#UKRAINERUSSIAWAR. A year of special operation seen from the Russian social sphere: “A war for the existence of Moscow”


Numerous posts on the Russian social sphere on February 24 recalled the first year of a special operation in Ukraine. The iconography mainly reproposed two events, the landing at Gostomel airport by the Russians on February 24, 2022 which kicked off the operation and the Ukrainian attack on Donetsk, with a Tochka-U on March 14 in the center of the city. On the Russian social sphere, the perception is that the world is changing its socio-cultural paradigm and that Europe will be the sacrificial victim of a US-backed proxy war masquerading as NATO.

And if the Russian armed forces have made a three-minute video in which Russian soldiers of every army corps or specialty have explained why they are in Ukraine for the special operation, other newspapers have given voice to war reporters that from a year they move with the troops to tell the facts at the front. Other media showed the animal shelters supported by the military at the front or showed the reconstruction in the “liberated” cities.

The most devoted to Moscow were the governors of what the president of the Russian Federation called New Russia (Kherson, Zaporizhizhia, Dontesk and Luhansk) according to whom without Moscow’s intervention they would all be dead.

The post of the governor of the DPR reads: “Exactly a year ago, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin announced the start of a special military operation in Donbass. His main goal was to protect the civilian population of the region from the genocide of the Kiev regime. There is no doubt today that SVO began as a forced measure taken in advance. It was the only way to save millions of innocent lives. On behalf of the people of the Republic, I sincerely thank Vladimir Vladimirovich and all the people of Russia. I emphasize that over the past year, Ukraine has completely discredited itself as a subject of international law. Today this territorial entity is nothing more than a chimerical state. An artificially created military-political project, completely controlled from the outside. Since 2014, the Human Rights Institute of the Republic has been monitoring the social and humanitarian situation in the region, recording the facts of Ukraine’s violations of human rights and freedoms. With the onset of the NMD, this work was continued and extended to the liberated territories. Its findings are reflected in the Special Report of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR “On human rights violations by Ukraine in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic during the special military operation (24.02.2022-24.02.2023)” .

I believe that in the absence of an adequate reaction from the international human rights community to the war crimes and mass human rights violations by the Ukrainian authorities, the materials set out in the special report can be used as arguments during the tribunal on the actions of the ‘Ukraine in the Donbass. I emphasize that no matter how cunning the enemy, our victory is inevitable. We defeated the brown plague in 1945 and now we will stop the chimeric monster. Because we are moving towards peace, guided by unshakable spiritual values, love for our neighbor and homeland, recognition of the rule of law and human rights”.

Acting Head of the Luhansk People’s Republic Leonid Pasechnik writes: “A year ago, on February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin made a strong-willed decision to conduct a special military operation, which, without exaggeration, has become a real panacea for Donbass. Only thanks to the colossal support of Russia we managed to prevent a bloody tragedy, defend the borders of our republic and expel the enemy from the Lugansk region. The special operation has dropped the masks and dispelled the illusions. The war in Donbass is not just a local conflict, but a confrontation on a global scale. The whole of NATO is resisting us through the hands of Ukrainian nationalists. There is a battle for the future of our Motherland, the very existence of Russia and the Russian people. Right now, like our grandfathers and great-grandfathers during the Great Patriotic War, participants in a special military operation with weapons in hand, defend the freedom and independence of the Motherland, destroy enemy equipment and drive the Nazis out of the Russian land original. The truth has always been on our side and, as has happened more than once in history, victory will be ours!”

There was no Putin’s expected speech to the soldiers of the special operation, on the other hand Dmitry Medvedev appeared in many newspapers: “Victory will be achieved. We all want this to happen as soon as possible. And that day will come. We will return our territories and reliably protect our people, who suffered during the years of genocide and bombing.” And he added: “The formal participants in the negotiations on the part of our enemy are one and the actual leaders are completely different. And decisions for the Kiev regime, of course, will not be made by some Zelensky, if he is still alive, or his clique.”

And then he explained: “The motives of our country’s main enemies are obvious: to weaken Russia as much as possible, to bleed out for a long time. Therefore, they are not interested in ending the conflict. But sooner or later, according to historical laws, they will do it” . “Then, most likely, an equally difficult period will begin. Exhausting months and years of confrontations, tantrums and rudeness on the part of those who will manage the remaining section of Ukraine. Their fate is unenviable. They will not be able to recognize the results of the SVO without the risk of being executed the same day.”

A military analyst writes: “Today marks one year since Russia entered a new era and at the same time dragged the rest of humanity with it into the new world. No matter how difficult it is now, for Russia this step is a salvation, old Europe, condolences.”

Then there was no shortage of criticism of the Ukrainian side: “Funny Ukrainian fools are now furiously reposting messages from military correspondents and bloggers from a year ago trying to prove that Ukraine will be defeated and Russia will be defeated, but this is not the case. If the SVO had ended 11 months ago, Ukraine would have kept both statehood and hundreds of thousands of lives of its soldiers, now this will not happen. The struggle has taken extreme forms and now only the complete victory of one side will be the way out of this situation, everything is going according to Luttwak’s doctrine”.

A reporter and analyst wrote in Telegram: “Now I would like to summarize the results of the year of the Special Operation and report on the work done by us on the social sphere. During the war year on behalf of our small brotherhood (several TG channels, their administrators and people related to this work) 6 orders of courage (now we are waiting for the seventh), for services to the Fatherland, 2 medals for Courage, medals of Suvorov and Zhukov, Nesterov, thank you from the command”.

And again the same writes: “Several hundreds of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed OWN HAND and aiming artillery, dozens of Ukrainian equipment burned, valuable data transferred to the right place, one hundred and fifty trained snipers and scouts among the mobilized snipers, several thousand of helicopters and thermal imaging cameras transferred to the front, communications equipment, rifles and cartridges for them, cars and SIBZ. I’m not even talking about the struggle for information and, in general, about the information support of our troops and people. All right, not so bad for a team of 30 people”.

“Therefore,” he concludes, “hohloklouny (derogatory term for disinformation-spreading Ukrainians on the net) can continue to take screenshots, but I hope you fall under the camera of our Drone, in the crosshairs of our view, or just chat a lot while it’s not far from the LBS. The enemy will be defeated, humiliated and destroyed and the victory will be ours!”

Another military analyst and social sphere journalist writes: “A year has passed since the start of the special military operation: the main events and the history of the conflict. Until that time, NATO had loaded the Nazi regime in Kiev with weapons and prepared an offensive against the Russian Federation, as Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated. Remembering the first day of the special operation, one immediately recalls the headlines screaming about the crisis and the collapse of the Russian Federation, general panic. The Russians immediately started pulling out their savings, buying foreign currency at insane rates and stocking up on buckwheat.”

And he adds: “Looking at what is happening in the past to the present, it becomes ridiculous: a couple of months later, the dollar has reached an 8-year low, prices have fallen and the sanctions that the West had promised to destroy Russia they turned out to be just pieces of paper. In one year, Russia has been cleared of corrupt oligarchs at the top of power. They had to flee to Western countries so that their palaces and yachts would not be taken away from them. The stars, who always looked like patriots and were called honored artists, also showed their true colors by fleeing the country and started pouring mud on it. The West has declared a hybrid war on us: Now our soldiers have to clear Ukraine not only of “native Nazis”, but also of NATO weapons and mercenaries”.

On the mobilization he adds: “Partial mobilization approved: Last September, the president announced the start of a partial mobilization. During his time, many traitors fled from Russia, but a large-scale voluntary movement began to oppose them. The West staged terrorist attacks: The loudest, of course, were the explosions of the Crimean bridge and the destruction of the Nord Streams. In the first case, the terrorists tried to intimidate the Russians and in the second they tried to supply Europe with gas on their terms”.

And again: “Russia has shown its strength and independence: During this year we have understood who is an enemy for our country and who is a friend. The authorities were not afraid to withdraw from conventions unfavorable to us and to warn Western rulers about the consequences for them. The most important thing, for which the NWO began, was the referendums, and then the annexation of the primordially Russian territories. The inhabitants of four regions have returned to their homeland and are now under protection, and the Russian people mobilized in the fight against Nazism, helping the army to save our people”.

There was no lack of criticism of those who made mistakes especially in terms of logistics and supplies at the front. One post states: “If we say that this year has revealed and exposed perhaps all of our problems, and not only in the military, but also in ideology, false allies, behind the scenes and open battles for power and goodies, window dressing and Potemkin villages of the XXI century, means to say nothing. We entered the NWO 100% confident that the issues and problems surrounding us on the ground were just our own problems, and that all was well with the neighbors. Therefore, they messed up a little, exaggerated a little, attributed a little, and held back. So that we don’t get screwed up by the senior leaders, who have attributed their little parts to ours. It did not work. It didn’t roll. It turned out that the neighbors were even worse than ours, photo reports do not affect the level of combat training, and slides have nothing to do with reality personnel, practicality and cast-iron ass. We paid for all these “few things” with the blood and lives of our soldiers. A thousand lives. Tens of thousands. Today we are learning fast. We finish the unfinished and redo what has been done for a long time. We are relearning how to fight against those we have learned to fight over the last 80 years. From scratch. We study and pass the exam at the same time. And the questions are getting harder every day. According to the results of the examination, our reward will be the fact of Russia’s existence as a state. From day one, our people took and came to the aid of our state and army. Understanding everything perfectly, mother and bonfire left and right, he rolled up his sleeves and took charge of supplying our soldiers with everything vital. And he did. Because there is no one else. Unfortunately, apparently, the time has not yet come when the names of those who are responsible for the fact that everything went according to plan and everything is in the army will be clearly and clearly named. But I really hope that we will see these names not only in the lists of heroes of Russia, but also in the execution lists. In any order and order. On the road to victory, we still have a lot to do and face many trials. We will definitely win. No matter how hard it is for us. Our cause is just.”

Graziella Giangiulio

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