#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. Bachmut: the zone of the dead. Borrel: we cannot exclude Russia from the G20


On 3 March, international politics realised that it cannot unilaterally exclude the Russian Federation from the G20: ‘It would be contrary to the principle of multilateral relations,’ Josep Borrell explained to the press. Let us say that this is actually the wish of the West, which clashes with the wishes of the Eastern world, which is interested in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, yes humanly, but not economically. And it considers it a mere European problem.

The Russian Federation intends to raise the age of conscription. The bill on raising the draft age could come into force in the autumn, Senator Bondarev said. “The draft law on raising the draft age (from 18 to 21 and the maximum to 30) may be adopted before the summer, in which case it could come into force in the autumn,” Bondarev, head of the Federation Council’s defence committee, told RIA Novosti. According to him, the document on raising the age of conscription is in the works. There are no plans to increase the number of conscripts. Their number should not exceed 200,000.

The FSB showed footage from the Bryansk region in which a car is seen riddled with bullets, inside which is the body of a man killed by the DRG of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Another wounded man then rescued two girls who were in the car.

Other civilian objects and cars were also damaged. The entire village of Lubechane, where the Ukrainian group killed two civilians, is mined and mines are located exactly on the roads where civilians move. In the footage one can see mines tied to trees and planted on the ground. The Russian Federation also claims that the bullets that killed the civilians in the Bryansk region are from NATO countries’ weapons. The attack could be qualified as an act carried out with the complicity of the Atlantic Alliance states according to the Russian Foreign Ministry

Explosions were heard in Energodar, according to Vladimir Rogov, president of the movement ‘We are together with Russia’, who said that explosions were heard in the city of energy engineers, it was under Ukrainian fire. According to initial information, there were at least seven shots in the area of the industrial zone, which is located next to the nuclear power plant. It is not yet known whether employees of the company were injured and whether there is any damage to objects. The shelling was carried out by NATO-style artillery, Rogov specified. The day before, Rosenergoatom Chief Advisor Renat Karchaa reported that the Ukrainian armed forces had fired at Russian security officials during the rotation of IAEA experts at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. The rotation took place on two March.

At 08.00 Italian time, sirens also sounded in Kiev and the region. It is learnt from Ukrainian sources that the Ukrainian blogger Madyar escaped from Bachmut. The Ukrainian armed forces are probably preparing to surrender the city. Earlier, Madyar asked the command to withdraw the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the town and surrender due to heavy losses.

Meanwhile, the city has turned into a cemetery. The railway bridge and the last road bridge that allowed escape from the city centre to Chasov Yar were destroyed by the Ukrainian military. Those who are in are in and those who are out are out. On the Ukrainian social sphere, only war scenes can be seen. While WAGNER only posts pictures of dead Ukrainian soldiers being put in black bags and identified where possible. These are scenes that should not be there in the 21st century.

“Wagner PMC units practically surrounded Bakhmut, there was only one street left,” Yevgeny Prigozhin turned to Volodymyr Zelensky and demanded the withdrawal of the troops, in whose ranks there were old people and children, and these are not a professional army. The WAGNER number one states ‘that it is these ‘fighters’ who are caught’ on the streets of Ukrainian cities. With the hope that the military left before the explosion.

According to the latest data from the social sphere, Wagner PMC is actively advancing from the north: Stupki was taken by WAGNER men who entered the micro-district of Ilyinovka. At the same time, units are actively withdrawing from Bachmut.

Now the situation in Bachmut for the unconnected military is dramatic: there are practically no operational units left in the town that can at least provide adequate resistance, only the elderly and children. The Ukrainian command is forced to withdraw its units while the WAGNER men are taking the town centre. Earlier, due to the encirclement of the city by PMC ‘Wagner’, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up a dam north of the city, which caused flooding of the Stupka micro-district.

In published footage, the Ukrainians undermined another bridge, this time a railway bridge, in the Zabakhmutka microdistrict.

Over the past few days, the situation for the Ukrainian forces has deteriorated since WAGNER men broke through the Ukrainian defensive junction in the village of Krasnoye and the garrison of Bachmut, reaching its western periphery.

In the town itself, the WAGNER men managed to move east of the former artillery base and approach the ‘Aereo’ area and School No. 2. The Ukrainian military continued to fight to hold their positions. South of Bachmut, the Russians continued to hit the Ukrainian military in the village of Krasnoe, in Chasov Yar and north of the Bakhmut-Konstantinovka highway.

Graziella Giangiulio

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