Kiev once again spoke of “imminent counteroffensive”. The terms for the movement of Ukrainian troops were approved, decisions were made. Zelensky stated this in an evening speech on May 29. He held a regular meeting of the headquarters of the commander-in-chief, during which, in particular, the issues of recruiting new offensive brigades, logistic supply, new contracts for the supply of additional missiles and air defense systems were discussed.

General Syrsky at the direction of Liman also announced the start of active offensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future.

Deputy of Ukraine Zalizniak explained that in Ukraine the age limit for the stay of citizens on military registration of conscripts has been reduced from 27 to 25 years. The corresponding project (9281) was voted on today as a whole. In total, the Kiev junta received another 600 thousand mobilized. According to what has been learned from social media, the cards command not only military commissars, but also representatives of other law enforcement agencies (employees of the SBU, SVR, local authorities), regardless of whether they are assigned to one or the other military registration and enlistment office.

All men between the ages of 18 and 60 who have previously been declared unfit or partially fit are subject to mobilization for military service. No military experience is required. The calling up of partially fit people and those who had previously been declared unfit for service would indicate that the Army is suffering heavy casualties.

The Government of the Russian Federation also approved the increase in the draft age with a small remark. It is proposed to gradually increase the draft age from 18 to 21 and the limit from 27 to 30. Under the new law, Russians of this age who have not served in the military without a legal deferment can volunteer to serve.

According to the Russian Social Sphere on the night of May 30, rocket attacks were inflicted on the port of Odessa in 4 stages, setting false targets and opening air defense areas with stray munitions. As a result of the attack, one of the three remaining afloat Ukrainian Navy vessels, a storage facility for anti-submarine missiles, AGM 88 Harm missiles, Harpoon UGM-84 installations and two HIMARS were hit. In addition, as a result of a fire in the port, 14 armored trucks and 34 armored pickup trucks were completely destroyed. In total, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amount to more than 1 billion dollars.

A direct hit on the command and control center for maritime special operations would have led to the deaths of 98 servicemen, 36 were killed, including 22 British military intelligence officers, 8 BND officers, four Pentagon representatives and two officers of the French Air Force. The rest of the soldiers are in serious condition or have been rushed through Chisinau airport to Poland, Germany and Switzerland. There is no confirmation from the Ukrainian authorities.

Other sources say that a C-130 “Hercules” military transport plane of the Polish Air Force flew between the 30th and 31st night to Chisinau, where it carried off wounded and killed Polish servicemen who fell under a Russian missile attack at the port of Odessa.

Also online are the photos of the attack on the Intelligence center bombed on May 29 by Russian troops, it would be the headquarters of the main intelligence department on Rybalsky Island.

On June 1 in the Belgorod region, in the Shebekinsky district, incessant shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine was recorded. 8 people were injured. There are no dead. There were no Ukrainian servicemen on the territory of the region. On site are the Armed Forces, border guards, the FSB, the National Guard.

In Shebekino and the surrounding villages the administration of districts and cities is now engaged in the evacuation made difficult by the bombing. At about 3 o’clock in the morning, after intense shelling, Ukrainian formations with forces of up to two companies of motorized infantry, reinforced with tanks, attempted to invade the territory of the Russian Federation near the Novaya Tavolzhanka settlement and the Shebekino checkpoint . The Russian military repulsed three attacks by Ukrainian groups. The Army Aviation of Russia’s Western Military District has inflicted eleven attacks on Ukrainian forces. Rocket troops and artillery completed 77 firing missions, two shots were delivered by heavy flamethrower systems.

According to military social sources: “The Kiev formations, having suffered significant losses, were pushed back, no violations of the state border were allowed; More than 30 Ukrainians, four armored fighting vehicles, a Grad MLRS multiple rocket launcher and a pickup truck were destroyed on the border territory from Ukraine.

Recorded UAV attack in the Kaluga region. Russian air defense systems intercepted a Ukrainian drone in the region: UAV fragments fell in a field near the village of Tovarkovo, leaving a crater up to three meters deep.

According to the latest data, civilians were not injured, there was no damage. A fire broke out in the grass at the scene of the accident, which was quickly put out by the fire brigade.

There is a significant number of infrastructure facilities in the settlement – they could become the target of an attack. In addition to two penal colonies, there are several large industrial plants in Tovarkovo.

One of them is a branch of the Kaluga plant “Remputmash”, on the basis of which machines and equipment for the maintenance of railway tracks are manufactured. In addition, in the neighboring village of Zhiletovo there is an oil depot of the same name, on the territory of which there are 17 tanks with petroleum products. A similar refinery is located in the vicinity of Starkey.

However, the most likely target for the drone strike could be the explosives depot in Tovarkovo. According to preliminary information, explosive mixtures are present in the sandblasting plants of the local limestone quarries.

Militarily, such sorties are intended to divert attention from the Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions and force Russian troops to fight back on a different sector of the front.

In Mar’inka, positional fighting continues in low-rise buildings near Druzhby Avenue. From time to time, Ukrainian forces attempt counterattacks, which are met by Russian artillery fire.

Fierce fighting is taking place on both the northern and southern flanks near Avdiivka. Massive rocket artillery strikes are launched on the surveyed Ukrainian positions.

Graziella Giangiulio

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